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Chapter 1484: Xiao Zhang Is Awake

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“After the new building is built, we can choose to move there.” Lu Xingzhi patted Jiang Yaos head.

“When the time comes, Ill remodel it so that you can live more comfortably.”

After a pause, he said, “Theres a large empty space in our courtyard.

I see that other people used theirs to grow vegetables.

What about you Do you want to grow any vegetables or flowers that you like ”

“Of course, I want to grow vegetables! Wont people laugh at me if I plant flowers there” Jiang Yao shook her head.

Other people were planting vegetables.

If she were the only one who used that piece of empty land to grow something inedible, she would become famous in the military before she even moved in.

Furthermore, she did not often stay in the army or with Lu Xing.

If she were to plant flowers, Lu Xing would have to take care of them.

His training was already tough; would that not increase his workload It would take a long time and effort to take care of the flowers in such a large courtyard.

She did not want him to work so hard.

Most importantly, it was only a temporary residence.

When they moved to a new building, the flowers would be removed anyway.

It would be sad to see that; they could only watch helplessly as the flowers were removed.

Their hearts would ache.

Lu Xingzhi nodded.

“Then, plant some vegetables that you like.

Maybe some melons and vegetables.

Or beans, corn, eggplant, and strawberries”

“Okay!” Jiang Yaos eyes lit up, and she nodded repeatedly.

“If I cant finish eating all the cucumbers, I can use them as a facial mask! If I cant finish eating all the beans, I can marinate or dry them in the sun.

I like your braised eggplant!”

Lu Xingzhi heaved a sigh of relief when he saw how happy she was, and he said, “However, Im afraid that there will be more cockroaches, mosquitoes, and insects in the future.

As for the rats, you dont have to worry about them.

The doorsill has already been raised, and the door will be tightly shut.

The rats will only be in the courtyard; they cant enter the house.”

Jiang Yao pouted.

“Well, I also came from the countryside.

Do you really think that Im that pampered As long as the insects and cockroaches dont climb on my body, Ill be fine.

If I see them, Ill just shout for you to step on them and kill them!”

Jiang Yao was not worried about that.

She looked forward to growing those vegetables.

“Have you asked about Luo Ruorans wedding date” Lu Xingzhi felt relieved when he saw that Jiang Yao did not force herself to like the new house.

“Yes, I have.

It hasnt been decided yet.”

“Big Brother might already know about it.” Before Lu Xingzhi came back, he went to look for Mr.

Liang and Liang Yueze.

From Liang Yuezes expression and emotions, Lu Xingzhi guessed that he probably already knew about it.

Just because they were separated, it did not mean he ignored her news.

Perhaps Liang Yueze already knew before the news spread in Jindo City.

“He will come to the hospital when Im discharged tomorrow, right Find an opportunity to talk to him and think of a way to get him to chase after her.” Jiang Yao was afraid that Liang Yueze would remain stubborn.

He might not be willing to do that.

Lu Xingzhi grunted in agreement.

Just as he was about to speak again, they heard footsteps from outside the room.

They were coming toward Jiang Yaos ward.

“Doctor Jiang! Doctor Jiang! Good News! Xiao Zhang is awake! Xiao Zhang is awake! “The young nurse was so excited that her eyes were red..

She could not even stop at the door.

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