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Chapter 1378: On A Date

Ouyang nodded.


That child was sold three times in two months before he ran away.

Its been several years now, so naturally, we cant find him.”

Even though a seven or eight-year-old child could remember his family, he had never left the village.

Unless he could remember the villages name, he probably would not be able to find it.

Furthermore, he would not have any money to buy a bus ticket home if he left his adoptive parents house.

Jiang Yao thought that the child had been thinking about finding his sister.

It was possible that after leaving his adoptive parents house, his first thought was not to go home but to find his sister, who had been sold, like him.

After so many years, it would be difficult to find her.

If Ding Xiaomei knew about that, she would not be in so much pain.

The country was so big.

How could she find such a tiny person

Jiang Yao said, “If you cant find the child, then its even more impossible for Sister Wen to find him.

Sister Wen had not planned to give the child back to Brother Ding even if she found the child.

If the child cant be found now, she might be able to use that to her advantage.”

Then, Jiang Yao continued to eat with Ouyang and talk business.

Wen Yunfang waited for her to leave, then immediately returned to her room and called Gu Changshu, who was far away in Shu City, and whom she yearned to get her hands on.

Wen Yunfang believed that she knew more than that idiotic Gu Junhui when it came to catching a mans heart.

“Gu Junhui went for a meal lunch with Mr.


He has been meeting with Gu Junhui privately.

Dont blame me for telling you.

Although Gu Junhui is in Xiang City with me, I cant control who she goes out with.

If she doesnt come home with me in the future, you cant blame me for that.”

Wen Yunfangs tone was filled with helplessness and impatience.

“Gu Changshu, Mr.

Ouyang is the Prince Charming that every woman in Xiang City dreams of having.

He is different from other men.

He must have fallen in love with Gu Junhui.

Once that kind of man starts to pursue a woman, no woman would be able to resist him.”



Lu Xingzhi repeatedly said that persons name.

That should be Ouyang, Jiang Yaos new informant in Xiang City.


Ouyang, are you very handsome Lu Xingzhi thought to himself; his wife was a woman who liked to look at attractive faces.

Wen Yunfang raised her eyebrows and said, “Indeed.

He is fair, clean, tall, and huge, the same as Gu Junhuis type.

To be honest, Gu Junhui is much more compatible with Mr.

Ouyang than with you.

He is handsome, and he knows how to please the ladies.

Every time he sees Gu Junhui, he always smiles.”

Of course, Wen Yunfang made up the last sentence, but it did not matter whether it was true or not.

As long as Gu Changshu believed it, it would be fine.


Lu Xingzhi ended the call without even finishing his sentence.

Wen Yunfang held the phone in her hand for a few seconds before she threw it back onto the bed with a snort.

She felt that she did not need to be angry because Gu Changshu must be mad.

She just had to wait for Gu Junhui to come back and receive a phone call from Gu Changshu and have a big fight.

The feelings between those two lovers would be gone if they quarreled.

At the dining table, Jiang Yao received a text message from Lu Xingzhi.

When she read it, she almost spat out a mouthful of rice on Ouyangs face.

[I heard youre out to a meal with a fair, clean, tall, and pretty boy who is more attractive than me.]

[I hear he makes you happy, and every time you see him, you go home happy.]

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