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Chapter 1339: Ah Zhus Ambition

Lu Xingzhi had drunk a little too much that night and was a little intoxicated.

Since he had to pretend that he could not hold his liquor, he let Ah Zhu support him.

“Sister, Im sorry.

We were chatting happily and accidentally drank too much.

Hurry up and take care of your man.

Ill go back to my room first.” Ah Zhu helped Gu Changshu to the bed before he turned around and explained to Gu Junhui.

Jiang Yao heard Ah Zhus footsteps as he went downstairs.

She called for the servant to bring honey water for Gu Changshu before she went back to her room.

“Stop pretending.”

Jiang Yao pushed the man on the bed.

She had not even settled the score with him for being a womanizer.

The man on the bed turned over and smiled.

Then, he quickly pulled the woman bending over him into his arms.

“Do you know who I saw tonight” Lu Xingzhis voice contained a hint of a smile.

He was not really going to let Jiang Yao guess, so he spoke first.

“Brother Jing arrived in Shu City yesterday, but Brother Ding did not know that.”

So he was drinking with Brother Jing

“Is Ah Zhu with Brother Jing”

Jiang Yao was dumbfounded.

“Ah Zhu is Brother Jings spy”

“Ah Zhu was part of Brother Dings team initially, and then he decided to follow Brother Jing instead.

My wife, I remember telling you that Ah Zhu is an ambitious man.

He wants to replace Brother Ding.” Lu Xingzhi patted Jiang Yaos tiny face.

“Are you surprised”

Jiang Yao nodded.

Yes, she was surprised.

How could she not be surprised

Ah Zhu kept saying how good Brother Ding had been to him, how much he had helped him, how many opportunities he gave him to make money, and how grateful he was to Brother Ding.

Who would have thought that Ah Zhu would betray him

Jiang Yao did see how Ah Zhu respected Brother Ding.

“As the saying goes, a soldier who doesnt want to be a general is not a good soldier.

Ah Zhu is still very young.

He has ambition.

Its very normal.” Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yaos shocked expression.

“Havent you noticed that almost everyone in the house is on good terms with Ah Zhu The man seemed to get along well with everyone.

Even Wen Yunfang, whom he disliked, was able to put on a good show.

He didnt seem disrespectful toward her at all.”

Ah Zhu was a person with good acting skills.

His network was more comprehensive than Brother Ding and Lu Xingzhi had thought.

He was also a person who was good at running a business.

How could such a person be willing to stay as Brother Dings subordinate forever

Lu Xingzhi guessed that Ah Zhu had other plans after he entered that house.

He thought that Ah Zhu would strike out independently eventually, but he did not expect his plan was to replace Brother Ding and become Shu Citys new leader.

For that ambition, Ah Zhu decided to join Brother Jing.

“We need to deal with Ah Zhu carefully.”

Lu Xingzhi touched the back of Jiang Yaos head.

His palm was filled with her soft hair and her scent.

“Ah Zhu has been by Brother Dings side for a few years.

First, he gained Brother Dings favor and trust.

Later, he climbed up the ladder alongside Brother Jing.

Brother Ding still doesnt know anything and is talking to Ah Zhu about how to pull Brother Jing down.”

Ah Zhu would report Brother Dings plans to Brother Jing; no one could imagine Brother Dings fate.

“Today, Ah Zhu took you to see Brother Jing.

Does he want you to follow Brother Jing like him” Jiang Yao felt that Ah Zhu was really ruthless when dealing with Brother Ding.

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