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Chapter 1329: Ding Xiaomei

Acute gastroenteritis and fever—it was hard for the child to endure the pain.

“We have to go to the hospital.”

Jiang Yao took off her stethoscope and put it away.

“I am afraid the child will not be able to take it if I keep going through it.”

Even if the child did not have acute gastroenteritis, the fever could be lethal.

When the woman heard that she had to go to the hospital, she hugged the child nervously and asked, “Which hospital do you want to go to”

“Of course, Im going to a big hospital in the city.

The child has a high fever, and it wont go away.

We cant delay any longer,” Jiang Yao said.

“You dont have to worry about money.

I can help you with that.

Ill pay the medical expenses.”

For cautious people, the more they were treated with kindness, the more they would doubt the person who gave them that.

When Jiang Yao saw the womans tired eyes staring at her, she sighed helplessly and said, “You dont trust me, but you can trust the police, right Maybe we can find the police to accompany you to the hospital”

“The police are also liars! All the police in the world are not good people!” the woman roared.

Jiang Yao was frightened.

“How can the police be liars We find them when there is trouble.

Even children know that.”

“Liars! They are all liars!” The woman held the child and was about to leave.

“You must be a liar too! A human trafficker who colluded with the police! Go Away! Go Away!”

“I am really a doctor.”

Jiang Yao felt the onset of a headache, and then, she tried to change her words.

“If you dont trust a doctor, perhaps can you trust a soldier Can I find a soldier to accompany you A soldier is not a liar, right He is a soldier who protects the country and the people.”

The womans footsteps came to a stop.

She turned around and was still doubtful.

“A soldier Can you find a soldier ”

“Yes, my husband is a soldier,” Jiang Yao said, and then asked, “My name is Xiao Yao.

Whats your name”

“Ding Xiaomei,” the woman said.

“Then Ill go with you if you can find a soldier! If you cure my child, Ill be your slave to repay you!”

“Theres no need for that.”

Jiang Yao smiled and called for Lu Xingzhi.

“Contact the nearest army and ask them to send two soldiers immediately.

Miss Dings son needs to be hospitalized, but she doesnt trust me.”

Jiang Yao emphasized the womans surname.

She can confirm that Ding Xiaomei was Brother Dings daughter who had been missing for many years.

They looked alike, their ages matched, and their surnames matched.

“Come, wipe the wound on your head.”

Jiang Yao took a clean handkerchief from her bag and carefully helped Ding Xiaomei to clean the wound.

For some reason, Ding Xiaomei kept staring at Jiang Yao.

Even when the wound was stinging, she frowned and asked, “When will the soldiers come Will the soldiers lie Will the soldiers help the human traffickers”

“It should take a while for them to come from the base.

Ill bring you to eat something while we wait.” Jiang Yao quietly put away the handkerchief that had Ding Xiaomeis blood.

T, then, she took the hesitant Ding Xiaomei to a small restaurant nearby.

Jiang Yao ordered a cup of warm water, then took a fever medicine for Ding Xiaomei.

She told Ding Xiaomei to feed the child; they should get the childs fever down first.

“The child has had a fever repeatedly for many days, right”

Jiang Yao spoke softly to Ding Xiaomei like a competent pediatrician, asking about her sons condition over the past few days.

Then, she told Ding Xiaomei that the child was like that because he had eaten contaminated food.

Then, he had suffered from a cold, which stimulated his intestines and stomach, including chronic malnutrition.

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