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Chapter 1295: Wheres The Evidence

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“Shes not! Shes not!” The fool shook his head and pointed at Jiang Yao.

He said, “Shes my wife! Shes my wife! I want a wife, not a daughter, not a daughter!”

Even though Jiang Yao knew what the fool was talking about, she still felt sad when she heard what he said.

Even if he were crazy and foolish, her biological father still did not want her as his daughter.

Since she was born, he had never doted on her for even a second.

So, why did she want to acknowledge him as her father

“He doesnt want her, but our family wants her!” Mr.

Jiang pushed the fool away in exasperation.

“The daughter you dislike is our Jiang Familys precious daughter! Since you dont want your daughter, you should leave.

Dont come here and make a fuss!”

“Honey! I want my wife.

Honey, lets go home.” The fool tried his best to reach out to Jiang Yao to pull her, but Mr.

Jiang and Jiang Jie stopped him.

“Granddaughter, how can you let other people bully your father Dont you have a mouth to shout” Old Madam Lin felt sorry when she saw her son bullied by someone else.

She raised her head and shouted at Jiang Yao.

“Why are you so heartless You think your biological father is a fool, right”

“Stop shouting.

Who is your granddaughter Didnt you bury your granddaughter alive a long time ago” Jiang Yao sneered at her before she looked at the crying Mrs.

Sun coldly.

If Lu Xingzhi had not told her in advance that the identities of Mrs.

Sun and Madam Cheng were to be investigated, she would have been fooled when she saw Mrs.

Sun crying so movingly.

“Who said I buried you alive If I did that, would you still be alive” the old woman retorted.

“You did not bury her alive because it was too cold, and you were too lazy to dig a hole, right” Mrs.

Jiang replied sarcastically.

The old woman was rendered speechless.

The truth was that she was indeed too lazy to dig a hole because it was too cold.

The soil in the mountains was frozen in the winter.

She dug with her hoe and realized that she was too lazy to dig since it was too cold at that time.

An infant would probably freeze to death in less than an hour.

There were so many wild beasts in the mountains, and they would smell and listen to the sounds to find the child.

The baby would not survive, so she left the child in the mountain.

She thought wild animals would hear her when she cried.

She left the child on the grassy ground and went home.

“No matter what, he is your biological father!”

The old woman knew she was old and would not live for long.

She was only worried about her son.

If she died, what would happen to her son

Since that wretched girl, who should have died, was still alive, she should be the one to take care of her father.

Furthermore, Jiang Yao had married into the Lu family, the wealthiest family in the county.

If she acknowledged her granddaughter, she and her son would be able to rely on her and enjoy life with her and the Lu family.

“Wheres your evidence Theres no proof.

You think its true because you said so” Jiang Yao asked.

Lu Xingzhi had said that he had changed the paternity test report, so she just refused to admit it.

“Child, he really is your biological father.”


Sun took two pieces of paper from her bag and handed them to Jiang Yao.

“This is the paternity test from the Jindo City hospital.

It proves that we are mother and daughter..

He is your biological father.”

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