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Chapter 129: She Was on the Newspaper

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Jiang Yao couldnt even imagine how large a collection this herbology volume really was.

She had spent the whole night reading the volume but did not even reach half of the first levels contents.

Many of the contents in the collection were untraceable even in ancient books.

If this collection was published in the form of books and distributed to the market, it would be stripped bare off the shelves in no time.

At this, Jiang Yao was grateful that Moe had given her such a precious gift.

To express her gratitude, Jiang Yao decided to buy Moe a cat bed so that he could snuggle comfortably in their dorm.

Everyone woke up at about the same time.

They freshened up and went out together for breakfast.

“Jiang Yao, when did Moe come back last night I only realized this morning that he slept by my side the whole night.

Thankfully, he was a very quiet sleeper.” Frankly, Wen Xuehui was a little surprised to find Moe sleeping beside her pillow.

He looked spotless and clean despite being out for the whole day, so Wen Xuehui assumed that Jiang Yao had given him a bath last night when they were all asleep.

“Cats have a homing instinct, I suppose,” Jiang Yao said flatly and quickly diverted the subject to breakfast.

She was afraid that she would literally let the cat out of the bag if Wen Xuehui pursued this matter further because frankly speaking, the time she had spent with Moe was no longer than the time he had spent with the girls.

“Do you girls find anything odd A lot of people have been looking towards us since we stepped into the cafeteria,” Lin Qiaoyu said as she looked around with a puzzled look, then fixed her gaze on Jiang Yao.

“Or should I say, they are looking at Jiang Yao.”

The owner came over with the peanut soup and steamed buns that they ordered.

When he approached their table, he took a second look at Jiang Yao in bewilderment.

“Hey, its you, its really you!” The owner quickly put the tray on the table and reached for the square pocket in front of his apron to retrieve the Nanjiang Morning Post.

Then, he unfolded the newspaper and pointed at it to Jiang Yao.

“Miss, you are the girl in the newspaper, arent you Youre so awesome, you saved a man!”

Jiang Yao glanced at the newspaper in confusion.

There was a photo in the newspaper, which taken at the restaurant that Zhou Weiqi had brought her to yesterday.

In the photo, she was standing up from the kneeling position, sweating profusely, while Zhou Weiqi was standing beside her, lending a hand.

The photo was taken when the paramedics had rushed to lift the patient onto the stretcher.

“It really is Jiang Yao!” Wen Xuehui and the girls recognized her at a glance.

“That was what you wore yesterday!”

Wen Xuehui borrowed the newspaper from the owner to read the content and said, “Jiang Yao, did you save a diner when you were eating at the restaurant yesterday The reporter interviewed the waiters and the customers, and they said that as soon as you heard the commotion, you volunteered to check out the situation and started performing CPR in an instant.

Then, they said that the customer was unresponsive after a long time and they had asked you to give up, but you didnt and continued what you were doing.

Everyone felt bad for you as they were helpless and could only watch you doing what you did, drenched in sweat.”

“Did they say anything about the patient How is his condition now” Jiang Yao was more concerned about this.

She speculated that the man should have recovered from the critical situation since she performed emergency treatment in time.

Wen Xuehui continued to read the text.

“The reporter said that the patient was out of critical condition after being sent to the hospital.

The doctor said that he was grateful that you were in the right place at the right time, performed the first-aid procedure professionally, and did not give up on the patient.

Jiang Yao, the doctor praised you!”

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