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The other man looked at Jiang Yaos clothes and wondered how a woman like Wen Yunfang could have such a tasteless friend.

However, Wen Yunfangs friend was much more beautiful than her.

Wen Yunfang said, “Yes, shes my friend.

Recently, her face had been a little swollen, so she stayed at home to rest for a few days.

Shes bored, so she asked you all to come out and watch a movie to pass the time.”

Wen Yunfang urged everyone to find a seat.

She sat next to Jiang Yao, looking as if she and Jiang Yao were very close.

She introduced the two men to Jiang Yao.

“That is Brother Liang.

His family owns a big business—the most upscale hotel in our city.

This Brother Sheng.

His father is a government official..” However, Wen Yunfang did not mention which position with the government.

Then, she even deliberately looked at the country bumpkin beside her.

Seeing that she did not have the slightest reaction and was overwhelmed by the favor, Wen Yunfang secretly cursed in her heart.

A country bumpkin would always be a country bumpkin.

She did not know what it meant to be a rich familys young master.

Wen Yunfang had planned to find two random subordinates to end Gu Junhui.

However, when she thought about how she had brought the other woman with her, she thought Gu Junhui would complain to Brother Ding if her subordinates defiled her.

Therefore, Wen Yunfang changed her mind at the last minute and invited those two playboys out.

It was different with those two men.

When the time came, she would say that she did not know anything.

Perhaps Gu Junhui had taken a liking to the men and wanted to curry favor with them

They were not her subordinates.

Even if they came with her, why would anyone blame the incident on her

Many women were greedy for money.

Based on the identity of those two young masters, it would be useless even if Gu Changshu went to Brother Ding.

He would not want to offend those two families for the sake of a woman.

She might have brought those two men with her, but it was not her fault if Gu Junhui went with them.

Wen Yunfang had introduced the two men to Gu Junhui.

It was not as if she did not want to test whether Gu Junhui would be tempted.

Gu Junhui was like a block of wood, and she would not have understood Wen Yunfang.

She would not know how to find a wealthy man for herself.

Wen Yunfang thought it made sense.

Only a silly woman would wait for a man in prison for more than nine years.

After the movie started, Jiang Yao looked like she was focused on the movie.

Wen Yunfang saw that she had not touched her drink and urged her anxiously.

She asked, “Gu Junhui, do you not like the drink Do you want me to buy you another one”

“No, its good.” Jiang Yao picked up the coke and smiled at Wen Yunfang.

She took two sips with a straw.

“Eat some popcorn.” Wen Yunfang handed the snacks to her and cursed in her heart.

She had never served anyone so well in her entire life.

Gu Junhui was really lucky.

Jiang Yao ate the popcorn.

When she overate, she drank the cola in big gulps.

Then, she even laughed foolishly at the big screen, as if the movie amused her.

Wen Yunfang had been waiting for Jiang Yao to fall asleep after drinking more than half a glass of cola.

However, she did not expect her to react when the movie was about to end.

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