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Chapter 1282: Heres Your Cola

There had not been any new movies of late, so there were not many people in the theater.

The person who bought the tickets was even reading a book.

“What do you want to drink” Wen Yunfang knocked on the table and asked for two movie tickets.

She pointed at the cabinet behind the conductor and asked Jiang Yao.

“Cola,” Jiang Yao replied.

“Go in and wait for me.

Here are the tickets.

Ill go in after Ive bought them.” Wen Yunfang smiled and stuffed one of the tickets in her hand.

Jiang Yao did not say anything.

After receiving the ticket, she thanked her and walked straight into the screening hall.

Moe poked his little head out of Jiang Yaos pocket and said, “That woman probably wants to put something in your drink.

She made a few calls in the morning and invited two people to come to the cinema.”

“Shes not even afraid .” Jiang Yao pursed her lips smugly and sneered in her heart.

Wen Yunfang was ruthless.

She wanted to find someone to defile Gu Junhui, and she had found two men to do it.

She was afraid that Gu Junhui would not jump off a building and commit suicide if she was not traumatized enough after being tortured, right

For a simple girl who grew up in the countryside, being defiled was already a horrible tragedy.

It was worse to be raped by different men.

Jiang Yao found her seat.

She was not worried or nervous at all as she waited for Wen Yunfang.

No matter what Wen Yunfang had arranged for her that day, the woman would only end up paying for it.

As long as Jiang Yao sat there, she would be able to get a clear picture of the situation outside.

As she had said, Wen Yunfang immediately bought two more movie tickets after Jiang Yao went in.

After a while, two men entered the ticket window to look for her.

The two men looked to be in their 20s.

Judging from their clothes, they did not look like street gangsters but more like they were part of a wealthy family.

Judging from how the two men greeted Wen Yunfang, they seemed very familiar with her.

After they found Wen Yunfang and took the movie tickets in her hands, they even teased Wen Yunfang that she remembered to ask them out to watch a movie.

One of the men was even frivolous and wanted to touch Wen Yunfangs face from behind as if he wanted to take Wen Yunfangs mask and sunglasses off.

However, Wen Yunfang slapped him away, but the man did not seem to be angry at all.

Listening to the three of them chatting as they came in, Jiang Yao only knew that Wen Yunfang was using the excuse of asking them out to watch a movie together.

The two men were obviously people who often played with women.

Then, Wen Yunfang poured a powder-like thing into Jiang Yaos drink.

Jiang Yao thought,If I were an ordinary person, I would drink that unknowingly. The next time she woke up would probably be in the bed of the two men.

The two men only knew that there was someone else when they followed Wen Yunfang into the cinema and saw Wen Yunfang handing the drink to a woman.

“Gu Junhui, heres your cola.” Wen Yunfang handed the glass of cola in her hand to Jiang Yao, then shook the other glass in her hand.

“I drink orange juice.

The drinks in the cinema are all homemade, so theyre all in this kind of glass.

I guess the taste isnt as good as the bottled ones.”

That was the explanation for why the drink was like that.

“Is this your friend Shes beautiful.” Even though the light in the cinema was dim, it was enough for the men to see the womans face clearly.

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