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Chapter 1263: Miss Fairy

Even though Sister Wen did not mind her daughters ugliness, at that moment, she took two steps back from Wen Yunfang.

She did not dare to let her daughter continue to hold her hand and act coquettishly.

She was afraid that she would be infectious.

Wen Yunfang had been fine before they parted last night, and she had a face full of blisters and rashes in the morning.

She could hardly see her daughters original facial features, but strangely, her daughter seemed to have no feelings for her disfigurement.

She did not even feel pain.

What surprised Sister Wen, even more, was that her daughter had walked out of the room without throwing a tantrum.

Brother Ding and Sister Wen did not even have the time to say a few more words before dragging the confused Wen Yunfang away.

However, due to Brother Dings presence, Wen Yunfang did not dare to make a scene, so she left with them.

Once the three of them left, Ah Zhu burst into laughter.

“Shes as beautiful as a fairy.

That fairy has a different way of appearing today.

Perhaps this way would leave a longer impression.”

That was simply ironic.

The woman had been praised for looking like a fairy had appeared like that.

“Oh, my God, shes so ugly.

To put it bluntly, shes so ugly that its sorrowful.

Who would be blind enough to chase after her and marry her”

A beautiful woman She was clearly a hag.

A fairy That man had to be blind and had a broken hand.

His eyes might not be able to see, but he could at least feel the skin on her face with his hands, right

Lu Xingzhi felt a lump in his throat.

Did the people in Shu City have a different taste in beauty

Perhaps Brother Dings love for Wen Yunfang was enough to make so many men willing to marry that ugly woman and worship her at home

After thinking for a while, Lu Xingzhi turned around and asked Ah Zhu, “Do all fairies in Shu City look like that” If that was the case, then he could probably put his heart at ease with his wife.

Wen Yunfang was a fairy in Shu City.

In the eyes of the majority of the people in Shu City, his wife was probably the ugliest—demons would grimace when they saw her.

“All of you, back to work.” Ah Zhu dismissed the servants.

Only then did he follow Gu Changshu and his wife upstairs and return to their room.

After closing the door, Ah Zhu immediately covered his stomach and laughed loudly.

“The fairies in Shu City dont look like that.

It was only the young miss this morning.” Ah Zhu laughed until he was almost out of breath.

“When I saw her yesterday, she was still fine.

Didnt you hear her say that she took special care of her skin for today Those things probably disfigured her.

She would dare to do anything for that face of hers.”

Ah Zhu looked at Jiang Yao.

He said, “Sister, a clean face is always the best.

At most, she could have just put on some lipstick and drew her eyebrows.

Dont fiddle with your face.

That is the result.”

Jiang Yao really did not know what Wen Yunfang looked like because there was very little information about Wen Yunfang in the information, not even a photo.

However, she was delighted when she saw Wen Yunfang appear in Lu Xingzhis world in that way.

Moes contribution was indispensable.

Once again, she had completed the task that he had given her perfectly.

Her time was not wasted at all—she had to spend the night refining some medicinal powder.

The medicinal powder that Jiang Yao gave to Moe could be spread through the air.

Once it touched someones skin, it would rapidly take effect.

The most peculiar thing about it was that the victim would not feel any discomfort.

There was no pain, not even some swelling.

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