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Chapter 1256: Its Inappropriate

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Wen Yunfang pouted and acted coquettishly.

“Godfather, think about it.

Who else is more reliable than one of our own As long as Gu Changshu becomes your son-in-law, he will be one of our own.

Dont you feel more at ease using someone in the family I can even keep an eye on him for you.

You wont have to worry that he will have second thoughts.”

Wen Yunfangs mouth was really sharp; her words made Dings heart move.

“Young Miss, Gu Changshu is already married.” Ah Zhu tried to remind her.

“So what if hes married” Wen Yunfang sneered.

Was that a joke Her godfather was also married, right However, she and her mother had lived happily with Brother Ding and earned a lot of money with him even though the man had a wife and children in the countryside.

However, Wen Yunfang did not dare to say such words in front of Brother Ding..

Instead, she said, “I saw that woman at the factory.

Shes so delicate.

Other than crying, she has a face that can trick men into feeling sorry for her.

Can she compare to me Gu Changshu is not blind; he will choose me.”

Even though Ah Zhu did not say anything, he felt disgusted in his heart.

It was more accurate to say that only a blind man would fall for Wen Yunfang.

How could Wen Yunfang compare to Gu Changshus wife That girl might have been a crybaby, but she had cried for her husband.

That girl was simple, kind, and naive.

She was not a shrewd woman, so she stubbornly followed Gu Changshu everywhere he went.

Which man would leave her for a lowly woman like Wen Yunfang

However, Wen Yunfang was the master, and he was the servant.

No matter how much Ah Zhu despised her, he did not dare disrespect her.

Although Wen Yunfang did not receive Brother Dings immediate nod of approval, she knew her words had moved him.

Wen Yunfang was an intelligent woman.

She learned to quit when the time was right.

Then, she chatted with Brother Ding about their daily life and asked about his health.

She tried to be a good daughter.

Brother Ding was pleased when Wen Yunfang fussed over him.

So, he took Wen Yunfang and her mother to go shopping to buy clothes and jewelry in the afternoon.

After dinner, Brother Ding called Ah Zhu to his study and asked for his views on making Gu Changshu his son-in-law.

Ah Zhu was not like Brother Ding; he did not like doing things behind ones back.

He did not want to see that good girl hurt because she was Gu Changshus wife.

“Brother Ding, I dont think that is appropriate.”

Ah Zhu expressed his opinion.

“I have interacted with Gu Changshu and his wife more than you, Brother Ding, so I know that they have a great relationship.

I dont think Gu Changshu would abandon his wife.”

Brother Ding listened with interest.

“Think about it, Brother Ding.

Gu Changshu has no family.

Hes been in prison for more than nine years.

During those nine years, only Gu Junhui visited him without any hesitation.

Gu Changshu told me that Gu Junhui is the only person in the world who still cares about him and loves him sincerely.

I can see that Gu Changshu really dotes on his wife.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have come to Shu City with her.

He even brought her along to do odd jobs.

Im afraid that something will happen to his wife if hes not around her.”

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