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Chapter 1243: They Were Everywhere

It was only after Ah Zhu arranged for her and Lu Xingzhi to move in that the middle-aged man and woman moved in next door.

It was probably to keep an eye on her and Lu Xingzhi.

Therefore, those two people must have hidden behind the curtains when Ah Zhu brought her and Lu Xingzhi there.

It was very likely that those two people had entered her and Lu Xingzhis room to search for something.

When Jiang Yao talked to the two of them, she observed whether that old woman had recognized her.

Jiang Yao had been quite famous in Nanjiang City for a while, so when that old woman appeared, Jiang Yao was worried that she would be recognized.

Fortunately, the old woman did not show the slightest bit of recognition of her.

She even held Jiang Yaos hand and chatted with her warmly.

Jiang Yao pondered it.

When she was in the limelight, that old woman was still in prison.

She had only been out of prison for less than two months, and she was already in Shu City.

She probably left Nanjiang City because she had no relatives after she got out of prison.

The old woman kept touching Jiang Yaos soft hands as she spoke.

“Look at your tender hands.

Are you from the city Your hands dont look like someone who has done farm work in the countryside.

You have a rich young ladys hands.

You are destined to enjoy a comfortable life.”

“How can I be from the city Its because my aunt treats me well and has never let me do any work.” Then, Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi shyly and said, “My man also spoils me rotten.

He wouldnt let me do any hard work.”

“I can see that.

After eating outside, he came back to cook for you just because the food doesnt suit your appetite.” The old man teased them.

Then, he signaled the old lady with his eyes, and the two of them helped each other back to the room.

It seemed that he did not want to disturb the couple.

After he ignited the coal, Lu Xingzhi quickly used a new pot to cook a bowl of egg noodles for Jiang Yao.

He added green onions and vegetables, and Jiang Yao ate two big bowls.

When she could not eat anymore, Lu Xingzhi finished her leftovers in a few bites.

There was still hot water on the stove; it was for Jiang Yaos bath.

After washing up, it was already past ten oclock when the two of them finally got on the bed.

Jiang Yao told Lu Xingzhi about the old woman.

“She raised a serial killer son,” she said with venom in her voice.

“After her son was executed, she ruined Zheng Yis face for revenge.

She had just been released from prison, but she unexpectedly came to harm another familys child and became a human trafficker.

They should have executed her with her son!”

“Brother Ding seems to like to use criminals in his activities.”

Lu Xingzhi was puzzled; how did that old woman get to Shu City from Nanjiang City to join that gang in such a short time

Was that gang also in Nanjiang City, and they were the ones who brought the woman there

Otherwise, how could an old woman who had just been released from prison have the money to buy a train ticket

She would already have problems with three meals a day.

How could she be so bold to come to Shu City by herself She had no family there.

An older person would have a stronger sense of belonging.

Most people preferred to return to their hometown for their retirement.

However, that old woman went to Shu City after prison; it made him feel as if something was amiss.

Lu Xingzhi thought for a moment and said, “It seems like we need to investigate Nanjiang City.”

Perhaps that gang was really everywhere.

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