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Chapter 1222: Its Pretty Good

Lu Xingzhi could not speak on behalf of Jiang Yao.

What he wanted was for Du Chen to remember Jiang Yaos kindness toward him.

That would be most beneficial to Jiang Yao.

“Okay.” Lu Xingzhi did not mention that Jiang Yao had planned to perform surgery on Du Chen.

However, her winter vacation was too short, so she was unwilling to spend it on unimportant people.

That was why she did not go to Jindo City to look for Du Chen.

However, when she returned to Nanjiang City and had more time, and if Du Chen were willing to go there, she would be very ready to help him.

No one else could treat Du Chuns legs, but she had the medical system, so it was not a difficult thing.

That night, no matter how the cold wind blew outside the window, the two people on the bed only wanted to hug each other and listen to each others breathing and heartbeat as they gradually fell asleep.

The next day, Lu Xingzhi was very busy.

Besides arranging for people to count his items, categorizing them as gifts, and sending cars and people to his house in Jindo City, he also needed to send some things to the new army units dormitories.

Then, in the afternoon, Lu Xingzhi, Colonel Lin, and Zhou Junmin were called to the city for a meeting at the last minute.

When Jiang Yao left the army unit, he had already gone to Jin City, so he could not send her to the airport.

When Jiang Yao arrived at the airport, she thanked the soldier who had driven her there.

After the soldier drove away, she immediately called for a taxi with Big Ke and Ah Lu back to the city.

The police officers had already arranged for her to stay in Jin City that night.

By the time she arrived at the guest house, there were already people waiting for her because it was inconvenient for her to go to the police station to meet with Lu Xingzhi and the others.

Therefore, someone was there to give her a private briefing.

The police informant sent a new message to her, so Jiang Yao did not even have time to eat dinner before that meeting.

She had to remind herself that the mission was quite different than the previous one she had.

It was already dark when she was finally done.

That day might have been a busy day for Lu Xingzhi, but Jiang Yao had a fulfilling day.

Unfortunately for Mrs.

Sun, it was somewhat difficult to endure.

She had spent the night with her daughter, Sun Xiaoshan, at the best hotel in Jindo City.

However, they had to move to a small but clean hotel near the hospital due to a lack of money.

That motel was not even comparable to a brick in the Jindo City Hotel; Mrs.

Sun felt depressed.

Some people could bring their entire family to stay in the luxurious hotel for a few days without worrying about money.

She had to make her daughters trip to Jindo City worthwhile.

So she had to take her daughter to the cheaper motel, albeit she did it with gritted teeth.

“Mom, did the doctor at the hospital say anything to you today” Sun Xiaoshan sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her mother nervously.

“Is my health getting worse ”

Then, Sun Xiaoshan began to cough softly.

The air in that room was a little stuffy, so she would occasionally cough while she stayed there for the past two days.

When Mrs.

Sun heard her cough, her heart ached.

“Shanshan, its my fault for being so useless.

I wasnt able to let you be someone elses daughter.

I cant give you a comfortable life or even good health.

And I have to let you suffer in this cheap motel.”

“Its okay, Mom.

I think this place is pretty good too.

At least you and Dad did not leave me out of the streets.” Sun Xiaoshan smiled gently.

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