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Chapter 1221: A Good Person Goes A Long Way

Jiang Yao did not notice Lu Xingzhi standing at the door.

As soon as she walked out, her head crashed into his chest.

When she heard his muffled voice above her head, Jiang Yao raised her hand to rub her head, patted his chest, and said, “Its like a diamond board!”

Then, she bypassed Lu Xingzhi and went back to the bedroom.

Obviously, she would not answer Lu Xingzhis question.

“Wife.” Lu Xingzhi did not give up and chased after her.

“Change the flight ticket to the day after tomorrow.

I promise that I wont torture you.”

“It has nothing to do with that!” Jiang Yaos face reddened.

How could that guy keep thinking about that

She would not go so far as to use that kind of thing to intimidate her husband, right


Lu Xingzhi was skeptical.

“If its not because youre so afraid to stay with me for one more night, then whats the reason”

“Didnt I say that I wouldnt be able to get up too early the day after tomorrow” Jiang Yao pouted and acted coquettishly.

“The weather is so cold.

Its very hard to get up early in the morning!”

Lu Xingzhi was persistent when it came to sending her off.

Usually, he would not bear to see her in the slightest bit of wind and snow.

However, when it came to seeing her off, it was as if he had lost all senses.

She still remembered when he had to go back to the army before her school session started.

She could not wake up early in the morning, and he had to carry her out of the blanket all the way to the car to send him to the airport before he was satisfied.

“Itll only be difficult for the first few minutes; itll get better after youre awake.” Lu Xingzhi sighed helplessly.

He could not bear to be apart from her.

That was why he could not wait to control every minute and second that they were together.

However, when he realized that Jiang Yao was unwilling, he did not say anything more.

He did not want her to be unhappy, and he did not want to put her in a difficult position.

Well, that was it.

He would just have to find time to visit her after his mission was over.

His Little Jiaojiao was supposed to be delicate.

He would not force her to do things that she did not want to do.

Perhaps it was because he thought they would be separated the next day; Lu Xingzhi did not torture her too much that night.

After only one time, he hugged her and started to speak to her.

“Tomorrow afternoon, I might not be free to send you to the airport.

I will arrange for someone to take you.

Ask Big Ke and Ah Lu to wait for you at the airport.” He placed his hand on her waist as if he had a lot to say.

Perhaps it would take more than one night, but he did not know where to begin.

“Send someone to the west and help them.

Since you have helped Du Chen once, find the time to call him when you return to Nanjiang City.

Tell him to go to Nanjiang City to look for you.

You can help him treat his leg, but only if you can treat it,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“You can count on him.

He was able to endure the Du family for so many years without showing his ability.

He is a capable person.

Most importantly, he is a loyal person who remembers favors.

If you help him, he will go out of his way to repay you.

Therefore, having him as a person who appreciates you is another layer of protection for you.”

Du Chens information network was vast and had extensive coverage.

Many people could get in touch with Du Chens people.

Many people who wanted to investigate anything would think of Du Chen.

Just like how he had reports of who had been investigating Jiang Yao and who had been interested in the Divine Doctor.

Du Chens people would get news to him immediately.

Jiang Yao had learned from him; she always made time to prepare herself.

Just like recently, who had been investigating Jiang Yao, who had been investigating the Divine Doctor recently The news of those people would be sent to Du Chen immediately.

Jiang Yao learned from Du Chen immediately, so she had more time to ensure and prepare.

Naturally, she did not need to care about those inconspicuous people.

However, if a second person like Master Cheng were to appear later, then Jiang Yao would have more time to prepare if she caught wind about it earlier.

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