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Chapter 1220: She Told Me To Buy It

“Im not angry,” Jiang Yao explained again.

“Im really not angry.

You can go ahead with your mission.

When youre free after your mission, come to Nanjiang City to see me.

If youre not free, then Ill come to the army to see you on the weekend.”

To make Lu Xingzhi believe that she was not angry, she continued to say, “Your new workplace is so close to Nanjiang City.

In the future, we can meet every weekend, so we dont need this extra night.”

Jiang Yao felt delighted after she said that.

‘Hmm, lets get you annoyed!

The more he missed her, the more surprised he would be when he saw her the day after tomorrow!

Jiang Yao really wanted to set the clock forward so that she could see how Lu Xingzhi would look when he saw her as his new partner.

“Thats no good.” Lu Xingzhis face turned sour.

“Leave the day after tomorrow morning.”

“No.” Jiang Yao took her clothes and went straight to the bathroom.

She was in a good mood and even started humming a song.

It was never too late for a young woman to take revenge!

She still remembered how that guy had tricked her into singing on stage!

That was the best time to teach him a lesson.

She wanted to see if he still felt that he would be willing to do whatever she wanted in the future.

Jiang Yao felt that Lu Yuqing was right.

If she were willing to let Lu Xingzhi do whatever he wanted, that guy could always do whatever he wanted with her.

There was no stopping him in the world.

He would take advantage of her.

Jiang Yao went into the bathroom.

Lu Xingzhi eavesdropped on her singing before going to the study.

The first thing he did was to call Big Ke.

He asked, “Where did she go, and who did she see today”

“She didnt see anyone, and she didnt go anywhere either.” Jiang Yao had already given them instructions, so Big Ke did not reveal a single word.

Big Ke and Ah Lu were not stupid.

Lu Xingzhi had no bottom line when he spoiled his wife.

He could tell Lu Xingzhi about Jiang Yaos day if he wanted to curry favors with the man.

However, he would offend Jiang Yao, and the woman would torment him and A Lu while Lu Xingzhi watched from the side.

He would be helping the devil.

Big Ke and Ah Lu had come to a conclusion.

They would rather offend Young Master Lu than Director Jiang—it was easier to discuss things with her.

“Did you get the cactus as a gift from buying the durian” Lu Xingzhi changed the question.

“No, I bought them individually,” Big Ke said.

Jiang Yao did not say that he could not say anything about that.

Furthermore, Jiang Yao had already taken everything home, so he could not hide it.

“She asked you to buy it” Lu Xingzhi pressed.

When he heard that question, Big Ke said, “Yes, she told me to buy it.

At first, she told me to buy a washboard.

Later, she asked me to buy a cactus the same size as the washboard.

However, I couldnt find one that size even after searching all over Jin City.

So I had to buy a small potted plant.

Who would have thought that Director Jiang would ask me to buy another durian I had no choice but to go to Jindo City to buy it.”

“She did not say anything about me in front of you and Ah Lu today” Lu Xingzhi had a hunch.

Jiang Yao probably did not buy the cactus because she was interested in it.

Maybe she wanted to take it home and torture him with it.

Was it because he tortured her so much the previous night that she got angry and wanted to take revenge

Was it because he over-indulged the previous night that she was unhappy and wanted to return to Nanjiang City earlier

Lu Xingzhi, who was reflecting on himself, heard the sound of the bathroom door and chased after Jiang Yao, who had just come out.

“Wife, change your ticket to the morning of the day after tomorrow.

I promise I wont torture you for the next two nights.”

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