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Chapter 1206: Memorizing The Information

After that, he chuckled.

“Ill organize your assessment content and bring it back to the unit for Lu Xingzhi to take a look and hear what he has to say about you.”

After Colonel Lin left, Jiang Yao placed all her attention on the stack of information on the table.

She was the only one left in the room.

Finally, Moe could not stand it anymore.

He poked his head out of Jiang Yaos pocket on her jacket and jumped onto the table.

Then, he leaned on Jiang Yaos stack of information and clicked his tongue as he sighed.

“Your man only needed an afternoon to memorize all that information.”

“Colonel Lin and Zhou Junmin also did it,” Jiang Yao said.

Moe wagged his tail and looked at Jiang Yao.

“Ask the system butler to check how many other favorability values you can change.

Add them all to your memory.

Otherwise, with your current situation, you wont be able to memorize all that information in half a day.”

Jiang Yao only had half a day.

If she did not return to Lu Xingzhi at night, there was a high chance that he would be suspicious.

Jiang Yao had always felt that her memory was excellent.

Even without the medical system, she had always been proud of her memory because she loved studying and had her own memorization methods.

In high school, she only needed five minutes between classes to memorize an English text.

However, when she met Colonel Lin and the others that day, Jiang Yao was shocked to learn that Lu Xingzhi, Colonel Lin, and Zhou Junmin only needed one afternoon and one night to memorize the information.

Lu Xingzhi and the other two only spent a few hours at it after dinner until they returned to the army at 11 at night and not a few hours in the early morning.

Moe was right.

If she did not rely on the memory boost from the medical system, given her current memory, she would not be able to memorize all the information in the same amount of time as Lu Xingzhi.

Jiang Yao had entered the medical system, but she had been staying with Lu Xingzhi in the army.

She had not done anything, nor had she performed any surgery, so her favorability value had not increased by much.

When converted into numbers and added to her memory, it would only increase by a few points.

Fortunately, the medical system had the ability to scan.

Not only could it scan a patient, but it could also scan information.

Just like a photocopier, everything that Jiang Yao glanced at could be scanned into the medical system.

Once the information entered the medical system, it would be part of the same as the knowledge content that Jiang Yao could access in the system.

She could check it at any time.

While Jiang Yao was memorizing the information in the office, Colonel Lin had already driven back to the army.

Once he arrived, he did not go anywhere.

He went straight to the office building to look for Lu Xingzhi.

He did not see anyone else in the office building, but he found someone to get Lu Xingzhi.

As he waited for Lu Xingzhis break, Colonel Lin sorted out the assessment report.

That had been done before he left the Police Crime Squad, so Lu Xingzhi could clearly see the assessment process after he confirmed the report.

Lu Xingzhi returned to his office drenched in sweat.

He was wearing a spring and autumn training uniform in such cold weather, yet he did not seem to feel cold at all.

Those who did not know better would have thought that it was summer.

However, the temperature in Tianjin City dropped sharply after the New Year, and it had snowed for several days in a row.

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