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Chapter 1163: Its My Birthday The Day After Tomorrow

If Mrs.

Sun was the madmans wife, then it was perfectly normal for her to suspect that Jiang Yao was her daughter.

If that were the case, then where did Sun Xiaoshan come from

Lu Xiaoxiao said that the madmans wife had given birth to a daughter, not that she had given birth to a pair of twin daughters.

Lu Xingzhis heart trembled when he heard Jiang Yao joked with him flirtatiously on the phone.

It was a good thing that Jiang Yao did not suspect anything.

However, the fact that Mrs.

Sun had taken her hair meant that she was suspicious.


Sun was also investigating Jiang Yao.

Lu Xingzhis heart had always been troubled.

How relaxed was Jiang Yaos smile How heartless was she in making fun of the Sun familys mother and daughter duo If she discovered that she was not the Jiang familys biological daughter, how heartbroken would she be to learn that her biological parents had abandoned her How depressed would she be

It seemed as if all of her happiness was about to be shattered.

She had a close relationship with everyone in the Jiang family.

They had spoiled her since she was a child, but she was not their biological daughter.

Could she take that blow

Jiang Yao, the woman whom he could not wait to lavish attention upon, deserved the most beautiful things in the world, including her parents.

“You are going to see the national flag tomorrow morning, right” Lu Xingzhi decided to change the subject.

He did not want to talk about Sun Xiaoshan and her daughter any longer.

“Yes, I have to get up early tomorrow.

Chen Xuyao said that he would take us to eat the most authentic soy milk and deep-fried dough sticks in Jindo City.

Im looking forward to it.” Jiang Yao did not doubt him.

She assumed that Lu Xingzhi was not interested in Sun Xiaoshan and her mother.

“Then rest early.

Dont tire yourself out.

If you get worn halfway through the day, tell everyone to stop and rest.

Dont tire yourself out after traveling for a few days,” Lu Xingzhi instructed.

Jiang Yao acknowledged that.

Then, Lu Xiaoxiao came out of the bathroom.

When she heard that Jiang Yao was on the phone, she guessed that she was talking to Lu Xingzhi, so she rushed to grab Jiang Yaos phone and chatted with Lu Xingzhi for a while.

Lu Xiaoxiao was tired.

Jiang Yao went into the bathroom to take a shower.

When she came out, Lu Xiaoxiao was already on the bed, sound asleep.

Jiang Yao accompanied her family in Jindo City City for five days.

Since Mr.

Lu had to go back to work, everyone except Jiang Lei took a plane back to their hometown.

Meanwhile, Jiang Lei went to Yuan City to meet up with his friends.

After sending her family to the airport, Jiang Yao, Zhou Weiqi, and Ah Lu returned to Jin City.

Zhou Weiqi sent her to the army barracks entrance and then rushed back to his unit.

Lu Xingzhi waited for Jiang Yao outside the entrance; he knew that she was returning that day.

He did not rush back to the office after he picked her up.

Instead, he helped Jiang Yao in carrying her luggage home.

The moment he entered the house, Lu Xingzhi did not do anything else.

He pressed her against the door and kissed her anxiously.

It was the winter break, yet she went to Jindo City for five nights.

She let him sleep in their bed alone and thought about her for five nights.

Lu Xingzhi let her go after he was satisfied with the kiss.

He raised his hand and touched Jiang Yaos face.

“Its my birthday the day after tomorrow.”

She would be starting school soon after his birthday, and he would go on a mission.

“I remember.” Jiang Yao chuckled and nodded.

“Im preparing a gift.”

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