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Chapter 1143: Try Everything

“I heard he got married again, but I have never seen him before,” Old Master Liang said, shaking his head.

The last time Old Master Liang saw Master Cheng was when he was young before Master Cheng went to prison.

He heard that Master Cheng met a female prisoner.

A few years ago, Master Cheng got out of prison; he married the female prisoner who had been waiting for him for many years.

Then, Old Master Liang scolded Master Cheng.

“You should never have used such a method to find someone.

What you have is nothing more than the old friendship between the Liang family and your father.”

“The Liang family might have owed your father a favor, but we returned it many years ago.” Old Master Liang looked at Lu Xingzhi and said, “I am not here to return another favor.

I am only here because of your father.

I dont want Xingzhi to fight with you.

Even though your familys influence is pervasive at all levels, Lu Xingzhi might not be able to defeat your family if he wanted a fight.

No matter how capable your family is, they are still nothing.

Xingzhi is a soldier—he would have a valid reason to deal with you.

It is not because you do not have any enemies or that you have no one to support your family.”

Old Madam Liang waited for Old Master Liang to finish speaking before she said, “If you and Xingzhi start fighting, the Liang family will stand on Xingzhis side; there is no hesitation about that.

We know that you have been released from prison for many years, but we have never investigated you.

Our attitude is apparent, and we will not interfere with your familys affair.

Therefore, please do not bully my family.

We see Lu Xingzhi the same as Yue Ze and Yue Kai.

They are our juniors and members of the Liang family.”

“Old Master Liang, Old Madam Liang, your family may be powerful, but my family is not inferior to yours, and we have a deep and stable foundation.

Although some of them were imprisoned for decades because of my father, the others are at the peak of their power.

Our family will do anything for my mother.

Even if we have to exchange the entire family for my mothers life, we will not hesitate to do that.

Would your family do the same”

Cheng Jinyan was a little displeased with Old Master Liangs threats and accusations.

The Liang family and Lu Xingzhi were capable people, but those who were barefoot would not be afraid of wearing shoes.

Everyone in the Cheng family could risk their lives for his mother, but the Liang family would not do the same.

The Liang family had more to worry about than the Cheng family.

“My son is right.

The Cheng family can exist for the sake of Xinyou, and we can be destroyed for her sake.” Old Master Cheng spoke very calmly.

He did not hesitate in the slightest; there was not a hint of reluctance at all.

Old Master Liang and Old Madam Liang were shocked.

The Cheng family had existed for a hundred years, and they had flourished then.

The two of them were surprised that someone like Master Cheng, who had seen life and death, would value a woman so much.

They also did not expect that Master Chengs eldest son would say such a thing.

After all, Master Chengs eldest son was not the womans biological son.

Old Master Liang understood Master Chengs position.

He had meant what he said.

Therefore, Old Master Liang looked at Lu Xingzhi and said, “Xingzhi, we are on the same side, so we wont talk to you like outsiders.

You have heard Master Chengs words, and I have brought the old mans words.

I hope that everything will be fine, and I will not let you suffer a loss.”

“My grandfathers words.” Lu Xingzhi respected Old Master Liang, so he did not want to make things difficult for him.

More importantly, he did not plan to fight Master Cheng to death before figuring out certain things.

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