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Chapter 112: A Deliberate Encounter

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“Xuehui, what a coincidence!”

Jiang Yao heard a familiar voice.

When she turned around, she was completely stunned.

She had not expected it to be Li Ronghui!

“Senior! I can officially call you a senior now, right” Wen Xuehui became excited and stood up when he saw him.

“Senior, this is my roommate, Jiang Yao.

We will have a lot to learn from you in the future! Oh by the way, both of us are clinical medicine undergraduates!”

Li Ronghui smiled at Wen Xuehui before lowering his head to look at Wen Xuehuis roommate.

Li Ronghui is a clever person, so he had his own way of judging people.

Looking at Wen Xuehuis roommate, the first impression she gave him was that she did not like him.

Although Li Ronghui could not think of any reason for a girl to dislike him at first sight, he believed that his sixth sense would not be wrong.

However, if Li Ronghui was asked about his first impression toward Jiang Yao, it would definitely be beautiful!

Jiang Yao sat there while looking at him with an icy and indifferent face.

At this moment, he felt that she was like a noble and elegant winter blossom, arrogant and unapproachable.

However, she looked attractive.

Her kind of attractive was not the seductive type.

Rather, she was more the graceful type, like an unknown lady of a wealthy family hidden deep in Jiangnan Village in a traditional portrait of a lady.

She did not have long hair like the lady in the portrait but had shoulder-length hair instead.

However, those eyes really gave people a cold and clear feeling.

Li Ronghui looked at Jiang Yao for a while more and sighed in his heart.

It was too bad that she was Wen Xuehuis roommate, for he could really have stood a chance otherwise.

“Xuehui, Ive already heard from the vice-chancellor that you passed our universitys examination but did not have the chance to congratulate you face-to-face.

Do you mind if I sit down and have my meal with you two”

“Sure, no problem!” Wen Xuehui nodded straightaway.

Jiang Yao did not say a word.

When she saw Li Ronghui sitting beside Wen Xuehui, she furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

Jiang Yao had thought that Wen Xuehui would only meet Li Ronghui tonight at the South Students Hub.

But now, it seemed like they had already known each other for a long time.

Plus, Li Ronghui had probably approached Wen Xuehui deliberately.

It could not be a coincidence.

She had already avoided the place where they had first met in the previous life, but Li Ronghui could still encounter them The only explanation was Li Ronghui must be following Wen Xuehui.

No matter where Wen Xuehui was having dinner, Li Ronghui would make up an encounter.

Jiang Yao ate a tasteless dinner, especially when she saw Wen Xuehui chit-chatting and joking around with Li Ronghui, as her heart sank bit by bit.

In the previous life, Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui had known each other too late, so she was not clear about how she and Li Ronghui started.

She simply assumed that both of them had met for the first time then.

But Jiang Yao could sense that Wen Xuehui had already fallen in love with this senior, Li Ronghui.

After their dinner, Li Ronghui insisted on paying for them, then asked them if they wanted to familiarize themselves with the campus under his guidance.

If it wasnt for Jiang Yao who said that she was tired, Wen Xuehui would have really planned to walk around with Li Ronghui.

Li Ronghui accompanied them to the entrance of the females dorm and waited until they had gone upstairs.

Jiang Yao was really impressed with how Li Ronghui courted girls.

He was being chivalrous in every situation.

He paid the bill after dinner and suggested a walk after dinner to aid digestion, and even though he was rejected, he still put on a smile on his face as he accompanied them to the dorm.

Their entire conversation revolved around university life, with only positive and encouraging content, so he could give others an impression that he was a gentleman of utmost integrity.

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