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Chapter 1116: Im Fine

However, she and Liang Yueze were not like that.

Neither of them knew how to compromise, so they were destined to go against each other.

“Forget it.

Lets not talk about it anymore.

What about you, Brother Haoyu” Luo Ruoran turned to look at Gu Haoyu and smiled.

“Dont say that Im younger than you.

Look, Third Brother is already married, Fourth Brother and Fifth Brother already have someone theyre pursuing.

What about you When are you going to find a partner Uncle and Auntie are anxious about your marriage.”

“Im busy with work, so Im not prepared for that yet.

If I find a partner now when Im too busy to care about others, it will only make the other party feel wronged, so Ill just forget about it.” Gu Haoyu curled his lips into a bright smile.

Time passed quickly as the two of them chatted.

Lu Xingzhi arrived an hour and a half later.

When he arrived, he had a hot bun in his hand.

It looked like he had gone to the bun shop to buy it.

They could smell the bun before they saw him.

“Third Brother is really thoughtful.” Luo Ruoran touched her hungry stomach and reached out to receive the bun and milk.

Lu Xingzhi handed them to her.

She thanked him and lowered her head to take a bite of the bun.

She quickly praised it.

“This bun tastes pretty good.

Where did you buy it”

“The army canteen,” Lu Xingzhi replied indifferently.

“Jiang Yao likes to eat that.

The canteen just happened to have some tonight, so I bought some.

Then, I warmed it up with hot water along the way.”

“No wonder the milk is warm.”

Luo Ruoran gave Lu Xingzhi a thumbs up, then handed the other buns to Gu Haoyu.

“Brother Haoyu, watch and learn.

If you love your wife this much in the future, I guarantee that she will be completely devoted to you.”

“Isnt Big Brother also considerate of you” Lu Xingzhi threw a sentence at Luo Ruoran and then looked at her expression.

When she saw the flash in her eyes and her refusal to answer him, he asked, “How long has my wife been in the operating room”

“Quite a long time, almost five to six hours.”

Luo Ruoran lowered her head and looked at her watch.

“Will Jiang Yao be able to hold on Shes so thin and frail.

I heard that doctors use a lot of mental and physical strength when they perform surgeries.

Many doctors perform operations for seven to eight hours consecutively and fall asleep in the operating room.”

Lu Xingzhi frowned.

How many people could endure such a long period of highly focused work

He reached out and touched the milk in his hand.

He did not know if the milk would still be warm when she came out.

The weather was freezing.

If the milk got cold, it would hurt her stomach.

Just as Lu Xingzhi was worried, the operating theater door opened.

Jiang Yao walked out with the baby boy.

She seemed to be in good spirits, and she did not look exhausted.

“How are you” Gu Haoyu asked when Jiang Yao came out.

Jiang Yao did not know when Lu Xingzhi had arrived, but it was already dark.

She was not surprised to see him there.

“Im fine.”

Jiang Yao smiled and pointed at the sleeping child.

“The surgery was quite successful.”

Then, Jiang Yao walked toward a doctor who was nearby.

She took off her surgical mask and said, “I only use a small amount of anesthetic on the child.

He will wake up in about 20 minutes, and he might be in pain.

Get a nurse to watch over the child at night.

Dont let the child cry too much because of the pain.

I will leave some painkillers, but the medicine is poisonous.

You can give him that if it gets too much.”

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