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Chapter 1101: Please Take A Look

After she chatted with Moe for a while, Jiang Yao looked at the time and got up to soak the rice.

Even though she was not good at cooking, she still knew how to cook rice.

She only needed to steam the rice every day.

Her husband would do the rest when he got home.

Jiang Yao left the bedroom, and Moe followed her.

She also closed the bedroom door.

However, before Jiang Yao reached the kitchen, there was a knock on the door.

Jiang Yao did not have many friends at the army barracks.

It was only Mrs.Lin and a few others, so she thought it was Mrs.

Lin at the door.

When she opened the door, she was shocked.

There were many people outside her door, but those pregnant women caught her eye.

There were many young military wives there, but not many were pregnant at the same time.

Jiang Yao counted silently and thought to herself, did all of them come to her door

“Hello, how are you”

A woman in her thirties stood in front of the group.

She looked like she was about seven months pregnant.

She chuckled when she noticed that Jiang Yao was in a daze.

“Why dont you invite us in”

“There might not be enough chairs.”

Jiang Yao took a step back and invited them into her home.

She was not familiar with those people; she was afraid that if they stayed too long, it would be awkward if they had nothing to talk to her about, so she said, “I was busy with some chores.”

“Youre a university student.

We understand that youre a little busy.” The woman who led the group looked around Jiang Yaos house after she entered.

She could only grumble inwardly.

She had heard that Sergeant Lu was from a wealthy family; it seemed like it was true.

They had a car, and they could decorate their house so beautifully.

It looked like a high-class hotel in a big city.

Even the floor was covered with tiles; it made the entire place look bright and magnificent.

When those people walked through the door, their first thought was that after Sergeant Lu was transferred to another post, no one knew who would be so fortunate to be able to stay there.

That would be a fantastic deal.

There was no need for Jiang Yao to ask why they were there.

In just a short while, someone had already told her.


Lu, we heard that you told Major Hes wife that shes pregnant with twin daughters.

You are really amazing.

To think that you could even tell that.

We would like you to help us check the gender of our baby.”

As she spoke, the woman sighed.

“Im already 30 years old, and Ive already given birth to three daughters.

If this baby is still a daughter, my mother-in-law will be unhappy.

Perhaps she wont even be willing to help take care of the first two granddaughters.”

Jiang Yao knew the woman.

She already had three daughters, but she only brought the youngest daughter to stay with them in the army.

“Me too! Im curious if this child is a daughter or a son.” The younger woman beside her said, “This is my first child.

Its best if its a son.

It doesnt matter if its a daughter.

Anyway, my husband and I are still young.

As soon as she finished speaking, the older woman beside her became unhappy.

Of course, the one who was the most upset was Jiang Yao.

Many of those women had spoken ill of her, and she held grudges against them.

Even though it was only a matter of looking at their babys gender, she was unwilling to help them.

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