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Chapter 1092: Lets Go Together

The four of them went around the market and found the cake shop.

After they bought the things, they did not continue to walk around the market.

It was cold in the run-up to the spring festival, and the wind in the south was humid.

On a cloudy day like that, everyone was more than willing to stay at home.

It was still early when the four of them returned home.

When they reached home, Jiang Yaos parents were also at the Lu family home.

The two of them were in town to buy things, and on the way, they brought some home-grown vegetables to their in-laws.

Then, the two families talked about going to Jindo City after the New Year.

Just then, Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao happened to enter the house.

“Mom, Dad, why are you here”

Jiang Yao heard a familiar voice before she even entered the house, so she jogged into the house.

When she saw her father and mother, she ran forward happily and held them in each of her hands.

“Were here to deliver some vegetables that we have grown at home and then some pickled vegetables that we have at home.”


Jiang patted Jiang Yaos head.

“Didnt you say that youre going to the county town to buy things Why are you back so soon”

“Auntie, dont mention it anymore.

Sister-in-law was startled by some fool in the market today.

The moment that fool saw Sister-in-law, he called her his wife and chased after her as if he did not care about his life.

Brother took him to the ground, but he continued to stare at Sister-in-law,” Lu Xiaoxiao said.

“Was it the same fool from the train station”


Jiang had heard about a rather famous fool in the county town.

He used to squat at the county towns train station and bus station every day.

However, he had not seen him of late.

When they heard that Jiang Yao was frightened, the elders looked at Jiang Yao with concern.

“Youre not injured, right”


Jiang observed her daughter from head to toe.

“In the future, if you see a madman, a fool, or a drunkard, you should avoid them.

Who knows if they might hurt you”

“Im fine.

Im good at what I do.

They cant hurt me.” Jiang Yao shook her head.

It had already been so long; she no longer felt anything about it.

“When I came in, I heard you guys talking about going to Jindo City after the New Year.

Have you guys come to an agreement”

“We discussed it and decided to set off for Jin City on the third day of the New Year.

Well go to Xingzhis army first and then go to Jindo City the next day.

Well fly back on the ninth or tenth day of the New Year.” Mr.

Jiang chuckled.

“Your mother and I are old, but we dont really want to go to other places except for Jingdo City.

If we can go there and take a look, then we wont have any regrets.”

“Thats great!”

Jiang Yao was excited.

Even though she did not cheer, it was difficult to hide the joy on her face.

After she got the answer, Jiang Yao went to the kitchen to bake a cake.

She even called Wen Xuehui for some tips, and they chatted for more than half an hour.


and Mrs.

Jiang ate lunch with the Lu family.

While Jiang Yao was making a cake in the kitchen, Mrs.

Lu was almost done with lunch.

The two of them were busy with their own things, so they had no time to chat.


Lu saw Jiang Yaos joy when she baked the cake, so she brought up Lu Xingzhis birthday.

“Youre not back in school yet on his birthday, so you can bake a cake for him.

Hed like that.”

“His place at the army doesnt have an oven, and hell be transferred after the New Year, so its useless to buy it now.”

Jiang Yao also felt that it was a pity.

“We can buy one after his transfer, but we still dont know where yet.

Were not sure where the special forces will be set up.

Xingzhi said that its very likely to be in the south, but he hasnt received any formal notice yet.”

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