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Chapter 1066: Moving In Positive Direction

Jiang Jie, his older brother, was the first.

Jiang Lei felt even more motivated now that Jiang Yao had backed him up.

“If my wife wants a luxurious house or a famous car, I will buy it for her.

Theres no need for you to do that.” Lu Xingzhi stood in the corridor of the central room and said lightly, “Besides, my wife can afford it herself.”

Jiang Lei did not expect Lu Xingzhi to hear his words, so he smiled a little embarrassedly.

It sounded a little exaggerated.

After all, he was just a poor kid who had nothing.


and Mrs.

Jiang were angry again when they heard Jiang Leis words.

They scolded Jiang Lei in front of Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao, “Look at you! How long have you been working and now you want to change your job If you keep doing this, which boss in the country will be brave enough to hire you in the future You are not young anymore.

Cant you do something more reliable”

“Mom, I agree with Second Brothers idea.” Jiang Yao knew that Jiang Lei had not convinced her parents.

The older generation thought differently than the younger generation.

The older generation always believed that the most important thing was to do a good job that could support the family.

They always felt that it was unrealistic to go out and work.

It was so far away from home.

If money were so easy to earn, everyone would go and earn it.

Jiang Yao had no idea how Jiang Lei persuaded his parents in the end before she was reborn into the world.

Perhaps he had been depressed for a long time.

When his parents saw that he was determined to find something to do, they were overjoyed, and they probably did not care where he was going or what he was going to do at the time.

“Dad, Mom, Im the same as Yaoyao.

I agree with Xiao Leis venture to the north.” Jiang Jie followed up promptly to help Jiang Lei.

“Xiao Lei is still young.

Its not a loss for him to venture out for three to five years.

Even if he really cant do anything, its still fine for him to come back to work.

If he goes out to explore and work hard, it can also temper his unreliable character.

Theres no harm in it.

After all, hes a man.

Its only good for him to go out and see more of the world.”

Even Jiang Jie wanted to go out if it were not for the fact that he had to provide a stable life for his wife after they were married and that he was the eldest son and had to take care of his parents future.

However, he was different from Jiang Lei; the burden on his shoulders was heavier than Jiang Leis, so he did not dare to take a break.

He could not face the possibility of failure, so he chose to take another path.

“Oh, right! Yaoyao, after the New Year, Im going to transfer to the town government,” Jiang Jie told Jiang Yao.

“Really Congratulations, Eldest Brother!” Jiang Yao was delighted.

It seemed that many things had changed, and they were all changing for the better.

Jiang Yao was not worried about which department Jiang Jie would be in or if he would be put in a difficult position.

Jiang Jie was her brother, and Jiang Yao was the daughter-in-law of the Lu family and Lu Xingzhis wife; it was not a bad thing for Jiang Jie to work in the towns government.

“Its good that Eldest Brother wants to work for the towns government.” Lu Xingzhi nodded.

Jiang Jie had a stable personality, so he was suitable for official government work.

“Eldest Brother, there are still many opportunities while you are young.

Remember to improve your education.

That will only be good for you in the future.”

“I know,” Jiang Jie replied with a smile.

When their parents heard their eldest sons words and saw that Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi seemed to agree with him, they asked Lu Xingzhi, “Xingzhi, youre knowledgeable.

Tell us, do you think Jiang Leis idea is reliable”

Lu Xingzhis army was in the north.

He also studied and lived in the north.

Therefore, Mr.

and Mrs.

Jiang felt that Lu Xingzhi knew the north better than anyone else.

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