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Chapter 1054: You Think Wed Believe You

“Approve! Approve! Approve!” Lu Xingzhi had no choice but to bug the bureau chief.

Forget it; it was the armys fault that Jiang Yao had suffered.

It made sense for Lu Xingzhi to go back to pick up his wife personally.

If he had not agreed, Lu Xingzhi would probably take his anger out on the troops.

If those people did not die at that time, they would lose a limb.

The bureau chief felt sorry for the soldiers under Lu Xingzhis command.

“Then I will leave in the afternoon.” Lu Xingzhi did not have a fake happy look at all.

He still had an indifferent expression, as if he was fretting over how to lure his wife back to his hometown.

Before he left, he called Commissar Wang and said, “Dont miss the ideological and political course tonight.

Also, think about my suggestions; they are all for the good of the troops.”

Commissar Wang laughed coldly.

Why Was it not something that everyone knew Was that not revenge on the people who had been talking nonsense for the past few days Who did not know that Why did he have to say it in such a cocky way

Lu Xingzhi left the office happily.

He went home to pack his things and asked Zhou Junmin to send him to Jin City.

He did not return to the office; he deliberately did not ask Zhou Junmin to tell Major He and his family, who were still waiting for him in the office, not to wait for him.

The first thing Lu Xingzhi did when he arrived in Jin City was to book two plane tickets to his hometown.

Then he went to Zhou Weiqis house to pick up Jiang Yao.

After he walked in through the door, Lu Xingzhi urged Jiang Yao to pack her luggage.

“Ive booked the plane tickets.

Hurry up and pack your things.

We will be going back to our hometown.

I have three days to spare.

After the trip, I can stay at home for two days.

I can accompany you to celebrate the New Year at home.”

The extra three days of a vacation made Lu Xingzhi happy.

After he got married, he had not accompanied Jiang Yao home for the New Year.

He thought that he would not have the chance that year; he did not expect to be given three days as a gift.

If he went back home that day, he could go back on the 29th of the month.

“So suddenly” Jiang Yao stuffed her things into her bag hastily.

After Jiang Yao packed her things, Lu Xingzhi took her backpack and carried it on his back.

Then he watched her go to the donated lantern in the corner of the living room, took Moe from the bag he was sleeping in, and hid him in her bag.

On the way, the two called home.

It was possible that Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu were not home at that time as no one answered the phone.

Of course, no one in the Lu family knew that Lu Xingzhi would go home with Jiang Yao.

When Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao arrived at the airport, it was already after seven in the evening.

It was eight oclock when they booked a taxi from the city to their house.

When the two knocked on the door, Lu Xingzhis parents and Lu Yuqing talked in the living room.

Lu Xingzhis parents spoke to Lu Yuqing about getting married again, and she was starting to get impatient with her parents words.

As soon as she heard the knock on the door, she immediately got up to open the door.

Initially, Lu Yuqing thought Lu Xiaoxiao had gone to her house to accompany her.

She did not expect to see Lu Xingzhis face, which had not changed for years, and Jiang Yao, whose face was covered and only her eyes were exposed.

Lu Yuqing was amused and quickly called out to her parents.

“Dad! Mom! My brother and Jiang Yao are home!”

“You think wed believe you ” Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu did not move from their seat.

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