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Chapter 1035: What Did He Say To You

Thats right! Moe had texted Lu Xingzhi to report on her mood and that she had arrived at Zhou Weiqis place!

A spy!

Moe must not have remembered who his master was!

“I like red lanterns.

Tell Zhou Weiqi to buy one for me as a temporary nest!” Moe probably felt that he had done something to please Lu Xingzhi, so he requested happily.

“Have you used my phone to talk to Lu Xingzhi before this” Jiang Yao took Moe out of her backpack.

Moe nodded.

Lu Xingzhi could not understand what he was saying, so it was best to use a phone to communicate with the man.

Fortunately, Moe was a high-level pet butler, so he knew human language and words.

“You two are really—” Jiang Yao gritted her teeth.

“What else did he say to you”

“He told me to watch over you.

Dont let anything else—” Moe was in a good mood, so when he heard Jiang Yaos question, he subconsciously opened his mouth to answer.

He was almost at the end of his sentence when he suddenly blinked his eyes.

Then, he shut his mouth and shook his head; he quickly changed his attitude and said, “I cant say.”

“Do you still want to eat meat after following me for the past two days Zhou Weiqis culinary skills are even better than Xingzhi!” Jiang Yao used all kinds of threats and enticements.

Moes eyes twitched.

After he thought about it for a few seconds, he remembered the black gun in Lu Xingzhis hand and his murderous gaze.

Then, he shook his head with some hesitation.

“Do you want a red lantern for your new toy” Jiang Yao bared her teeth.

“If you tell me, Ill call Zhou Weiqi and ask him to bring one back for you!”

Moes tail swayed.

It was obvious that he was tempted.

“Do you want it” When Jiang Yao saw that, she immediately smiled and continued to tempt him.

“Do you want it”

Moe took two steps backward, and his brain started to struggle.

New toy Or life

New toy with meat Or his life


After he thought for a long time, Moe raised his paw and pushed Jiang Yao.

“I want the same one that was hung on the balcony this morning! The exact one!”

When Jiang Yao nodded, Moe immediately said, “Your man told me to watch over you.

Dont let other men get close to you.

Dont look at other men.

And if anyone dares to touch you, I should text him!” Moes lips twitched.

“Ive told you.

But, of course, you cant tell him that I told you.”

After he said that, Moe urged Jiang Yao to call Zhou Weiqi to buy the lanterns.

Jiang Yao poked Moes head.

“Youre a spy!”

However, she still called Zhou Weiqi to ask him to bring back a pair of lanterns.

Meanwhile, in the army, Lu Xingzhi did not return to his office.

After Jiang Yao left, he returned home.

After he closed the door, the first thing he did was return to his bedroom and take the pink paper bag he had hidden in the innermost part of the wardrobe.

He opened the paper bag and looked inside it.

Then, he stood up and laughed before he put the paper bag back to its location.

He was in a happy mood.

He thought,Looks like I can still buy a few more of these clothes next time… There would always be a time for his wife to use them.

After he hid them again, Lu Xingzhi closed the wardrobe door.

He was about to leave, but he stopped and turned back when he reached the bedroom door.

He stood by the bed and scanned the entire room with his eyes like a radar.

Where would Jiang Yao hide her birthday present for him

Lu Xingzhi did not know what present Jiang Yao had prepared for him, so he searched the closet and under the bed.

However, he did not find anything even after half an hour.

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