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Chapter 1021: Have A Child As Soon As Possible

Jiang Yao knew that if he did not want to tell her, she probably would not be able to find out.

However, he could not find that sense of security in her.

That must be his reason.

He suddenly gave her a feeling that he was worried about benefits because of her.

“Xingzhi,” Jiang Yao called out to him softly.

After he looked into her eyes, she said, “I love you; I love you very much.”

She loved him so much that he could be her entire being and her entire world.

Her confession came too suddenly.

Lu Xingzhi was stunned for a few seconds.

Then, his eyes had hints of a smile as he replied, “I know.”

He really knew that; he could see it, feel it, and sensed it.

“Shouldnt you say that you love me too” Jiang Yao pouted as she asked unhappily.

“Do you need me to repeat what you already know” Lu Xingzhis mood brightened.

Then, he placed his hand on her waist and slowly reached inside.

Finally, he stopped on her lower abdomen and smiled, “Maybe we already have a child here.”

“Its only been a few hours.

How can it be so fast” Jiang Yao laughed out loud.

“Dont talk to medical students about these psychological miracles.”

“What if you find out when school starts” Lu Xingzhi continued to ask, unwilling to give up.

“Will you be angry”

He said that he wanted to have a child, but he did not ask for her permission.

After that, when they did it two times, he did not do anything but left it in her body.

He also took a long time before he carried her to take a bath.

“If we have a child, then well have it,” Jiang Yao answered straightforwardly.

“Actually, I also want to have a child for us.

I dont know if our child will look like you or me in the future.”

“I want a girl who looks like you,” Lu Xingzhi answered matter-of-factly.

“What if its a boy that looks like you in the army” Jiang Yao asked wickedly before she grinned.

Lu Xingzhi did not answer her immediately.

Instead, he looked at Jiang Yao with a profound look.

Upon closer inspection, there seemed to be a little unhappiness and grievances in his eyes.

He wanted a daughter who looked like his wife.

Without waiting for Lu Xingzhis reply, Jiang Yao kicked his calf.


Lu Xingzhi pressed Jiang Yaos head against his chest to express his displeasure.

“Drag them out and execute them all! Lets give birth to more daughters!”

“Youre crazy!” Jiang Yao laughed in Lu Xingzhis arms.

Did he say he would execute them all Because they were her sons

“Everyone wants a son.

Why do you want a daughter so much” Jiang Yao was very confused.

“A son cant wear a skirt or braids.

If I have a daughter, Ill dress her up like how you dressed when you were young,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“I have a lot of photos of you when you were young.”

“If I have a son, I can dress him up like how you dressed when you were young!” Jiang Yao thought about it and said, “I want a son.

When I go home, Ill ask Mom for photos of you when you were young.

Ill dress my son up like how you dressed up when you were young.”

“Silly!” Lu Xingzhi did not know if he was calling himself silly when he was young or calling Jiang Yaos idea ridiculous.

However, Jiang Yao felt that he was probably calling her silly because Lu Xingzhi was also methodical when he was young.

He was not as naughty as the other children.

When his wife laughed in his arms, Lu Xingzhi said, “I will hang the lantern tomorrow.”

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