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After a pause, Jiang Yao eyed Lu Xingzhi from head to toe and asked again, “Are you so scary”

The gloomy clouds hovering over Lu Xingzhis face abruptly dispersed.

He reached over and stroked Jiang Yaos head lovingly.

Jiang Yao was probably the only person in the world who couldnt relate him to scary.

Even Lu Yuqing, his own sister, said that he looked particularly creepy when he was angry.

On the other hand, the main reason why the people in the county were afraid of him was nothing more than the fear of the Lu family and the social network he had in Jindo.

When the train finally started, Lu Xingzhi pulled her into his arms and held her tight.

He was still a little upset although she seemed like she had already forgotten about the horrifying incident that happened before getting on the train.

“Jiang Yao,” Lu Xingzhi called out softly and firmly, “I wont let it happen again.”

At the moment, Jiang Yao was enjoying the scenic view outside the window.

She was a little bewildered when she heard his sudden pledge that she turned to look at him, puzzled.

Lu Xingzhi was a reserved person.

He simply tickled his lips and didnt explain himself upon her lack of response.

Jiang Yao was very familiar with the train journey from the county to Nanjiang City.

She even found the scenery along the journey very amiable and heartwarming.

The view that she deemed lifeless and boring in her previous life was now animated and spirited as if they were engulfed by a magical vitality.

They displayed their lively spirit under the blazing sun.

“It will take more than four hours to arrive.

Rest for a while if youre tired,” Lu Xingzhi tapped his shoulder as he said, gesturing her to lean on it.

“Im not tired, its nice to look at the beautiful scenery,” Jiang Yao shook her head and replied.

Lu Xingzhi nodded and started observing their surroundings in the coach.

It was probably his professional habit or instinct that he would observe his surrounding area to analyze his safety and security.

When there was nothing suspicious or peculiar, he turned his attention back to Jiang Yao.

Apparently, she was in a great mood as soon as they hopped on the train.

The scenery outside the window was like a painting or an art exhibit which she admired joyfully.

She was facing the window, while Lu Xingzhi could see her smiley face from the reflection of the window.

She bore a faint but genuine smile, which was quite an eye-candy.

He took one of her hands while she placed the other hand on the window as if she wanted to reach for the scenery.

Although it might seem uncomfortable for her, she didnt withdraw her hand from him.

Suddenly, Jiang Yao scratched him with the hand he was holding.

She pointed out the window excitedly as she turned her head to him and said, “Look, youre flying in the sky!”

Lu Xingzhi arched his eyebrows curiously and looked the direction she pointed at.

After just one quick glance, he huffed and blurted a word, “Hideous.”

A tiger-shaped kite was flying in the clear blue sky while a group of children, about seven or eight years old, were laughing and running as they were holding the string of the kite.

Children at this age were not afraid of the scorching sun that they could still fly kites at this hour of the season.

Jiang Yao giggled gleefully.

“Youre a tiger too, but you cant fly yet!”

Lu Xingzhi was born in the year of tiger, so Jiang Yao made fun of him when she saw the kite.

However, truthfully, the kite was probably the handiwork of the children as it was rather appalling.

When it came to physical appearance, the big tiger beside her was the winner without a doubt.

Four hours and a half later, the train arrived at the station.

It was about three oclock in the afternoon.

Jiang Yao couldnt seal her excitement as soon as they arrived.

With her in tow, Lu Xingzhi hopped off the train and exited the station.

Their first stop was to find a place for lunch.

The lunch box on the train was not delicious.

They only took a few bites and decided to check out the local food after they arrived.

Nanjiang City was the southern city that offered a wide variety of mouth-watering cuisines.

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