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Chapter 293: What Does It Have to Do With Me

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What she should be thinking about now was that she should leave.

She had always been at odds with Bai Lian. If Jing Chen married Bai Lian, they would definitely be at odds in the future.

Su Wan thought for a moment and held back the tears in her eyes. She put down her bowl and chopsticks. “Im full. Ill go back to my room first.”

Qin Lans face darkened and she calmed down when she faced Su Wan. She looked at Su Wan worriedly. “Wan wan…”

“Im fine.” Su Wan ignored Qin Lan and Jing Chen and returned to her room.

Su Wan locked the door and called Xia Jing…

Qin Lan watched as Su Wan went upstairs, then looked at Jing Chen with a dark face. “Why are you still in contact with that woman Youd better explain yourself!”

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“Mom, I…” Jing Chen smiled bitterly.” It was Bai Lian who injected Wan wan with the mental illness drug. Only Bai Lian has the antidote. I had no choice but to agree to Bai Lians request. But I never touched Bai Lian during that period of time, let alone have a child. ”

Faced with his mothers questioning, Jing Chen could only tell her the whole story, including how he had schemed to kidnap Bai Lian to get the antidote.

He thought that after that incident, as long as Bai Lian knew her place, he could ignore her, but he seemed to be thinking too much.

Jing Chen looked in the direction of Su Wans room. It seemed that if he did not settle Bai Lian, he and Wan wans relationship would never recover.

“Ive already told you that Bai Lian is not a good person, but she deceived you. What sin has Wan wan committed How can she withstand your repeated torture Ill give you three days to resolve Bai Lians matter. Otherwise, dont come back home!”

Qin Lan was trembling with anger, her eyes were filled with disappointment in Jing Chen.


Jing Chens face darkened and he could not refute her. Ever since Bai Lian returned, everything seemed to have changed.

Now that he thought about it carefully, he was indeed the one who blindly believed and sided with Bai Lian.

Jing Chen wanted to slap himself. He stood up. “Mom, I understand. Ill handle it.”

With that, Jing Chen strode out and called Zhao Lin.

Fifteen minutes later, Jing Chen arrived at the villa that he had arranged for Bai Lian.

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Bai Lian was angry that Jing Chen had hung up on her when there was a knock on the door.

Bai Lian thought that it was that man again and felt disgusted, but she had no choice but to let him in. She opened the door impatiently. “Didnt I say that I wouldnt let you come Why are you here again”

Bai Lian glanced at the leather shoes and saw long legs. She frowned. Why was this person different

“It seems that Miss Bai has had visitors here before.” Jing Chens cold words rang in her ears.

Jing Chen looked down at Bai Lian with a cold gaze.

Bai Lian was stunned for a while before she was pleasantly surprised.

It was Jing Chen!

“Chen, you still care about me, right Otherwise, you wouldnt have rushed over immediately after hearing that I was pregnant.”

Bai Lian was still living in the dream where Jing Chen still liked her.

“What does Miss Bais pregnancy have to do with me I only know that youre obstructing me.” Jing Chen looked up and did not even look at Bai Lian.

Bai Lian was shocked that Jing Chen was so distant with her that he called her “Miss Bai”. She instantly burst into tears and grabbed Jing Chens arm, crying, “Chen, the child in my stomach is yours! How can you be so heartless Are you going to abandon me and the child for that b*tch Su Wan!”

Jing Chen frowned fiercely, feeling that it was extremely noisy. “I know very well whether I had sex with you or not. You know how the child in your stomach came about. Youd better tell me the truth. If I find out, the results might not be so satisfactory.”

Bai Lian was not frightened by Jing Chen. As long as she believed that this child was Jing Chens, it was Jing Chens. No one could change it!

“Chen, what are you talking about Have you forgotten that there was a time when you were drunk and pushed me onto the bed No matter how I struggled, it was useless…” When she said this, Bai Lian blushed strangely and covered her face shyly.-

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