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Chapter 5183: Who is more powerful

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He had always thought that he was the number one foundation Stage cultivator, and that he could suppress Ling Tianyou.

Now that he thought about it, it was really laughable.

In front of a thousand flying blades, his so-called number one foundation Stage cultivator was nothing!

No, this Ling Tianyou had to be eliminated while he was still a fledgling.

Otherwise, he would definitely be a great threat in the future!

Despite his pride, Xue Jianfeng was no fool.

It was true that he was an early gold core expert, that he had the Vice sect leader of the snow sword sect as his father, and that he had the mysterious and powerful central as his backing.

However, all of these were just floating clouds in front of Ling Tianyous thousand flying blades.

Such a threat had to be nipped in the bud.

“You have good eyes, Sir.

Im impressed.” Ling Tianyou was slightly taken aback.

He didnt think that Lin Yis observation skills would be so sharp, counting the number of needles in an instant.

If it werent for his reminder, no one else present would have realized this so quickly.

“Youre too polite.

I didnt expect to see a thousand flying blades today.

The ancient Alliance is indeed full of talents.

However, its a pity.” Lin Yi said, shaking his head.

“Whats a pity” Ling Tianyou looked at him and said.

Everyone present was also curious.

This was the legendary thousand flying blades! What was there to feel pity about

“Of course its a pity that your cultivation level is too low.

With time, you can become a master.

But now, youre still far from it.” Lin Yi said in front of everyone.

Everyone looked at him, thinking that this guy really knew how to act cool.

What they didnt know was that Lin Yi was telling the truth.

Ling Tianyous thousand flying blades was indeed true, but his was just a bunch of insignificant Flying Needles.

They didnt even weigh a pound when combined, and even if it was the thousand flying blades, it was only the weakest version.

It was fine to scare others, but it wasnt realistic to scare Lin Yi.

Not to mention, with Lin Yis strength, even if the thousand blades were a real divine weapon, hed only be a strong opponent at most, let alone the weakest version.

How could he be scared

“Oh, really Then Ill have to ask for your guidance.

” Ling Tianyous face was still gentle, but he was the young master of the thousand blades sect, after all.

He was a master of the thousand blades.

It was no wonder that he was proud when Lin Yi said that to him.

“Please.” Lin Yi smiled faintly and made a gesture of invitation, but in the eyes of the people around him, it was a complete act.

Ling Tianyous expression turned serious.

With a slight movement of his ten fingers, the 999 Flying Needles suspended in midair instantly condensed into the ribbon.

The ribbon then twisted back and forth, its tip twisting into the shape of a snakes head.

At first glance, it looked exactly like a Hydralisk with long thorns all over its body!

The Hydralisk danced in the air, howling and howling.

The people around them couldnt help but feel their hearts skip a beat.

Even an early golden core like Xin Yijies eyes twitched.

Only Lin Yi, on the other hand, wasnt panicking at all.

Instead, he smiled playfully.

After circling around for a while, the Hydralisk suddenly pounced at Lin Yi from behind.

It was extremely fast, but Lin Yi was faster and dodged it easily.

“Its only martial granduncle.

If it were anyone else, they wouldnt be able to avoid this attack.” Xin Yijie commented.

He wasnt complimenting Lin Yi, but he was speaking the truth.

The Hydralisks sudden attack was so fast that even he couldnt Dodge it easily.

There was no one else other than Lin Yi in the entire area.

“No matter how fast you are, can you Dodge the dragons tail” Ling Tianyou was extremely confident.

The Hydralisks entire body was covered in Flying Needles, and a normal person wouldnt be able to take this attack head-on.

Not only was it afraid of pain, but it was also afraid of poison.

Lin Yis response was completely within his expectations.

The Hydralisks full length was more than ten meters, and it had invisibly surrounded Lin Yi.

No matter how Lin Yi dodged, he couldnt avoid this attack that was prepared for a long time.

“Divine dragons tail” Lin Yi smiled and released a Five Element killing intent.”Then why dont we see whose Dragon is more powerful”

The Dragons Roar resounded, and the killing intent of the five elements immediately met the incoming Hydralisk.

Following a loud explosion, the Hydralisk was torn into pieces, and The Flying Needles scattered all over the ground.

“How did this happen” Ling Tianyous face couldnt help but turn pale.

He was extremely confident in his attack-even an early golden core would find it hard to deal with.

He didnt think that Lin Yi would be able to break through it so easily, and in such a tyrannical way, too.

More importantly, he only used a single strand of pure energy.

How could there be such terrifying pure energy in this world was this man really only at the peak of the Foundation Stage

Only Lin Yi himself wasnt surprised-no matter how powerful the thousand flying blades was, it couldnt be more powerful than the five-element killing intent.

“Theres always someone better than you, theres nothing strange about that, right” “If thats all youve got, its a bit disappointing,” Lin Yi smiled faintly.

From his point of view, the Hydralisk that Ling Tianyou had created was indeed extraordinary.

At first glance, it seemed to fit the principle of the thousand blades sects weapons complementing each other.

However, this principle was only applicable to ordinary disciples.

For a genius with extraordinary talent like Ling Tianyou, it was too mediocre.

If the legendary thousand blades flying together was really used this way, then it would be a waste.

“Oh, really If Im not skilled enough, then Ill have to make a fool of myself.

” At this moment, Ling Tianyous expression was as calm as usual, without the slightest hint of uneasiness.

However, his hands did not stop moving.

After The Flying Needles scattered, they did not gather back on the silk ribbon.

Instead, they simply went into their own formations.

At first glance, they looked like a dense swarm of bees.

Although their attacks seemed chaotic, they echoed each other, as if they were secretly in line with some profound military tactics.

“Oh Arranging the troops, this is a little interesting.

” Lin Yi controlled the five elements killing Qi with great interest and circled around the swarm of Flying Needles.

The more he fought, the more shocked he was.

This Ling Tianyou was really talented.

In terms of power, The Flying Needles were far from the Hydralisk, but now that they were split up, they became even more difficult to deal with.

Moving here and there, it was quite the essence of a Sparrows battle.

“Only a little interesting” Ling Tianyou smiled faintly.

Before he finished speaking, there had been a dozen flying needle bees of various sizes, but now they were even more scattered.

It was as if every flying needle was fighting on its own, and the power of each attack became weaker, but at the same time, it became more frequent, making it harder to guard against.

From the perspective of others, Lin Yi was trapped in the circle of 999 needles, being attacked all the time.

Even if he wasnt injured yet, he was at least in a passive position.

(To be continued.) ”

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