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"Well seems like I am left with no better option. Yes I agree to marry you only if you can offer all those things you have promised. Mary said. " Great, assistant Ling, cancel the meeting and drive towards the nearest church." Damon said meanwhile Mary was processing how this chat went from can you drop me off to lets marry eachother. "Why to the church and not directly to a court." She asked. Assistant Ling was also wondering the same question but he dare not to ask him. "Because our marriage has to seem believable." He said. Assistant Ling knowing him his entire life still didn understand since when did he care about others opinion. He always did what he wanted that was one of the reasons why he had always been closed off to other people. The truth was right there all along. He did not like to be controlled.

The car !are a whooshing sound as it finally reached the church. Assistant Ling got of the car opened the door for Damon while still holding the umbrella. The Damon took the umbrella and whispered something in his ear that was not. Damon then opened the door for Mary and held her hand as the both walked in the rain towards.the church. The silence between them was calming as the sound of rain drops falling to the ground could be heard. It was a sound that was pleasantly calming to the ears

Back to the present

"You may now kiss the bride young man." The priest said. Damon put his hand on Marys chin and pulled himself closer and closer till his lips felt her soft lips. The feeling of his lips on hers was heavenly. It was gentle and sweet. Her lips tasted like cherries.Their intimate kiss reassured the priest. It had been more than several minutes since the started kissing. Mary pulled away since she was literally out of breath. Damon came closer for another kiss but was rejected by "Damon, Just don ." She softly mumbled. Damon in his mind was going insane with questions did she not like it? Was I the only one feeling that? What was I thinking?

Meanwhile Mary was feeling worse on the inside she was seriously hating herself for rejecting his kiss. She literally had the best first kiss ever and was craving for more. Should she kiss him now? No that would be impossible. She had morals and she wouldn make the move that would be embarrassing.

"Its getting late lets go to the hotel room." He said making her come back to reality. "-Sure. Lets go." She said looking at the floor not daring to look him in the eyes.

At that time they reached the hotel room it was basically night again since they had always went to court and had stayed there for 3 to 4 hours trying to get the paper work done.

Their hotel was a 5 star hotel and their room was next to assistant Lings in case they needed something in the middle of the night.

Mary had took a shower and sitting on the bed doing nothing when Damon came out of the shower shirtless. At first she was memorized by his six packs than she realized what was happening. He was shirtless out of the shower. She was on the bed and its their wedding night. She started screaming the second he started walking towards the bed. "Ahhhhhh , stay away from me!" She started throwing anything she could grab at him. "Calm down, honey. What do you want me to do?" He asked trying to negotiate. "First of don call me honey. I am not your honey." She said throwing a pillow at him.

"Ow that hurt. Ok I am not going to call you honey, Sweetie pie. What else?" He said smirking at her while raising an eyebrow.

"Don call me stupid names or I will-" she took the vase from the bedside table. "Or I will throw this at you."She said holding up the vase.

" Id like to see you try, Honey. You would get at least a year in prison for that." He said winking at her.

She threw the vase at him and it hit him on the left cheek. Since the vase was made of glass it pierced his skin and left a bleeding scar.

"Oh my dear god." She said rushing to his side. "I was just joking it wasn supposed to actually hit you." She said caressing his cheek.

She immediately went to the bed side table to see if their was a first aid kit and luckily there was. She took out the wound disinfectant , a bandage and cotton and rushed back to his side.

She dipped the cotton into the disinfectant and gently patted his cheek. "Does it hurt?" she asked extremely worried.

"Just a bit." He replied. She applied the bandage. The wound was not that deep. So they didn need to go to the hospital. His face was so close to her face so much that she could not resist the urge to kiss him. She pulled him to a kiss and it felt even better than before. This time she was more passionate in moving her lips against his. Damon grabbed her waist and carried her to the bed while still passionately kissing. Damons hand went under her shirt.

Suddenly the door swinged open with a whoosh and assistant Ling was standing there without even looking at what was happening he asked. "Is every thing okay I heard a scream than something breaking." Damon gave him a death glare. If looks could kill assistant Ling would surely be dead. How dare he come into his hotel room without knocking. Finally realizing what was happening. He bowed his head and said. "I apologize for the inconvenience. I am going to. You both can ahem* continue." He went outside the room and closed the door.

Mary just took a blanket and curled up in a ball and slept. The whole mood was ruined. Damon just hugged Mary and went to asleep. This night was surely not what the both of them had expected.

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