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Chapter 95 Placed Bets, Chaotic Battle Begins

The final trial, the Commanding Academy trial, unexpectedly attracted a lot of older students to watch.

Perhaps they had nothing to do today, so they all came to watch.

They were even placing bets, betting their credits on the freshmens trial.

After Lu Yu knew they were betting, he walked over to them.

“Were you betting on who would win” Lu Yu walked over and asked.

At that moment, an older student in charge of managing the credits walked over.

“Thats right.

We are just betting some money for fun.

You dont mind, right”

Lu Yu shook his head.

“Why would I mind I just want to ask, can I join”

Lu Yus words stunned the person in charge.

“We organized this by ourselves.

If you want to bet, thats fine too, but you cant bet on the opponent to win.

Otherwise, itll be easy to fake the match.”

Lu Yu smiled and nodded, “Why would I bet on those three Of course, I am betting on myself.”

“No problem.

Then exchange for some credits first.

Youre a new student, so you shouldnt have any credits.”

Then, the person in charge took out a stack of cards and asked, “How many do you plan to exchange”

Lu Yu said without hesitation, “Sixty!”

“Thats six million.

No problem.”

As he said that, he took out a thick stack of cards and said, “These cards are yours.

Ill remember that and place the bet on you.”

Lu Yu handed over his bank card.

After the senior accepted it, the bet was set in place.

Six million.

If he cashed in later, it would be sixty million!

This money was enough for Lu Yu to use for a long time!


After placing the bet, Lu Yu returned to the team.

When Liu Xiao saw Lu Yus actions, he could not sit still and walk toward the surrounding senior students.

When Zhao Kai and Xu Mao saw this, they quickly followed.

Liu Xiao found the person in charge of the betting and asked, “Why did that guy come over just now”

The person in charge glanced at Liu Xiao and replied, “He came to place a bet.

He bet that he could win.”

Liu Xiao was a little surprised.

“Can we contestants place a bet”

“Of course, but only on themselves.”

Liu Xiao nodded slightly.

“How much did he bet”

The person in charge continued, “Six million.

Why You want to bet too”

Liu Xiao was instantly displeased.

Wasnt this six million the money he got from them

At that moment, Zhao Kai and Xu Mao were also displeased.

Liu Xiao looked at the two of them and said, “Lets make that bastard spit out this money then! Lets bet too!”

After saying that, Liu Xiao took out his bank card and handed it to the person in charge.

“Theres three million inside.

I want to bet on us winning!”

Taking out this money emptied all of Liu Xiaos money.

Next, he could only contact his family to transfer more money to him.

Zhao Kai also rummaged in his pocket, took out his bank card, and handed it out.

“Theres two million in here.

Its all of my money.

I also bet on us winning!”

The senior also took his bank card and began to record it.

Then, both of them looked at Xu Mao.

Xu Mao said awkwardly, “I only have a little more than a million left, but I believe we can win.

If we put this money in, we will definitely make it back!”

As he said that, he took out his bank card.

After the person in charge registered the three bets, he said, “The bets have been placed.

You can go back to the competition.

If you win, come here to collect your credits, but not if you lose.”

Li Xiao nodded.

“Got it.”

The three of them returned to the team together.

Quite many senior students moved their chairs over to enjoy the battles.

At that moment, both sides had finished their preparations and began confronting each other.

Liu Xiao ignored Lu Yu and looked at the followers beside Lu Yu.

“Ill give you one last chance.

Youll have a future if you abandon the weakling and join us.

You wont have a tomorrow if you follow him!”

However, just as he finished speaking, he was rebuked by them.

“How can you have the face to say such words Lu Yu is much stronger than you in all aspects, yet you still have the face to say that we are joining the wrong side”

“Brother Yu is the one with a bright future.

What else do you have, other than a little money from your family”

“In this world where strength reigns supreme, as long as you have the strength, this bit of money can be earned back in a minute!”


After being retorted, Liu Xiaos expression turned extremely ugly.

“Alright, since you guys dont cherish this opportunity, dont blame me for being merciless.

Next, just wait to be surrounded and get beaten up!”

“Everyone, listen up.

As long as you defeat one person, the reward is 100,000.

If anyone defeats Lu Yu, I will reward you with 5,000,000.

All of you, charge!”

With that motivation, all their followers rushed out like a swarm of bees, charging toward Lu Yu.

More than a hundred people rushed out simultaneously.

What a grandiose scene it was.

Almost instantly, Lu Yu and his followers were completely surrounded, and the chaotic battle between the two sides had officially begun!

Because Lu Yus side was on the defense side, they had set up a formation in advance.

Those in the front were tank-type cultivators with extremely high defense.

Those who stood behind the tanks were warrior-type cultivators.

Those at the back were archers or mages that dealt ranged damage.

Those at the very back were healers who provided healing.

Under such a formation, they blocked the encirclement of the rest of the students!

“Comrade, hold on, we can fight back!”

“Wait for Brother Yu to make a breakthrough and lead us out!”

“We must win! We must win!”

Lu Yus followers shouted one after another, cheering themselves on.

At that moment, Liu Xiao was getting a little impatient.

He originally thought that he would be able to see hundreds of people swarming over and take down Lu Yu in an instant, obtaining victory.

However, after charging for quite some time, there was no progress.

The battle was getting heated, but there was still no breakthrough.

“It seems that we need to go into battle and make a breakthrough personally,” Liu Xiao said somewhat helplessly.

Zhao Kai and Xu Mao nodded.

“Since thats the case, lets make our move and end the battle quickly!”

Just as the three of them were about to make their move, they noticed something strange.

Liu Xiao asked with some confusion, “Why is Lu Yu standing there and not moving”

“Thats right.

Whats going on”

“Somethings wrong.

Thats his skill.

Its an afterimage!”

Xu Mao was the first to react and shout!

The three of them started to panic.

They started to look around, trying to find where Lu Yu had teleported to!

Very quickly, they found Lu Yus figure.

At that moment, Lu Yu had already charged out of the encirclement of more than a hundred people and arrived outside.

Lu Yus arms transformed into dragon claws.

The scales on his claws were burning with raging flames!

He raised his hands, and the next moment, Lu Yu released the wide AOE-version attack of his Flaming Claw skill, Raging Inferno Storm!


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