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Chapter 94 Betting On Himself, High Betting Odds

Liu Xiao, Zhao Kai, and Xu Mao all stared at Lu Yu.

Their eyes were fierce, and they all had an aura of revenge about them!

Xu Mao twisted his shoulder.

Yesterdays episode made it difficult for him to move his shoulder, and he had been depressed ever since he went back.

Liu Xiao and Zhao Kai were the same.

Being beaten up by Lu Yu made them very unhappy!

In the crowd, Liu Xiao walked out and looked at Lu Yu.

“Lu Yu, it seems that the factions have been divided.

Since thats the case, we can start fighting next!”

“But I want to tell you that the ones you are fighting are all three of us!”

“The three of us add up to more than a hundred people.

If you know whats good for you, just surrender.

Dont embarrass yourself here!”

Lu Yus followers all looked at Lu Yu, waiting for his response.

“Looks like the three of you have a bad memory, trying to get into a fight with me again.

Since thats the case, Ill beat you all up so thoroughly that youll all stop annoying me.”

As soon as these words were said, the followers at the side began to discuss.

“Whats going on Brother Yu once fought with the three of them”

“When did this happen Why didnt we know”

“Did they get into a fight secretly after we left Lu Yu fought against the three of them alone”

“Awesome, Brother Yu! I knew I didnt follow the wrong person!”

At this moment, Liu Xiao was a little embarrassed.

He didnt want the knowledge of him being beaten up to leak out and affect his reputation.

“Lu Yu, youd better think it through.

You only have 30 subordinates, and we have about 130 people.

How can you fight with us Can you fight against 100 people

Liu Xiao said arrogantly, “I advise you to surrender as soon as possible.

Otherwise, youll be in big trouble if you get beaten up!”

Many people on Lu Yus side were worried.

They didnt expect that Liu Xiao and the other two would join forces to deal with Lu Yu.

The difference in numbers indeed made it a little awkward.

They would have to fight four people each to be considered a draw.

Lu Yu looked at Liu Xiao confidently and said, “I advise you to think it through.

If you want to be beaten up again, go ahead!”

These words made Lu Yus followers feel reassured.

Lu Yus confident attitude gave them faith.

At the same time, they learned from Lu Yus words that Lu Yu had beaten up these three before.

They relaxed a little and began to believe in Lu Yu.

They believed that they would win!

Liu Xiao smiled coldly and said, “Looks like youre not willing to surrender, and thats exactly what I want.

Youll regret it! With this many people, Ill definitely beat you up and let you know what the power of money is!”

Seeing that both sides were getting heated, Zhang He, who was on the podium, smiled.

He could see that Lu Yus strength was very outstanding.

It was so overpowering that the other three needed to join hands to fight against him.

He was curious and looked forward to seeing whether Lu Yu could fight simultaneously against all three of them.


Next, you should make some preparations and start the final leadership competition.

The Commanding Academy and the military will heavily nurture the winner.”

Hearing that, everyone began to make preparations.

Some took out all sorts of strengthening potions to increase their strength.

Some temporarily strengthen their equipment as quickly as possible.

As for Liu Xiao and the other two, they all understood the huge gap between them and Lu Yu after the battle yesterday.

Thus, the three brought advanced strengthening potions and began to strengthen themselves.

Liu Xiao opened a bottle of high-grade defense strengthening potion, which could increase his defense by 60 points.

He drank it in one gulp and casually threw the bottle on the ground.

The reason why he chose to strengthen his defense was straightforward.

The number of people he had was already an absolute advantage.

Even if he did not participate in the battle directly, he would definitely win!

Therefore, it was best to strengthen his defense and ensure he did not get injured.

In any case, this was a leadership contest, not a show of individual strength.

Winning was more important than anything else.

Xu Mao, who was beside him, drank an advanced speed potion.

His attack power could not penetrate Lu Yus defense, but he had strong armor penetration skills.

If he could use the armor penetration effect, it would be much easier to defeat Lu Yu.

Therefore, he increased his speed to leverage his armor penetration skillfully.

Zhao Kai took out a high-grade attack potion.

The battle yesterday had left a substantial psychological scar on him.

His attack was utterly useless in front of Lu Yu.

Therefore, he chose to increase his attack just so that he could at the very least deal some damage.

Everyone on the other side was strengthening themselves.

However, when it came to Lu Yu, he did nothing.

The reason was very simple.

It wasnt worth it.

Lu Yu didnt care about the strength of these three people at all.

The difference in power between them was too great.

Lu Yu didnt need to waste his precious potions on them.

He wanted to wait until he met an evenly matched enemy before using his strengthening potions.

Lu Yus followers also strengthened themselves, preparing for the next battle.

At that moment, Lu Yu saw from the corner of his eyes that some people seemed to be gathering around them.

Many students gradually appeared in the buildings around the square.

They surrounded the entire square and stared at the freshmen in the middle of it.

These were the older students from previous batches.

It seemed that they were all here to watch the trial.

As they watched, they began to chatter and discuss.

“This batch of new students is sure crazy.

They are fighting three against one, with such a huge gap in the number of people.”

“Hehe, when we first came in, we had never seen such a scene.”

“It looks like this new Lu Yu student is very strong.”

“Time to place our bets.

Who do you guys think will win”

“Of course, Liu Xiao and the others.

They have so many people.

Moreover, Liu Xiaos family is a large, strong financial group!”

“Im also betting on Liu Xiao and the others.

The outcome is too obvious.

Theres no doubt about it.”

“Im betting on Liu Xiao.

Who would bet on Lu Yu I dont want to lose money.”

“Hehe, Im betting on Lu Yu.

As long as he can win, Ill immediately become a billionaire!”

“Alright, alright.

Hand over your academic credits and place your bets!”

The senior students took out white cards one after another.

Each card was half the size of a palm.

Each card represented one credit point.

At Clanorth University, all intra-school transactions were completed using credit points.

Completing school tasks or doing the work assigned by the school would earn them credit points.

Of course, it could also be exchanged using money.

One credit required 100,000 dollars to exchange!

These senior students, who could take out hundreds of credits in one go, were full of pride!

Very quickly, these senior students had all placed their bets.

The odds were quite shocking, even reaching 1:10!

Betting 10,000 on Lu Yu would win them 100,000!

These shocking odds made many boldly bet their credit on Lu Yu, hoping to become rich in one day.

Lu Yu heard them making a bet, so he walked over to those senior students.


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