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Chapter 93 Leadership Ability, Fighting With Fewer People

All the new students had arrived at the universitys square.

Only then did the five Deans arrive.

The Dean of the Commanding Academy, Liang Bo, took a step forward and came to the podium.

He adjusted the microphone and said loudly, “Next, we will conduct the fifth trial!”

“Since our Commanding Academy is cooperating with the military, there will also be an officer from the military to manage the trial.”

Everyone got nervous when they heard this, as the military was strict and had extremely high requirements.

They started to worry that with an officer managing the trial, it would be too difficult for them.

Liang Bo continued, “Next, the test will be handed over to Mr.

Zhang He!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a man in a dark green uniform walked out.

He had a neat buzz cut, a determined look, and a well-proportioned body.

He came to the microphone and said solemnly, “Hello, students.

My name is Zhang He, and I am the officer in charge of your trial.”

“Next, I will tell you about the procedure of this trial.”

“Referring back to last years trial, the requirement was to tame wild warhorses.

Whoever tamed more and faster was ranked higher!”

Hearing this, the freshmen all heaved a sigh of relief.

It was only horse taming, so it shouldnt be difficult.

Zhang He continued, “But after our militarys unanimous discussion, we feel that this trial cant accurately determine your leadership and combat ability.”

“So, at my request, this trial has been changed!”

“This trial is to prove that you are the most capable of leadership among this batch of freshmen!”

When everyone heard this, they were dumbfounded.

“Prove leadership How can this be proven”

“This scope is so vague, and theres no clue about it at all.”

“Im speechless too.

There are fewer than 200 people.

Whos going to be the leader of us”

“All of us are so young; it would be strange if we had the ability to lead.”

At that moment, Xu Mao was the first to step forward and look at the group of freshmen.

“Everyone, please acknowledge me as your leader.

I have learned many powerful techniques, so I can impart them to you slowly!”

Hearing Xu Maos words, the other freshmen fell into deep thought.

“Brother Xu Mao is indeed not a bad choice.

He has learned many things from his master, so it would be great if we could benefit from it.”

“It just so happens that I barely have any skills.

Brother Xu Mao, Ill be following you in the future!”

“I think that Brother Xu Maos future is bright.

Ill be following you in the future!”

“I dont have the ability to be a leader.

If I have to choose, Ill choose Young Master Xu…”

Many people came to Xu Maos side, determined to follow Xu Mao and become his underlings.

Xu Mao looked at the dozen people gathered over and couldnt help but smile.

His influence wasnt bad, as he could attract this many people.

Seeing this, Zhao Kai couldnt sit still anymore.

He stood up and looked at the crowd.

“Everyone, my Zhao family has an ancient inheritance, and I have a special constitution.

My strength can not be underestimated in the future! Is there anyone willing to follow me”

“Brother Zhao Kai, Ill follow you!”

“Brother Kais Extreme Yang Body will definitely achieve great things in the future.

Im willing to follow Brother Kai.”

“The ancient skills and equipment in Brother Kais family are all very attractive.

Im also willing to follow Brother Kai!”

20 to 30 people gathered around Zhao Kai, and more and more gathered around either one of them.

When Zhao Kai saw this, he revealed a proud smile.

On the podium, Zhang He saw this and revealed a faint smile.

These new students were finally on the right track.

One must be a strong person to summon others to follow him.

He needs to have the temperament of a leader.

Only then would others see the bright future in you and follow you.

This was also the key requirement for entering the military.

At that moment, Liu Xiao walked into the middle of the crowd.

He swept his gaze across the crowd with scorn and shouted loudly, “Those who are willing to follow me, I will give them 100,000 a month! How about it”

When these words were said, they instantly attracted countless people to surround him.

No matter how good Xu Mao and Zhao Kais words were, it was just a possible future.

Sharing skills and equipment was nice, but whether or not they could share it was uncertain.

The quality of the items they would share was also uncertain.

However, Liu Xiao was giving out real money.

Moreover, 100,000 dollars a month was much higher than most peoples salaries in Ixdale!

They could increase their strength greatly just by relying on this money.

Under the temptation of money, 70 to 80 people gathered around Liu Xiao.

With so many people, it would be a huge expense for Liu Xiao if they were all given 100,000 a month.

However, Liu Xiao smiled smugly.

This bit of money was nothing to him.

If he could enter the Commanding Academy, this bit of money would not be considered a loss at all.

Very quickly, the three of them attracted many new students to follow them.

The people around the three of them added up to almost a hundred people.

However, there was still a group of people who stood in place and hesitated.

Originally, Liu Xiao and the others thought that these people were just hesitating about which of the three of them to choose.

However, these people all walked toward Lu Yu in the end!

Liu Xiao looked at Lu Yu, and his heart suddenly tightened.

He touched his chin, recalled Lu Yus punch yesterday, and felt the lingering fear in his heart.

But very soon, he became confident again.

Yesterday, he only brought less than ten people.

It was fine if he did not win.

But today, there were over a hundred people under him, including Zhao Kai and Xu Mao!

He did not believe that he would not be able to defeat Lu Yu today!

No matter how strong Lu Yu was, it would be difficult for him to fight this many people.

As long as the three joined forces and attacked, Lu Yu would definitely not be able to withstand it.

With this thought in mind, Liu Xiao revealed a smug smile.

Today would be the day of Lu Yus end!

At that moment, Lu Yu did not say anything, but he still attracted thirty to forty people to surround him.

Every young face was filled with admiration.

The way they looked at Lu Yu was one of worship.

“Brother Lu Yu, Ill follow you from now on!”

“Brother Yu, I feel that youre the strongest person in this batch of freshmen.

Im willing to be led by you!”

“Brother Yu, I want to know how you cultivate.

You are so powerful that Im envious!”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu excitedly.

In their eyes, Lu Yu was someone pure and strong.

Lu Yu smiled blankly.

He didnt expect so many people to follow him without saying anything or mentioning any benefits.

It seemed that this was the charm of his strength.

Yun Zirou, standing at the side, revealed an excited smile.

“Youre something else.

You attracted so many people without doing anything! It seems that your personal charm is strong.”

Su Qing continued, “Of course.

Ive already noticed his charm when he was in high school back in Southen Railer State.”

Lu Yu looked at the people who followed him and said loudly, “Thank you for your support.

Next, lets work hard to complete this trial together!”

After saying that, Lu Yu looked at Liu Xiao and the other two!


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