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Chapter 81 Ancient Dragon Body, Mysterious Power

Xuan Yas explanation made all the freshmen exclaim in admiration.

“Its the Elemental Body.

With such a unique constitution, he will be a natural elemental user.

He can use as many types of elements as he wants!”

“Im so envious.

To have such a constitution, he definitely has to enter the Elemental Academy.”

“Not necessarily.

He got first place in his other trials, after all.

He doesnt necessarily have to enter the Elemental Academy.”

“I feel that Lu Yu will get first place in the remaining two trials!”

“Thats not necessarily so.

The remaining two consist of the Side Job Academy and the Commander Academy.

These two dont have much to do with strength.”


The most common side job, being a pharmacist, is unrelated to strength.

It seems that Lu Yu might not be able to get first place in the following two trials.”

“Hehe, I am a genius pharmacist.

In the fourth trial, I will get first place for sure!”

The surrounding freshmen were discussing amongst themselves animatedly.

Xuan Ya looked at Lu Yu, beside the stone table, with a gaze of appreciation.

She was all too eager for Lu Yu to come to her academy.

Him having the Elemental Body alone was enough for Xuan Ya to use any method possible to drag him over.

Everyone calmed down from their initial shock and began to continue the trial.

Zhao Kai, who had returned to the team, had a hideous expression.

Originally immersed in the joy of his powerful fire elemental energy, he was stunned by what happened.

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He had even relied on that ball of fire elemental energy to mock the other freshmen, extremely arrogantly too.

However, now he was told that the ball of fire elemental energy had nothing to do with him.

He could not accept this at all…

He glanced at Lu Yu and gritted his teeth.

His heart was filled with deep hatred!

Why did he have to have an Elemental Body I should be the chosen one!

Lu Yu wasnt particularly excited when he heard Xuan Ya say that he had an Elemental Body.

He had a feeling that he did not have an Elemental Body.

He understood that the constitution of an Elemental Body allowed a cultivator to use multiple elements at the same time.

However, the increase in elemental energy power was almost negligible.

The power of the elemental energy he had just displayed was strikingly strong, even though he had not deliberately cultivated elemental energy.

Therefore, Lu Yu felt he did not have an Elemental Body or a more powerful constitution related to the elementals.

Just as Lu Yu was puzzled, a system notification sounded, breaking Lu Yus confusion.

[ Congratulations to the host for awakening your constitution: Ancient Dragon Body! ]

Lu Yus eyes widened slightly, slightly surprised by this notification.

Ancient Dragon Body

Following that, the system notification continued to read.

[ Ancient Dragon Body: Inheriting the constitution of an ancient divine dragon, obtaining the power of an ancient divine dragon! ]

The description was concise, but it contained a lot of information.

Lu Yu did not expect his constitution to be the Ancient Dragon Body.

It was no wonder he could evolve his awakened Claw Attack into the Dragon Claw.

The description of his constitution was very vague, just saying that he could obtain the power of an ancient divine dragon.

His dragon skills, or the Eye of the Dragon God that he had been using all along, as well as this mighty elemental power, probably came from this constitution.

In comparison, the Elemental Body was laughable, utterly incomparable to the Ancient Dragon Body.

Lu Yu was surprised that just an Elemental Body could make the freshmen wild.

If he revealed that he had an Ancient Dragon Body instead, they would probably go crazy.

Now that he had discovered that he had an Ancient Dragon Body, it was best to keep it a secret.

A constitution with such terrifying potential would attract the envy of countless people, after all.

Once it was exposed, there would definitely be endless trouble!


Very quickly, the Elemental Academy trial was completed.

All the freshmen had tested their talent for elemental energy.

At the same time, while sensing them, they obtained some elemental energy from the stone tablet.

Xuan Ya took out the list she had organized and began announcing the trials ranking.

Without any surprise, Lu Yu was announced in first place again.

“First place, Lu Yu!”

“Second place, Zhao Kai!”

“Third place…”


All the freshmen sighed as Xuan Ya continued to read.

“First place again, for the third time.”

“There are still two trials left… Can Lu Yu create history”

“What kind of background does Lu Yu come from His strength is suppressing these young masters of the top families.

Its ridiculous!”

At this time, Liu Xiao cleared his throat and said in a deep voice, “Lu Yu comes from the Southen Railer State.

He got first place in the entrance test in the state, and his family background is average.”

As soon as Liu Xiao said this, the freshmen present were all dumbfounded.

“Average family background Is that true For cultivators without a strong background, it is difficult even just to improve their strength!”

“Are you kidding How can his family background be average”

“Even Zhao Kai is not his match.

If his strength were cultivated by himself, it would be outrageous!”

Zhao Kai asked, “Liu Xiao, where did you get the news Is it true”

He couldnt believe Lu Yu didnt have any strong background and was just an ordinary person.

Liu Xiao patted his chest confidently, “You dont have to doubt my information source.

Ive asked others to investigate.

His family background is indeed average.

Moreover, he has no parents and only has his aunt.”

When the freshmen heard this, they all fell into deep thought.

This news was too big of a blow to them.

They could accept Lu Yus abnormal strength.

After all, as long as his family had abundant resources, they could nurture a powerhouse with terrifying strength as long as he had outstanding talent.

But they couldnt accept that such a powerhouse with abnormal strength didnt have any strong background.

His family wasnt just average; it was worse off than most people.

However, his strength was enough to beat up these young masters from prestigious families!

This made them doubt themselves.

“Is the gap between us really that big”

“What kind of talent does he have to be able to increase his strength so quickly”

“I reckon that his talent is at least S-level.

Otherwise, its impossible.”

Zhao Kai looked at Liu Xiao.

He was unwilling but continued to ask, “What kind of talent does Lu Yu have”

Zhao Kai wouldnt say much if Lu Yu were lucky and had a high-level talent.

But if his talent were average, he would be completely unable to accept it.

At that moment, the freshmen all looked at Liu Xiao, looking forward to his answer.

They were already estimating that Lu Yus talent should have at least a few Ss.

“He should be at least S-level.

Otherwise, his strength wouldnt be so terrifying.”

“Hehe, to be able to attend here, the worst is an A-grade.

His talent should at least be SS-level.”

“I think that he should be at the end, the SSS-level.

Otherwise, it doesnt explain his previous performance.”

At this moment, Liu Xiao took a deep breath and slowly said, “Everyone, since you all want to know so much, then Ill be straightforward with you all.

Lu Yus talent is F-level!”


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