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Chapter 80 Abnormal Phenomenon, Elemental Fusion

Zhao Kai removed his hands, but the fire element did not disappear.

The situation before them confirmed that the dazzling fire element that had just appeared had nothing to do with Zhao Kai.

Zhao Kais mind went blank, and he was utterly dumbfounded.

He stared blankly at the blazing fireball in front of him, with his heart filled with mixed feelings.

“This… This is impossible.

I cant accept this.

This is bogus.” He started mumbling.

The freshmen outside the testing area were all shocked.

“The fire element doesnt belong to Zhao Kai Then why was he acting so pretentious just now!”

“Lu Yu is so awesome!!”

“All four elements with such power.

Sp extremely terrifying!”

“Yet another first place in the bag!”

“With this momentum, Lu Yu will soon be number one in all of them.

When that time comes, the entire Clanorth University will focus on nurturing Lu Yu.

He can pick which academy he wants, take whatever equipment he wants, and learn whatever skills he wants!”

“What kind of monster is this So scary…”

“We can only look up to him…”

Countless people sighed.

They could only sigh in admiration after looking at what Lu Yu had displayed.

At that moment, Zhao Kai suddenly shouted, “Theres definitely something wrong with this stone tablet.

This is absolutely impossible!”

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“Either theres something wrong with the stone tablet, or he tampered with it!” Zhao Kai pointed at Lu Yu.

At this moment, Liu Xiao shouted in the crowd, “Thats right, theres something wrong.

Check Lu Yu; he must have cheated!”

Liu Xiaos underlings followed suit and shouted.

“Big Brother is right! That guy must have cheated.

Investigate him!”

“What are you pretending to be Is cheating interesting”

“The first place should belong to Big Brother Zhao Kai!”

“Brother Kais bloodline is passed down from ancient times.

How can he be worse than this guy”

The noise in the crowd was unceasing, giving Xuan Ya a headache.

She looked at Lu Yu and found that he still had his eyes closed, quietly feeling the enlightenment brought by the stone tablet.

Then, she looked at the freshmen and shouted, “Everyone, be quiet!”

“I can assure you there is no problem with the stone tablet.

These four types of elemental energy came from Lu Yus body!”

The freshmen all quieted down.

The Dean of the Elemental Academy had personally said so.

It would be disrespectful if they dared to refute her once more.

After all, Xuan Ya had guarded the stone tablet for decades and knew much more than them.

Everyone looked at Lu Yu seriously, quietly observing his next move.

At this moment, Zhao Kais eyes were wandering about, unable to accept what had just happened.

Initially, he was still immersed in the joy of his fire element.

Now that he was told the fire element he was so proud of was not his, he found it hard to accept that the accompanying bloodline he was proud of was not worth mentioning anymore.

He looked at Lu Yu with hatred and vexation.

While all that was happening, Lu Yu closed his eyes tightly and felt the ancient power from the stone tablet from the bottom of his heart.

At that moment, the four balls of elemental power began to move slowly.

They circled the stone tablet and began to rotate clockwise.

The freshmen cried out in surprise when they saw this.

“These elemental energies are moving!”

“Theyre spinning.

Whats going on”

“Is it Lu Yus doing What is he doing”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu curiously.

But immediately after, the four balls of elemental energy began to spin faster and faster.

At the same time, they began to rise in the air.

They rose and spun at the same time.

Gradually, the four balls of elemental energy began to fuse in the air!

The fusion of the four elemental energies turned into a massive ball of light!

The ball of light kept changing and twisting, and gradually, it condensed into a colossal eye!

The colossal eye hovered in the air, staring at everyone!

Such a phenomenon shocked everyone present.

“What… What happened”

“Whats going on I dont understand, but Im shocked.”

“It seems like there has never been such a situation in the entire history of Clanorth University!”

“I have no idea whats going on.

What did it merge to become”

Xuan Ya looked at the strange phenomenon before her with a serious expression.

She had been the Dean for decades, but this was the first time she had seen such a situation.

She was looking forward to what Lu Yu was going to do next.

Lu Yu suddenly opened his eyes.

His pupils had turned vertical, and his pair of eyes had changed to look exactly like a dragon!

Lu Yu was taken aback by what had happened.

He had just learned the true power of this stone tablet dating back to ancient times!

He had also awakened the power from ancient times and obtained the Eye of the Dragon God!

His pair of eyes seemed to be able to see through everything in the world.

The power of the Dragon God was fully displayed in Lu Yus eyes!

When he opened his eyes, everyone present trembled.

They felt intense and immense pressure, making them not even dare to breathe loudly.

Other than admiration, there was only fear in their eyes when they looked at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu closed his eyes and returned to his normal state.

He retracted his hands.

At this moment, an evolution panel suddenly popped up.

[ Flaming Dragon Claw ] – [ Explosive Dragon Claw ]

[ Flowing Water Dragon Claw ] – [ Ice Dragon Claw ]

[ Gale Dragon Claw ] – [ Thunder Dragon Claw ] (Awakened)

[ Rock Crushing Dragon Claw ] – [ Diamond Dragon Claw ] (Awakened)

[ Light Dragon Claw ] – [ Holy Dragon Claw ]

[ Dark Dragon Claw ] – [ Undead Dragon Claw ]

Lu Yu saw the difference.

The Gale Dragon Claw and the Rock Crushing Dragon Claw have completed their awakening.

It was as if a lock had been unlocked.

Lu Yu could now evolve the Gale Dragon Claw or the Rock Crushing Dragon Claw.

Moreover, the material list needed for the evolution appeared at the bottom, making it easy to see.

Lu Yu was overjoyed as he could continue to evolve his Dragon Claws.

Since the second and third types had already been awakened and could be evolved, would the remaining ones be far away

All in all, Lu Yu had gained a lot from sensing the stone tablet.

His strength had increased once again!

Xuan Ya finally saw some clues as to what was going on.

She looked at Lu Yu thoughtfully and said, “Lu Yu, you can control the power of these four elements simultaneously.

Moreover, you cultivated it to such a powerful level.

This is not something an ordinary person can do.”

“An ordinary person cannot cultivate fire elemental and water elemental powers at the same time!”

“But there is an exception, which is to have a type of constitution, and that is the Elemental Body!”

“With the Elemental Body, you can have unlimited attainments in elemental powers!”

As soon as these words were said, the freshmen present cried out in surprise.

“Elemental body Such a special constitution appeared on Lu Yu”

“I thought his defense, offense, or speed was already insane.

I never expected him to be even more terrifying when it comes to the elemental powers!”

“Its over.

With such a strong overall force he possesses, he will definitely be the first in the next two academies trials!”

“A future leader, I must hurry up and honor him.”

“An Elemental Body.

I would love to have it even if it was just in my dreams.”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu with envious eyes and felt like they had eaten a lemon.

Lu Yu had heard of the Elemental Body.

This unique constitution enables the person to be intimate with all the possible elements.

With this constitution, the fire element could coexist with the water element.

However, Lu Yu felt that his constitution was not the Elemental Body as the difference was too great.


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