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Chapter 79 All Four Elements, His

The sudden white light surprised all the freshmen present.

One test group, five people, and three elemental geniuses within it.

This was simply ridiculous!

“What kind of monsters are in this group to have three geniuses!”

“Dean Xuan Ya is going to die of joy.

This batch of freshmen is simply a bountiful harvest of geniuses for her.”

“Simply terrifying! These elemental energies are all miles ahead of us!”

At that moment, Xuan Ya was wearing a smile on her face as she excitedly looked at the three balls of light near the stone tablet.

However, a new ray of light soon appeared, shocking everyone once more.

An earthen yellow light appeared, condensing into a ball of light.

The light spread out, causing everyone to smell the scent of the earth.

“Another earth element has appeared.

Could it be that it is also of the same level of energy fluctuation”

“Whats going on Four elemental geniuses This cant be right.”

“Somethings wrong.

Somethings definitely wrong!”

“This is weird.

Whose earth element is this”

“Sheesh, whats going on I am confused.”

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Xuan Ya was also dumbfounded.

She had witnessed countless freshmen sensing the stone tablet, but she had never seen so many dazzling elemental powers in one go!

This was simply too abnormal, and she had many questions about what was happening.

Zhao Kais brows were tightly furrowed at this moment.

“Whats going on Why are there so many elemental powers on the same level as me Whats happening”

“Everyone, say something.

Whats going on with these elemental powers”

The others were all confused and did not understand what was happening.

“Brother Kai, we have no idea.

I dont have the power of the earth element, but this ball of light appeared in front of me.”

“The elemental powers in front of me are not something I can control.

Where did this come from”

“Could there be a problem I have never used the power of these elements!”

The surrounding freshmen also felt that something was amiss.

“It is indeed bizarre.

There is something wrong with the appearance of the four elemental energies.”

“Dean, it is better for us to conduct a thorough investigation and see what is going on.”

“There is definitely a problem with this.

Could there be a problem with the stone tablet”

“I think that it is possible.

This test shouldnt count.

We should start over.”

Upon hearing those words, Zhao Kai immediately became anxious.

“Why should I start over This is my result.

I will not start over.”

At that moment, he was a little sheepish.

He, too, was amazed that his elemental power was this powerful.

It was best not to redo the test to avoid any accidents.

However, although he was unwilling to do it again, it was not up to him.

After thinking for a moment, Xuan Ya felt that she should investigate where the elemental power came from and who was the one who produced it.

Thus, she looked at one of the freshmen and said, “Take your hands back.”

That freshman obediently took his hands back.

However, none of the four balls of light disappeared!

“Next is you.

Take your hands back.”

The second freshman also took his hands back.

However, the four balls of light still did not disappear!

The freshmen present were all stunned.

There were still three people left.

If the fire element was Zhao Kais, how would the other two equally split the remaining three elements

Xuan Ya glanced at the remaining three people.

She had initially planned to ask Lu Yu to withdraw his hand this time, but after thinking about it, she decided to ask the person beside him to withdraw his hand.

“You can withdraw your hand now.” Xuan Ya continued speaking.

When that person heard her, he withdrew his hands.

At that moment, only Lu Yu and Zhao Kai were left in front of the stone tablet!

Everyone held their breaths and began nervously looking at the situation in front of them.

“Damn, only these two are left.

Not a single one of the balls of light disappeared!”

“If thats the case, then does it mean that Lu Yu is responsible for the remaining three types of elemental energy if the fire element belongs to Zhao Kai”

“Fuck! How can Lu Yus elemental energy be so powerful Isnt that too abnormal”

“I originally thought that Zhao Kai was already strong enough, but I didnt expect Lu Yu to be even stronger, three times stronger than him!”

“He is a true genius.

I have no other words!”

When Zhao Kai heard these words, he was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

He couldnt allow anyone to be stronger than him, this much stronger as well!

Moreover, with his unique constitution, elemental energy was his pride.

He didnt expect his prides source to be inferior to someone else!

How could he, the arrogant him, accept the truth

He gritted his teeth and shouted, “Im not convinced.

This must be a mistake.

Lets just start from the beginning!”

He could only place his hopes on the possibility that it had to be a mistake.

Lu Yu could not possibly have three types of elemental energy, and each of them was so dazzling!

When Xuan Ya heard this, she shook her head slightly.

“We could start from the beginning, but its better to root it out through elimination.

The stone tablet can not be wrong.

It has operated for thousands of years and has never made a mistake.”

No one could challenge the authority of this ancient stone tablet.

Naturally, Xuan Ya would not agree to Zhao Kais request.

Zhao Kai was displeased but did not dare to say anything else.

If he continued, he would disrespect the stone tablet and be punished.

At this moment, Xuan Ya took a deep breath and began to treat this issue seriously.

She looked at Zhao Kai and said, “Let go of your hands!”

Zhao Kais eyes widened in disbelief when he heard Xuan Ya say that.

“Dean Xuan Ya, you want me to let go of my hands Why not him”

“Perhaps, these four elements are all mine”

Xuan Ya shook her head.

“Although your Extreme Yang Body allows you to possess powerful fire elemental energy, this constitution can not allow the water element to coexist.

Not only the water element, but it will also reject the other elements.”

“I believe you produced this fire element, but the remaining three have absolutely nothing to do with you!”

These words made it self-evident that the remaining three elements were all produced by Lu Yu!

The freshmen present were all excited.

“SHIT, is it really Lu Yus Thats impossible, right”

“He possessed three such powerful elemental powers at the same time.


“It must be a malfunction or a bug.

Hurry up and retest the results.

My guess must be right!”

Zhao Kai gritted his teeth and had no choice but to withdraw his hands.

Everyone stared at him with wide eyes when his hands left the stone tablet.

Their eyes never left the stone tablet, constantly observing the four balls of light.

After all, it was important to know whether they would disappear or continue to exist.

However, not a single ball of light disappeared after Zhao Kai moved his hands away!

There was not even the slightest fluctuation in them!

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

“Whats going on What is the fire element doing there”

“Why is the fire element still there Why didnt it disappear”

“What… Whats going on Could it be that Lu Yu has mastered four elements at the same time Did he master fire and water elements at the same time while cultivating his strength at the same time”

“This is fake.

Its completely impossible.”

“The light sphere I have awakened doesnt even have one-tenth of his, and he has four!”

“Whats going on with Zhao Kai Isnt his fire element supposed to be powerful”

Zhao Kais mind went completely blank at that moment.

“This… is impossible.

I have an Extreme Yang Body and a supreme ancient bloodline.

How can you mortals compare to me”

He shouted in disbelief.

He could not accept that he could not even hold up to Lu Yu in terms of the fire element!


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