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Chapter 78 Special Constitution, Extreme Yang Body

Lu Yu raised his hands and placed them on the cold stone tablet.

Lu Yu felt a wonderful feeling at this moment.

A surge of ancient energy entered his body and circled his body as if looking for something.

Very quickly, the energy surged out and returned to the stone tablet.

Gradually, light began to appear from around the stone tablet.

The freshmen held their breaths and looked at the stone tablet with serious expressions.

In particular, Zhao Kai was attracting the attention of most of the students.

Although Lu Yus previous performance was astonishing, they did not feel that Lu Yu had a very high talent for elemental energy.

No one was perfect, so they felt that Lu Yus elemental power must be poor, and there was nothing special to see.

On the other hand, Zhao Kai came from a unique background and had a unique constitution.

It was customary for him to have powerful elemental energy.

At that moment, Zhao Kai stared at the stone tablet in front of him with a serious expression.

His heartbeat quickened, and his breathing became heavy.

He closed his eyes and began to meditate.

In the next moment, a ray of light flashed.

He hurriedly opened his eyes and was shocked to discover a ball of dazzling light in front of him!

A blazing, bright, and orange-red ball of light fluctuated before Zhao Kais eyes.

Such a large, dazzling ball of light represented the fire element.

It made countless people exclaim in admiration.

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“This, this is too beautiful!”

“So dazzling! Its like the sun!”

“Even from so far away, I still feel a heat wave.

His fire element power must be off the charts!”

“As expected of Zhao Kai.

The fire elemental power in his body has reached such a level.

Thats simply shocking!”

“Thats ridiculous.

Im also a fire elemental user.

Why does it feel like mines a matchstick compared to his”

“Looks like the first place in this elemental trial will be Zhao Kai.”

Zhao Kai was stunned for a moment before getting excited.

“Hahahahaha! Did you see that This is my elemental power.

Isnt it awesome”

“In this trial, I will definitely be the champion!”

Zhao Kai laughed loudly.

His laughter was extremely arrogant, and he started to look down on everyone.

“Those fire elemental powers of yours are all nothing compared to mine.

I am equivalent to a hundred of you, nay, a thousand of you!!”

Zhao Kais arrogant words made many of the freshmen unhappy.

In particular, some fire elemental cultivators were even more disgruntled, but they did not know what to say.

After all, strength was everything in this place.

You could only accept his words, no matter how ugly they were, as he was stronger than them.

Although it wasnt nice to casually degrade others, there was no way to refute him without the strength to back it up.

The freshmen were slightly miffed after hearing Zhao Kais arrogant words.

They felt angry, but that did not stop others from worshipping him.

“A genius will always be a genius; I guess we can only admit defeat.”

“To be able to produce such a strong energy fluctuation must be due to his constitution.

It seems that his Extreme Yang Body is indeed something else.”

“I even sparred with Zhao Kai a few years ago.

At that time, his fire elemental energy was far less dazzling than it is now.

It seems that his constitution has evolved, right”

“I think so.

Otherwise, how could his strength have such a huge leap!”

Enjoying the looks of admiration from many people, Zhao Kais got even more arrogant as the corners of his mouth curled up proudly.

When Xuan Ya saw such an intense red ball of light, she could not help but reveal a surprised expression.

She had encountered many freshmen, but a light this dazzling was rarely seen.

Zhao Kai seemed to be a well-deserved genius worthy of being invited into the Elemental Academy.

With this thought in mind, Xuan Ya ignored Zhao Kais arrogant attitude.

After all, geniuses have the right to be arrogant.

Suddenly, another bright, radiant light lit up, attracting everyones attention.

An extraordinarily striking and exquisite blue radiant light surged out.

This light blue radiance was like the ocean under the sunlight.

The light flowed, bringing with it waves of icy cold aura.

Everyone recognized that this light was the energy of the water element!

“The water element has appeared!”

“The level of energy fluctuation from this water element is almost the same as that of the fire element previously!”

“Whose water element is this It cant be Zhao Kais as water and fire dont mix.

He cant have two opposing elements at the same time.

Even if he does, one of them should be very weak!”

Everyone turned their gaze at the other four, unable to tell who had produced this ball of elemental energy.

At this moment, doubt flashed across Zhao Kais face.

The intensity of this water elemental energy was almost the same as his fire elemental energy.

It seemed that someone else had another elemental energy almost at the same level as his.

However, among the four, he felt that Lu Yu was the only one whose strength was about the same as his.

When she saw this, Xuan Ya could not help but reveal an excited smile.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect that she would be able to obtain two genius elemental mages from the freshmen today.

What a lucky day!

She hurriedly asked, “This water elemental energy is coming from which student”

The freshmen also looked at the five of them curiously, wanting to know to whom the water elemental belonged.

Everyone looked at Lu Yu with unspoken understanding.

They discovered that Lu Yu had his eyes tightly shut, earnestly sensing the power of the stone tablet.

He completely ignored the discussions of the others.

“This water element should belong to Lu Yu, right Other than him, it cant be anyone else.”

“I think so too.

Hes so strong, so his elemental power shouldnt be weak either.”

“This is too ridiculous.

Hes already so strong in other aspects, and now his elemental power is also this strong.

Its almost on the same level as Zhao Kai.”

“How terrifying.

Does this person have any weaknesses”

At this moment, Zhao Kai was feeling extremely sour.

He thought he could finally be in first place after having such a dazzling ball of light energy appear before him.

However, Lu Yus elemental energy was on par with his!

This instantly made him feel unhappy!

“Fuck! No matter how powerful your water element is, its useless.

I have an Extreme Yang Body.

My fire element will only grow ferocious in the future!”

However, Lu Yu did not pay any attention to him.

He continued to close his eyes and sense the stone tablet.

Seeing this, Xuan Ya was getting a little anxious.

She wanted to confirm whether the water element was Lu Yus.

If so, then she might lose a genius to her academy.

After all, Lu Yu was strong in all aspects.

He might not go to the Elemental Academy.

While everyone was puzzled, another ball of light appeared.

A pure white light appeared in front of everyones eyes in the shape of a cylinder.

The white light was silky white, constantly twisting and rotating like a tornado.

As soon as this light appeared, the surrounding air began to flow, creating wind gusts.

Everyone looked at this ball of light in surprise.

“This white light, its the power of the wind element!”

“This size and energy fluctuation doesnt lose out to the fire and water elements just now!”

“Another elemental genius, gathered in the same group”


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