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Chapter 76 An Unprecedented Achievement

After the instructor announced the rankings, everyone looked at Lu Yu and congratulated him.

“Congratulations, Lu Yu, you got first place again!”

“Lu Yu, I knew you would get the first place!”

“Boss, can we add each other as friends so we can text each other in the future”

“Fuck off.

Why would he ever add you as a friend Big Brother, how about I directly acknowledge you as my master”

The freshmen began to fawn over Lu Yu, trying their best to become his friend.

In their eyes, Lu Yus future development was bright.

If they could befriend him in advance, it would be helpful to their future.

Lu Yu only smiled faintly and said, somewhat awkwardly, “Everyone, lets finish the trial first.

Well talk about the rest later.”

The freshmen had no choice but to turn their attention back to the trial.

At that moment, the freshmen from the other two regions also walked back.

The three teams merged again, and many people began to chat with each other.

“Is your trial difficult”

“How did the speed trial go I want to try that too.”

“Did you guys also have the offensive and defensive competition in the end”

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“Oh right, how did Lu Yus results go this time”

The group of freshmen asked all sorts of questions with curiosity, and the group of people was discussing noisily.

At that moment, the three instructors gathered the results of the three teams and re-ranked them.

The freshmen started to get nervous.

The final comprehensive result was about to be released, and everyone was looking forward to it.

Many people were looking forward to Lu Yus results as well.

In the first trial, Lu Yu achieved an unprecedented result and took first place.

They were all very curious about whether Lu Yu could be equally outstanding in other fields.

Very quickly, an instructor came forward and began to announce the rankings.

“In this years freshmen Combat Technique Academy trial, the first ranked student is Lu Yu!”

“Please give him a round of applause!”

The sound of applause from the students swept over like a tidal wave.

Everyone stared at Lu Yu with envious gazes.

Now that he had obtained first place in both of the academies trials, the university would place great importance on him!

“In this years trial, not only did student Lu Yu obtain first place, but he also broke past the previous records and created history!”

“Without a doubt, Lu Yu is a true genius among this batch of new students!”

When the new students heard this, they were in an uproar again.

“He broke the record again Whats going on”

“He broke it twice in a row.

What about the next time”

“Shit, thats awesome.

Hes such a monster.”

“How is he cultivating to get such a result”

“Could he be a young master from a reclusive family How else could he be so much stronger”

The discussions below gradually became lively.

The instructor continued to announce the subsequent placement of the students.

“The second rank is…”

“The third rank…”

Soon, the instructors announcement drawls off into the background.

No one was paying any attention to the people at the bottom.

At that moment, two people in the crowd stared at Lu Yu with resentment.

One of them was Zhao Kai, and the other was Liu Xiao.

The two were friends.

They stood together and stared at Lu Yus back with unspoken understanding.

“This guy is too arrogant!” Zhao Kai growled.

Liu Xiao revealed a cold smile.

“Dont worry.

Theres still a chance later.

We can play with him slowly.”

Zhao Kai looked at Liu Xiao and asked, “Have you seen Xu Mao That guy doesnt seem to be somewhere in the group.”

Liu Xiao shrugged, “Im not sure.

He might have lost his qualification to compete.

However, just the two of us are enough.

Its still elementary to clean up this small piece of trash.”

Zhao Kai frowned and said thoughtfully, “Its better to be more cautious.

We must cripple this guy.

There are only so many resources that we freshmen can get.

If this guy continues to get first place, our allocated resources will be much less.”

Liu Xiao also nodded seriously, “Thats right.

We cant let this guy become number one! Its best to cripple him so he cant continue studying here!”

The two of them made up their minds in their hearts.

They had to teach Lu Yu a lesson!

The academy would give him more resources if Lu Yu became number one in all five trials.

The second and third places would naturally have fewer resources, so they wouldnt allow such a thing to happen.

The rankings were quickly announced, and all the freshmen could enter the next trial.

The new students began to take off their special battle uniforms and change back into their equipment.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing came to Lu Yus side and congratulated him, “Congratulations on getting first place again.

The academy will have to take you seriously this time.”

Su Qing said, “Actually, the academy has already placed importance on you.

For example, the villa and the exclusive luxury car.

However, the academy will definitely give you even better stuff when these five trials are over.”

Lu Yu shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

“Its best if they can give it.

It wont affect me too much even if they dont.”

Lu Yu did not think Clanorth University would have any of his exclusive dragon skills available to learn.

He would mainly have to rely on his system if he wanted to obtain any dragon skill.

Of course, if he could obtain some good equipment, that would be good too.

The next teleportation door opened at that moment, and a beautiful figure walked out.

It was Xuan Ya from the Elemental Academy.

Although Xuan Ya was a little older, she still retained her charm.

The moment she appeared, it excited many young men here.

“Hello, new students.

I am the Dean of the Elemental Academy, Xuan Ya.

Next is the Elemental Academys trial.

Please follow me to the next trial venue.”

After saying that, Xuan Ya turned around and walked back into the teleportation door.

Seeing this, the freshmen followed her and entered the teleportation door together.

After passing through the teleportation door, the new students all arrived at the next trial venue.

There was an ancient building in front of them.

The Dean, Xuan Ya, stood at the entrance of the building and said, “This is the trial venue for this time.

Please follow me.”

As she spoke, she pushed open a scarlet door, and everyone walked in.

When they came to a courtyard, they found that it was empty.

There was nothing but a stone tablet in the middle.

The stone tablet was carved to look like a crouching dragon.

The stone tablet looked solemn, causing them to subconsciously quiet down and be respectful.

Xuan Ya stood in front of the stone tablet and patiently explained, “Everyone who has studied history should know that the history of Awakeners can be traced back to a long time ago!”

“Perhaps you dont know that the earliest batch of Awakeners relied on this stone tablet to complete their awakening.”

When the new students heard this, they were all surprised.

They didnt expect that there was such an old thing here.

Xuan Ya continued, “These stone tablets contain ancient power.

Even if you freshmen touch it now, you will be able to obtain a different and brand-new understanding of cultivation.

This will be of great help to your future cultivation path!”

Hearing this, the new students present were all excited and began to look forward to the upcoming trial.


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