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Chapter 75 The Undisputed First Place

The second phase of the combat technique trial officially began.

Every pair of students formed a team and were locked in a sealed room.

Both sides attacked and defended against each other to obtain points.

Once an attack was effective, one point would be obtained.

Once a defense was effective, one point would be obtained.

An effective attack was to break through the defense and cause damage at the same time.

An effective defense was to defend against an attack and not suffer any damage at all.

This trial was to make up for the flaw in the last trial.

Otherwise, testing ones speed alone would be too biased.

Lu Yu and Xu Mao were standing opposite each other in a room.

The two of them were ready to fight.

Xu Mao sized up Lu Yu and chuckled, “Next, Ill let you see my offensive methods.

Your defense and speed are nothing against my attacks!”

“Really Then come at me.

Id like to see how strong your offensive skills are.”

Lu Yu crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at him relaxedly.

Through the Eye of Truth, Lu Yu saw Xu Mans stats.

[ Xu Mao ]

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[ Attack: 260 ]

[ Speed: 140 ]

[ Health: 270 ]

[ Mana: 100 ]

[ Defense: 180 ]

His attack power was the same as Lu Yus defense, 260.

In other words, if Xu Mao could not break through his armor in advance, his attack power would be zero against Lu Yu.

If Lu Yu used his skills, Dragon Scale or Strong Wall, then Xu Mao would deal less than zero damage.

However, Xu Maos defense was only 180, while Lu Yus attack power was 380.

Even if he did not break through Xu Maos armor, Lu Yus attacks would still be able to deal 200 damage.

This was definitely a heavy blow to Xu Mao!

After looking at Xu Maos attributes, Lu Yu had nothing to worry about.

He just stood there without moving, as Xu Mao was no match for him.

At that moment, Xu Mao had already started warming up.

At the same time, he looked at Lu Yu and said, “Looks like youre ready, right”

“Since thats the case, lets begin!”

He straightened his body and raised his fists to protect his head.

He was in a standard boxing posture.

However, when he saw that Lu Yu was still crossing his arms over his chest, he immediately felt displeased.

“What are you doing Get ready for battle.

Otherwise, when I punch you, youll cry miserably!” Xu Mao said very confidently.

Lu Yu replied calmly, “Im already prepared.

Come at me directly!”

Hearing that, Xu Maos temper flared up instantly.

“What do you mean Youre looking down on me, arent you”

“Alright, then Ill let you know how powerful I am.

Youll regret it!”

As he said that, he rushed toward Lu Yu and threw a punch simultaneously!

With a dull thud, he punched Lu Yus arm, but there was no reaction from Lu Yu at all.

However, Lu Yus rigid muscles made Xu Mao feel a wave of pain in his fist.

He gritted his teeth and endured the pain without letting out a cry.

Then, he retracted his fist.

At this moment, his mind went blank.

Why was his attack not effective at all This was impossible!

He was stunned.

There was only one possibility for such a situation to happen.

The other partys defense far exceeded his attack power!

But a defense of more than 200 was just too high!

Xu Mao gritted his teeth and clenched his fist again.

“Its not over yet.

Take another punch from me!”

“Collapsing Mountain Fist!”

Xu Mao roared loudly.

Instantly, his fist was shrouded in a layer of energy.

His fist brought with it a ferocious impact as it struck Lu Yu.

It seemed like he had activated his skill, so his attack power must have increased.

Lu Yus defense was comparable to Xu Maos attack value.

If his attack power increased, this attack would definitely cause damage.

Seeing this, Lu Yu immediately activated his Dragon Scale!

In the next moment, Lu Yus arms turned into dragon claws.

Dark golden scales covered his entire arm.

Then, from the scales, thick, shell-shaped armor plates grew out!

When Xu Mao saw Lu Yus dragon claws, his pupils widened!

However, he still swung out his fist and heavily hit Lu Yus dragon scales!


The huge impact created waves of wind.

However, Xu Maos punch did not have any effect.

A wave of intense pain assaulted him instantly, causing Xu Mao to get a headache.

His right fist seemed to have fractured!

He retracted his right hand and hurriedly held it in his embrace.

At the same time, he sucked in a breath of cold air due to the pain.

He was unwilling to give up.

He endured the pain and continued to charge forward, using his fists to strike Lu Yu continuously!

However, Lu Yu remained where he was the entire time.

He did not move at all and allowed Xu Mao to hit him however he wanted.

Xu Mao swung his fists and struck out crazily!

His heart gradually turned from anger to helplessness until it reached despair.

He was utterly in distress.

No matter how hard his fists hit Lu Yus arms, they were completely useless.

“Impossible! This cant be real! You must have done something to me! Theres no way I cant hurt you!”

He shouted angrily.

He couldnt accept the enormous gap between him and Lu Yu.

When one persons attack couldnt hurt the other person, it usually meant that the difference in strength between the two was insanely huge.

Lu Yu looked at Xu Mao and said slowly, “Are you done with your tickling”

Xu Mao raised his head and looked at Lu Yu angrily, “Come on, let me see what kind of strength you have that you would be so arrogant!”

In the next moment, Lu Yu swung his right arm and threw a slap at Xu Maos face.


A loud sound rang out, and Xu Mao was sent flying by the slap, smashing heavily onto the wall beside him!

A huge hole appeared on the wall, and Xu Mao was implanted into it, unable to get down!

His health had also been reduced by more than half, and he was on the verge of death.

The pain in his entire body assaulted Xu Maos brain.

However, no matter how much pain he felt, he couldnt do anything.

At that moment, he had already lost all his strength and could not even struggle.

He was helpless to even get down from the wall.

Lu Yu could not be bothered to look at the dying Xu Mao.

Instead, he patted the dust on his shoulder and retracted his dragon claws.

Then, he calmly walked out of the room and arrived at the training ground.

“Instructor, the competition here has already ended.”

The instructor looked at Lu Yu and asked, “Where is Xu Mao”

“Hes heavily injured and cant come out.”

The instructor swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

He didnt even need to think to know that Xu Mao would end up badly injured.

But he deserved it.

After all, he had acted so pretentiously and provoked Lu Yu.

Liu Wen, who was standing not far away, heard this and immediately rushed into the room where Xu Mao was!

When she saw Xu Maos entire body implanted into the wall, her entire body went limp, and she fell to the ground with a plop.

She held her head with both hands and had a terrified expression on her face.

Xu Mao was someone that she worshipped as her idol.

To her knowledge, there was no one stronger than Xu Mao in the same age group!

From the start, she had never thought that Xu Mao would lose to Lu Yu.

The reality before her eyes assaulted her nerves.

She stood weakly before Xu Mao, stretching her hand to pull onto him.

However, she was unable to pull Xu Mao down from the wall.

His twisted body was embedded in the wall, unable to move at all.

After half a days effort, she finally pulled Xu Mao down.

Xu Mao, who was lying on the ground, widened his eyes.

“I… I didnt lose.

I cant lose! I want to continue fighting with him.

I… I want to defeat him!”

His heart was filled with unwillingness and shock.

That slap just now almost made him lose his mind.

Liu Wen felt helpless.

She could only take her medicine out and treat him.

The instructor no longer cared about Xu Mao.

Instead, he organized everyone and began to announce the rankings.

“First place, Lu Yu!”

“Second place, Xu Jiang.”

“Third place, Xu Mao…”


The instructor began to read out the rankings.

Everyone was puzzled.

Xu Maos speed test result was second, but why was his final result in third place

However, they quickly understood what had happened.

Xu Maos opponent for the second phase was Lu Yu!


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