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Chapter 64 The Weapon Academys Trial

The first room of the dungeon was the Weapon Academys trial grounds.

Upon entering the trial grounds, one would be greeted by rows of weapon racks.

There were all sorts of weapons on the racks.

There were countless types of weapons and even some scarce ones among them.

The first trial required each freshman to choose a weapon to carry out.

The freshmen lined up and began to choose weapons in turn.

Soon, the first person stepped onto the trial field and began the trial.

However, his enemy did not appear for a long time.

At that moment, a paper folding fan with a green light flew over and floated in the trial field.

At that moment, Zhao Jins voice appeared in the dungeon.

“Freshmen, your opponent in the first trial is my spiritual weapon, a paper folding fan!”

“The paper folding fan is invincible.

You can not destroy it, and you can not defeat it.

The only thing you can do is to hold on for as long as possible.

I will grade you according to this standard.”

Hearing this, the freshmen could not help but feel speechless.

The first enemy they encountered was an invincible one, and they had no chance of defeating it.

This would undoubtedly hurt their pride.

The paper folding fan drew a circle on the spot on the trial field.

The circle expanded and covered the entire trial field.

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Zhao Jins voice then appeared, “The paper folding fan has released a barrier.

In this space, you will not be able to cast any skills.

You can only use weapons to fight.”

Hearing this, a portion of the freshmen started to frown.

Some were mages and relied on their skills to resist and deal damage.

If they could not use their skills, wouldnt they be disabled

It seemed like the Weapons Academy was not the right one for them.

Lu Yu, who was at the end of the line, was curious.

His normal weapon was his pair of claws, and it would be a little troublesome to choose another weapon to use later.

The first person to step onto the stage used the most common long saber.

He waved his long saber and rushed toward the paper folding fan.

However, he had underestimated the speed of the paper folding fan.

The movement speed of the fan was instantaneous.

In the blink of an eye, the paper folding fan arrived at the back of the person and gave him a heavy blow.

The small fan smashed him on the back, and the pressure it brought was abnormally terrifying.

This blow directly sent that person flying out of the arena.

The first person didnt even last a round before he was directly eliminated.

Following that, the second person went on stage.

This young man chose a long sword and jumped into the arena.

The paper folding fan quickly teleported and attacked him.

However, he was abnormally calm.

He predicted the paper folding fans flight path ahead of time and slashed out with his sword!


The paper folding fan was sent flying a distance away with a crisp sound.

Seeing this, everyone in the audience had a glimmer of hope.

It seemed that the fan was still an opponent that they could fight!

However, in the next moment, the paper folding fan teleported in front of that person again.

The fan opened and swung at that persons face.

That person was directly knocked unconscious by the fan and fell to the ground, unable to get up.

The second challenger had failed, and the audience was filled with despair.

From the looks of these two exchanges, this fan was definitely not easy to deal with.

In the beginning, they were all incomparably proud and full of pride.

When they saw that their opponent was a fan, they even laughed disdainfully.

But now, none of them were proud anymore, much less smiling.

The first two contestants didnt even last a single round before they were defeated.

Next, the third freshman took the stage.

He chose a bow and arrow, and his talent was Sharp Eagle Eye.

With the blessing of his talent, his vision and accuracy had reached an astonishing level.

However, when the paper folding fan teleported, his eyes widened in horror!

He was completely unable to see the movement of the paper folding fan!

This terrifying difficulty directly stunned the others.

Could it be that they could only avoid or block the attack of the paper folding fan through prediction

He shot an arrow, which naturally missed, and he was also knocked off the stage.

The freshmen gradually lost hope.

It was impossible to resist for more than three rounds.

And once they were eliminated, they basically lost the opportunity to enter the Weapon Academy.

The new students at the back stepped onto the stage one after another and began to use the weapons they had chosen to fight.

But they all lost miserably.

Over a hundred people had tried, but none of them could last more than three rounds.

They were in despair and were even starting to give up.

Since everyone was so weak, who cared if they were a little weaker than the others

They might as well save their energy and prepare for the next room.

At that moment, one of them caught everyones attention.

A man holding a short whip was getting ready for battle on the stage.

The paper folding fan flew towards him for the first time.

He used all his strength to whip out a whip and whipped back the paper folding fan.

The paper folding fan did not give him any room to breathe, and teleported over again.

That man was not in a hurry and continued to look for the trajectory of the paper folding fan.

He lashed out with his whip once again and successfully repelled the fan a second time!

Everyone was excited when they saw how effortless he was acting.

Finally, someone that could stand against the fan! He would definitely be able to break the three-round curse!

The person who everyone had high hopes for successfully repelled the paper folding fans attack for the third time.

Then, he successfully repelled the paper folding fans attack for the fourth time!

The audience was filled with excitement.

He had actually broken the record! He had withheld until the fourth round!

Without a doubt, he would definitely be chosen by the Weapon Academy!

This result has already surpassed the others!

He continued to fight against the paper folding fan without stopping.

After the fifth round ended, he continued to fight.

For a moment, this person on the stage became the topic of discussion for everyone.

“This person is so strong! His whip is used to perfection!!”

“Sheesh, this fellow must specialize in whips.

Thats why he can use it so skillfully.”

“It seems like he is definitely going to be chosen by the Weapon Academy.

Furthermore, his ranking is high.

He will definitely receive good treatment after entering the academy.”

“This person is too strong.

He must have found a trick.”

“This reaction speed, I cant do it…”

At that moment, in the school square, a few principals looked at the large floating screen in the center of the array formation and saw the battle situation on the trial ground.

“Dean Zhao, it looks like the number one candidate has already been chosen.”

“This students use of the whip is superb.

He will definitely enter your weapon academy.”

“Since he is so outstanding, you must nurture him well in the future.”

Zhao Jin looked straight at the screen.

“Of course.

I wont let go of such a good seedling.”

Soon, the new students who used the whip completed the trial.

The final score he achieved was ten rounds!

This result was far better than the others!

The others failed in the third round, and he had already broken through to the tenth round.

This was enough to prove his talent and strength.

Very quickly, the remaining freshmen completed their trials one after another.

None of the rest had results breaking through to the tenth round.

The strongest only lasted five rounds.

At that moment, they seemed to recall that there was still one person who had yet to undergo the trials.


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