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Chapter 63 Release Of Dragons Might, Shocking Everyone

The new students were all making their final preparations.

The dungeon trial was about to begin.

A few advanced array mages were casting spells simultaneously, and countless dungeons slowly appeared in the form of cracks.

After the new students quickly finished their preparations, they realized there was still a short time before the dungeon opened.

They started discussing whether they should form a team or something to challenge the dungeon together.

However, most of them were proud and arrogant.

They thought that they were the strongest among all of them and that the others were not worthy of cooperating with them.

One of the characteristics of the freshmen at Clanorth University was their pride.

Them being able to enter a top-tier university in the country filled their hearts with pride and joy.

It made them all think that they were special and that they were always going to be unique.

After a round of discussion, few people were willing to form a team.

Only a few underlings surrounded Liu Xiao, wanting to cooperate with him in the dungeon.

Among the freshmen, Liu Xiao was publicly acknowledged to be the strongest.

Otherwise, his original position of number one on the freshmen roll would have been shaken long ago.

At that moment, a freshman walked toward Lu Yu.

He picked up the sharp sword in his hand and pointed it at Lu Yu.

A provocative smile appeared on his face.

“Hey, do you have the guts to spar with me I will spare you from losing too badly.”

Lu Yu looked at the person in front of him.

Among the pieces of equipment he was wearing, only two or three of them were blue quality.

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Lu Yu used his Eye of Truth to look at him and see his attributes.

[ Attack: 190 ]

[ Speed: 260 ]

[ Health: 320 ]

[ Mana: 150 ]

[ Defense: 160 ]

This attribute was sad-looking.

The amount of defense and health he had wasnt even enough to take two of Lu Yus attacks.

Lu Yu smiled faintly and said, “You wont be able to last more than two attacks from me.”

These words were the truth.

However, the other party laughed when he heard this.

“Hehe, this is the first time Ive met such an arrogant person.

I cant believe what Im hearing, that you want to finish me in two moves.

Lets see if you really have the ability to do so!”

He had just heard rumors that Lu Yu had entered through the back door and relied on his dead parents.

He was very disappointed with this kind of backdoor behavior.

Because his parents were dead, he received many privileges and even had two beautiful girls to accompany him.

This was too unfair!

Hence, he came over to provoke Lu Yu.

He would be famous if he could defeat Lu Yu here!

At that moment, many people in the surroundings turned their gazes over.

The freshmen all knew that Lu Yu was currently number one on the freshmen list.

They didnt expect the first place to receive a challenger soon.

At that moment, everyone was waiting for Lu Yus reply.

Lu Yu couldnt be bothered to waste time with this fellow.

He immediately rejected him, “You You arent worthy of fighting me!”

These words made the other party furious.

This guy couldnt believe that a person who had used the backdoor was acting this arrogant and looking for death!

“Alright, it looks like youre scared, right Since Im not worthy, why dont I call for a few more people”

As he spoke, he turned around and looked at the other freshmen.

These few people were all very unhappy with Lu Yu.

They had long been holding back anger and wanted to vent it out.

Now, they happen to have this opportunity.

Hence, the few freshmen walked over to Lu Yu together.

The leading freshman looked at Lu Yu arrogantly again and asked, “Now, are we worthy of sparring with you With so many of us added together, we should be enough, right”

He sneered and looked at Lu Yu, not giving him a way out.

When the other freshmen saw the confrontation between the two sides, they all became restless.

This was definitely very exciting, with so many people wanting to give the first place on the freshmen list a lesson!

Lu Yu calmly replied, “These people are all on the same level as you.

To be honest, the differences arent big.

You are all the same, weak.”

These words completely infuriated the few people who came to provoke him.

“Fuckk, what do you mean Are you looking down on us”

“Hey man, you are being cocky here.

Did you say that we are weak”

“Hah! Why dont you take a look at your own strength Do you think you have the right to act like this”

“Did you think you were able to fight several of us by yourself Dream on!”

“Youre finished! Even if you dont agree to this sparring, you will have to do it regardless!”

Seven to eight new students stepped forward angrily and walked toward Lu Yu.

They gripped their weapons tightly and were ready to fight at any moment.

The spectating new students were all excited.

This kind of battle was rarely seen, and they all agreed it was impossible for Lu Yu to win.

Everyone here was a genius from all over the country.

Their actual combat strengths would not be too far off from one another.

Now that there were eight of them fighting against one, even if Lu Yu were a little better than one of them, he would not be a match for all of them.

After all, it would be impossible to fight all of them at once.

Lu Yu did not waste any more time talking to these people.

Talking to them was simply a waste of his life!

Hence, Lu Yu closed his eyes slightly and gathered his aura.

Following that, he suddenly opened his eyes.

A pair of eyes that seemed to come from an angry dragon looked straight at the people in front of him.

These pair of sharp and terrifying eyes seemed to be able to penetrate their souls!

A powerful pressure was released with Lu Yu as the center!

The intense pressure rushed over to the challengers, causing their bodies to stiffen, and they couldnt move their bodies anymore.

It was not that they did not want to move, but they could no longer control their bodies.

Under this terrifying pressure, they did not dare to move at all.

In fact, one or two people standing at the back were so scared that they peed their pants.

A pungent smell caused the others to retreat.

Gradually, the pressure dissipated.

The challengers all fell to the ground with a plop, their faces pale.

At the same time, they looked at Lu Yu with only fear in their eyes.

The aura Lu Yu had just released made them instantly realize that their strength was not on the same level.

The commotion on Lu Yus side spread to the freshmen group.

They all looked at Lu Yu with great surprise and curiosity.

They hadnt expected these people to be scared off by a single glance from Lu Yu.

Moreover, although the pressure that Lu Yu had just released wasnt directed at the others, they could still clearly feel it.

For a moment, everyone started to be curious about Lu Yus true strength.

Standing on the podium, Gu Zhanyan and the five school heads also noticed the commotion on their side.

Gu Zhanyan instantly felt the aura that Lu Yu released and could not help but shake his head slightly, “This young man is indeed special!”

The five deans looked at each other and had their evaluations of Lu Yu.

These people were all experts from the entire country.

Naturally, they saw through Lu Yus true strength in an instant.

At that moment, the dungeons entrance finally opened, and the new students could enter.

The new students walked toward the door one after another.

The few students paralyzed on the ground from fear also hurriedly got up and ran into the dungeon.

Of course, what drove them to run was their fear of Lu Yu.

All the new students entered the dungeon together.

Only when Lu Yu was left alone did he slowly walk into the dungeons teleportation portal.


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