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Chapter 61 Under Fire At The Entrance Ceremony

After dinner, Lu Yu drove Yun Zirou and Su Qing back to the villa.

While driving on the campus, Lu Yu could feel a sense of why Clanorth University was the number one university in the country.

He could see exquisite buildings everywhere in the center of the campus.

The materials used in those buildings were all obtained from high-level ferocious beasts.

It was different from the cities in the outside world, as most buildings were made of steel and cement, and there were no special effects.

Some of the buildings at Clanorth University were made of dragon scales.

The defensive ability alone was a level higher than your typical building.

In other aspects, such as fireproof, waterproof, and shockproof, they were much better than ordinary buildings.

And when they were far away from the school district, Lu Yu could see auspicious animals around him.

For example, colorful peacocks, multicolored lizards, and dark gold tortoises.

They decorated the surroundings, making the surroundings particularly vivid.

These were all auspicious animals, worth tens of millions of dollars, and could be seen everywhere here.

Lu Yu drove the car to the entrance of the villa.

As it was already late, there was almost no one around them except Lu Yu and the other two.

They opened the gate of the courtyard area and walked in.

As soon as they entered, Su Qing could not help but exclaim, “What a beautiful garden.

There are so many bright flowers.”

Yun Zirou said mysteriously, “The thing that will surprise you is not the flowers here.”

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When Su Qing saw the villa in front of her, she exclaimed again.

The simple and elegant villa looked like something out of her dreams.

The three of them walked into the villa together.

Yun Zirou took Su Qing to tour the entire villa.

The three of them walked into the villa, and Yun Zirou brought Su Qing to tour the entire place.


She brought her to the entertainment room, the gym, the movie theater, the game room, and so on.

Then there was the backyard.

The water in the vast swimming pool was clean and clear.

It looked so good that Su Qing wanted to jump in and swim around it.

The backyard had different fields, such as a football field, a volleyball field, and even a golf course.

The area was quite large.

After Su Qing finished her tour, she felt like she was dreaming.

She was here to attend university, not for a vacation.

If she lived in such a luxurious villa, would she still be in the mood to continue training

She needed to concentrate and put her attention back on training…

Su Qing chose a bedroom next to Yun Zirou.

As night fell, the three of them fell asleep.

They all went to bed early to prepare for the new students entrance ceremony the next day.

The three of them got up early the following day.

After washing up, they drove to the center of the school district.

They parked the car in the school district and arrived at the large school square.

The square was spacious and could accommodate tens of thousands of people.

But at that moment, fewer than 300 people were standing there.

These were all new students who had come to participate in the entrance ceremony.

Lu Yu, Yun Zirou, and Su Qing joined the crowd.

The arrival of the three people attracted a lot of attention.

Many adoring gazes fell on Yun Zirou and Su Qing.

However, most of them were unhappy when they looked at Lu Yu.

The crowd waited.

In a short while, a black car of the same model as Lu Yus drove over and arrived at the front of the team.

The car door opened, and an old man in a tunic suit walked out.

His white hair fluttered in the wind as he stroked his white beard.

All the freshmen tense up.

The person in front of them was the president of Clanorth University.

Gu Zhanyan!

“Next, the freshmen entrance ceremony officially begins.

Lets welcome our dear President Gu to speak for everyone!”

Everyone applauded, and they all turned their attention to President Gu.

Gu Zhanyan walked to the stage and stood in front of the microphone.

Although he was old, the imposing aura from his body made everyone feel a sense of oppression.

When facing this old man, no one dared make a noise.

Gu Zhanyan came to the microphone and spoke in a loud voice.

“Hello, students! I am your principal.

Welcome to Clanorth University!”

“You may come from all over the country, and all of you have the same unique characteristic, that is the genius of your respective areas!”

“And what Clanorth University is best at is pushing you geniuses to be pillars of the country!”

“Next, a few years of hard work will be ahead of you all.

I hope all of you can go further than ever before…”

After finishing his speech, Gu Zhanyan changed the topic and talked about a particular person.

“Todays batch is special.

We have found the absolute number one seed in this batch of new students and have given him special treatment!”

Hearing this, all the new students present became curious.

Gu Zhan Yan continued, “This new student is Lu Yu!”

The audience was getting rowdy.

They didnt expect the principal to personally say that Lu Yu was the top student in the batch.

Generally speaking, the strength of the new students in a batch was almost the same.

For Gu Zhanyan to say something like this was enough to prove that Lu Yus strength was far ahead of theirs.

This was something that they couldnt accept.

“Student Lu Yu will be the focus of our Clanorth Universitys training.

Lu Yu will become a world-class powerhouse under the training of Clanorth University.

Gu Zhanyans highest praise made the audience jealous and unhappy.

They were all young and very arrogant.

They couldnt stand to see others above them, let alone someone overbearingly above them this much.

Therefore, they were all dissatisfied with Lu Yu.

At that moment, Lu Yu looked at the old man in front of the microphone and couldnt help but smile faintly.

This old man deliberately painted a target on him so that this new batch of freshmen would target him.

Lu Yu wasnt sure about it when he was given the privileges and luxury car he had before.

But now, he was sure that the school wanted to place him on a stage and make him the target of everyone.

Many freshmen glanced at Lu Yu, and they werent kind.

Lu Yu guessed that this was probably the next test the school had set for him.

However, this was nothing new to Lu Yu.

He was never afraid of challenges.

Even if he became the target of everyone, he was not afraid at all.

The principals speech caused the crowd to start discussing in whispers.

“How did Lu Yu get so much attention Its not fair!”

“Ive heard that Lu Yu has special privileges because of his martyred parents.

Hes actually weak.”

“This seems to be true.

Its news from the archives.

It seems that he doesnt deserve such special privileges.”

“Thats right.

Hes probably weak, and he doesnt deserve it at all.

Sooner or later, Ill find an opportunity to challenge him and let him know whos the boss!”

“Ive also heard Lu Yu was recruited without taking the exam.

He didnt pass the entrance exam, and that video was synthesized.”

“Hehe, I knew it.

How could a freshman have such terrifying destructive power”

Almost everyone was sure that Lu Yus strength was faked and fabricated.

But there was no need for Lu Yu to correct them.

Soon, the principals speech ended.

The Dean then stood out and faced the freshmen.

“Everyone, let us carry out the most important and crucial part of the new students admission ceremony, the sorting ceremony!”


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