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Chapter 60 The Special Delicacies Of A Top University

Lu Yu learned a new skill, “Dragons Might.”

As it was a passive skill, Lu Yu could not take the initiative to train it.

He could only enhance it over and over again through actual combat.

After obtaining todays reward, Lu Yu had no reason to stay here anymore.

He did not want to continue fighting the dummies.

If he had the time, why shouldnt he spend it by having dinner with the two beauties

Lu Yu stood up and walked toward Yun Zirou.

When he got closer, Lu Yu realized that the two of them were still chatting passionately.

The two of them were talking excitedly about how to become stronger, how to maintain their skin, and what clothes to wear to look good.

Lu Yu walked over and interrupted the two of them.

“Its time to have dinner.

Lets go.”

Yun Zirou looked out the window and said in surprise, “Its already dark.

Weve been chatting for so long”

Su Qing nodded slightly.

“Yeah, time flies.

Zirou, lets go have dinner together.”

The two stood up simultaneously and held each others hands as they walked toward the door.

Lu Yu was a little speechless.

He had been Su Qings classmate for so long, and they werent this close.

These two ladies just chatted for an entire afternoon, and they became such good friends

Lu Yu followed them, and the three of them got into the car and drove to the campus.

The campus was peaceful and beautiful.

The landscaping was also spectacular.

The students walking on the campus road all had smiles on their faces.

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However, when they saw Lu Yus luxury car pass by, they would all look over and stare at it with envy.

The luxury car assigned to Lu Yu was even more luxurious than the cars used by some of the worlds wealthiest people.

Those who could drive such a car on campus were definitely not ordinary.

Lu Yu drove the car and arrived at the school cafeteria entrance under everyones gaze.

The cafeteria was quite large.

It was three stories tall, and its total area was equivalent to half of a small district.

Lu Yu opened the car door and walked out.

Everyone looked over, wanting to see who the big shot in the car was.

“Whoa, hes so handsome!” Some girls exclaimed with starry eyes.

“Hes powerful, rich, and so handsome.

It would be great if he could be with me…”

“Which prominent family is he from He looks so young.

Everyone was startled by his appearance and started to discuss it amongst themselves.

Lu Yu didnt waste any time and walked toward the entrance of the canteen.

The door opened as Yun Zirou and Su Qing got out of the car, quickly following behind Lu Yu.

When everyone saw Yun Zirou, they were shocked once again.

“Isnt… isnt she the young lady of the Yun family”

“Is she following this mysterious man If thats the case, he is not someone normal.”

“Damn, I would laugh in my dreams if I had two beautiful women by my side!”

“Ive long heard that the young lady of the Yun family is like a goddess.

It seems that it wasnt an exaggeration, now that I finally get to look at her.”

“Two beautiful women, one cold and mighty, while the other is cute and lively.

This guy basically won at life.”

Countless gazes looked at Lu Yu enviously.

In order to avoid a commotion, Lu Yu hurriedly walked into the cafeteria.

After entering the cafeteria, Lu Yu couldnt help but complain, “I wont be bringing the two of you with me anymore.

You two are too eye-catching!”

Yun Zirou said unhappily, “The most eye-catching is obviously the car you drive.

Thats a luxury car that only the school leaders can drive!”

Su Qing whispered to Lu Yu from the side, “I think the most eye-catching thing is your face…”

Lu Yu sighed helplessly and began to stroll around the cafeteria.

The three of them walked around the first floor and realized there were many varieties, so many that he was getting dizzy looking at them.

“Deep-cave Giant Lizard meat braised with cactus cauliflower, priced at $1,000.

It can increase attack power by 30 points and last for one day after eating it!”

“Shadow Cat Demon Meat braised with Green Fairy Vine.

It increases maximum mana by 30 points, speed by 20 points, and lasts for one day.

Its also priced at $1,000.”

Lu Yu looked at them one by one.

There were stews of wild giant oxen, roasted mammoth thighs, and stewed golden-winged eagles.

Under conventional cooking methods, the meat from ferocious beasts could produce many different dishes.

Moreover, they could provide some kind of different effect after eating each of them.

But of course, it could only have one effect at a time.

Lu Yu looked at Yun Zirou and Su Qing.

He asked, “What do you two want to eat”

Yun Zirou pointed to a restaurant.

“This restaurant sells Frost Dragon meat.

Lets eat this.

Its summer, and eating this can cool us down for a day.”

Hearing this, Su Qing also looked at the restaurant excitedly.

“Ive heard that when you eat the Frost Dragon meat, there will be a layer of frost on you.”

“However, as long as it is prepared under the hands of a master who is proficient in chef skills, this negative frost effect will become a cooling effect.”

Hearing Su Qings introduction, Lu Yu got curious too.

The three of them entered the restaurant together and walked to the counter.

However, as soon as they came over, Lu Yu saw the price of the Frost Dragon Meat Rice.

It was $100,000 for a plate!

However, Lu Yu did not think much of it.

Now that he had received a subsidy from the school, he did not lack this little bit of money.

However, asking for $100,000 for a plate of food was still a little ridiculous.

After Lu Yu paid, the three began eating the Frost Dragon Meat Rice.

As soon as they took the first bite, Lu Yu felt a wave of coolness fill his chest.

The summer heat was instantly swept away, and not the slightest bit of heat was left.

Very quickly, they finished up the entire meal.

Lu Yu checked on his status and found that he had gained a layer of effect.

[ Ice-cold status: Unaffected by high temperature.

10% fire resistance.

Duration: one week ]

Seeing this status, Lu Yu finally understood why it costs $100,000.

10% fire resistance was decent and could also provide a comfortable cooling feeling.

It was a proper meal for summer.

It would also last a week, which was much longer than the other effects.

After the three of them finished eating, they left the canteen.

Although they had only explored a small part of the vast cafeteria, it was getting late.

The rest could only be explored in the future.

After returning to the car, Lu Yu asked, “Su Qing, why dont I send you to the dormitory first”

Su Qing nodded slightly.


At this moment, Yun Zirou said, “Why dont you let Su Qing stay in the villa as well There are so many rooms in the villa, and it would be a pity if it were empty.”

Lu Yu looked at Su Qing and asked, “Do you want to stay in the villa together”

Lu Yu would be happy if Su Qing stayed in the villa.

After all, living with another person he knew wouldnt be boring.

Su Qing was a little shy when she heard this.

Living in the same house with a handsome man was a big step for her.

After some hesitation, she nodded and agreed.

“Alright, then Ill go back with you guys.”

Lu Yu heard this and stepped on the gas pedal, driving toward his villa.

As they got away from the school district, fewer students were on the road.

When they reached the villas entrance, they were the only people around this area.


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