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Chapter 59 Meeting Su Qing, Dragons Treasure Chest

That video made all the freshmen present speechless.

Only Liu Xiaos eyes were cold.

He felt that there was definitely something wrong with this video!

This punch was not something that a person of their age could do.

Therefore, he was confident that Lu Yu had used some special shenanigans to fool everyone!

This video was definitely fake!

The Dean waved his hand and said, “Go back and train.

Stop this nonsense too.

The freshmen ceremony is about to start.

If you guys make a mistake at this juncture, you will not be able to enjoy your university life in the future!”

The deans berating caused the freshmen to disperse quickly and leave the office.

After leaving the office, Liu Xiao was unwilling to give up.

He was sure that the video just now was a fake.

It was definitely a composite.

Just looking at that mountain, even if ten of him were to punch it at the same time, it would still be impossible to create such power.

Therefore, he was certain that there was definitely something else behind this.

However, he doesnt know what it was that Lu Yu did…

As he pondered, he came to the schools archives, where all the students personal files were stored.

Inside it was a recording of all the students personal information.

The information of each batch of new students would be stored in a small archives room.

After the verification was completed, they would be transferred to the main archives room.

Liu Xiao came to the door of the archives room and found that it was locked.

He could not open it.

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Just as he felt it was pointless and was about to leave, a middle-aged woman walked towards the archives room.

Seeing this, Liu Xiao quickly used an invisibility skill that he had learned.

After hiding himself, he followed the woman into the archives room.

The woman took the file she wanted while Liu Xiao stayed inside.

He rummaged through the cabinets and quickly found Lu Yus personal file.

He was full of excitement as he opened the file.

He read the whole file from beginning to end and found nothing special about Lu Yu.

It was just an ordinary person from an average family.

This made him feel puzzled.

How could such an ordinary family enter Clanorth University

After thinking for a moment, he came to a conclusion.

His gaze landed on the column of his parents.

Lu Yu had no parents, so he came up with a possibility.

Perhaps Lu Yus parents were martyrs who sacrificed themselves.

That was why he was accepted and received special treatment!

This was the only possibility he could think of!

Otherwise, a person from an ordinary family would not be able to enter Clanorth University!

After coming to this conclusion, Liu Xiao heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that Lu Yu had come through a backdoor.


It would seem that this fellows strength was average.

When an opportunity arises to challenge him, he would be able to easily take back the number one spot on the freshmen roll!

With this thought in mind, Liu Xiao left the archives room with a satisfied smile.

On the other hand, Lu Yu brought Su Qing into his personal training hall.

Su Qing looked at the spacious hall and exclaimed in surprise.

“Its so empty and so big.

Its so great that you get to train here alone!.”

Lu Yu replied indifferently, “Its fine.

I still have my personal villa and car.

In comparison, a training hall is insignificant.”

To Lu Yu, a training hall was useless.

He was a man who preferred actual combat.

Training against dummies was boring.

When Su Qing heard Lu Yus words, she immediately pursed her lips.

“You are being a little ungrateful here.

How can such a big hall look insignificant in your eyes”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“Thats how it is…”

At that moment, Yun Zirou walked over to Lu Yu.

When Su Qing saw another beautiful woman walking over, she was instantly curious.

She was very interested in the relationship between this girl and Lu Yu.

When Lu Yu saw Yun Zirou walking over, he quickly introduced her, “This is Yun Zirou.

Shes a friend I met on the way here.”

When she heard this, Su Qing heaved a sigh of relief and shook hands with Yun Zirou.

“Hello…” After Yun Zirou greeted her, she looked at Lu Yu and said, “Shes beautiful.

Who is she”

“Shes from the same school as me.

Shes the school belle.”

Yun Zirou nodded slightly.

“Shes indeed worthy of being the school belle.”

For Lu Yu, he was relieved to see that the two of them were friendly with each other.

If the two of them did not get along, it would be awkward for him to be in the middle.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing began to chat with each other.

Women always had more topics to talk to each other about.

Soon, the two began to talk about their makeup, clothes, family background, and training experiences.

They talked about everything and soon became good friends.


As for Lu Yu, he began to train.

He found a training dummy and began to attack the dummy.

Of course, he wasnt training to improve his offensive skills, but to complete todays mission.

Lu Yu swung his claws at the dummy with all his might!

Soon, 100 swings were completed.

Beads of sweat appeared on Lu Yus forehead, but his breathing only panted a little.

This level of exercise was too easy for him.

[ Congratulations on completing the daily mission: Swing claws (100/100) ]

[ Please choose your reward ]

Lu Yu received five free attribute points for the previous two days of daily missions, which was negligible.

Today, Lu Yu decided to gamble and open a treasure chest.

The treasure chest for daily quests depends on luck.

If he was unlucky, he might not be able to open anything.

But if he was lucky, he could obtain good items!

“Exchanging for a treasure chest!”

[ In the process of exchanging for a treasure chest… ]

[ Congratulations on obtaining Dragon Treasure Chest! ]

[ Dragon Treasure Chest: There is a chance to obtain equipment or skills exclusive to the dragon attribute! ]

Lu Yu was overjoyed when he saw this description!

This was the first time he had gotten a dragons treasure chest.

He had never had one before!

Lu Yu did not hesitate and quickly opened the dragons treasure chest.

He was filled with anticipation as he waited for the reward to appear.

Soon, a ray of light flashed, and a stone tablet appeared in Lu Yus hand.

This was a skill stone tablet, and it was different from a typical stone tablet.

There were dragon scales on it, and its overall color was slightly red.

Lu Yu sent his consciousness into it and saw the information on this skill tablet.

[Dragons Might: Passive skill.

Release Dragons Might within a radius of 500 meters.

It can intimidate weak creatures and make them unable to approach you.

It can also give weak cultivators a sense of oppression and make them feel afraid ]

It seemed that this skill was beneficial!

With this skill in the future, he would no longer be afraid of small fry coming up to provoke him.

After learning this skill, he did not even need to move to scare the enemy away.

It was very useful.

Very quickly, Lu Yu learned the Dragons Might skill, and the stone tablet was rendered useless.

After learning the skill, Lu Yu began to try and release the skill he had just learned.


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