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Chapter 57 Eye-Catching Luxury Treatment

Lu Yu suggested to Yun Zirou that she should also move into the villa.

Lu Yu felt he wouldnt get used to living in this three-story villa alone.

The receptionist nodded slightly, “Of course, you may use this villa however you please.

Anyone can move in as long as you allow them.”

Lu Yu looked at Yun Zirou and asked, “Do you want to”

Yun Zi Rou nodded shyly and gently.

Lu Yu did not say anything else.

He took the key and opened the door, walking straight in.

The two of them walked in the sea of flowers and toward the villa in a very romantic manner.

However, this scene was secretly recorded by a freshman not far away.

After recording it, he directly sent the video to a group of freshmen.

At the same time, he sent a string of messages.

“Shocking, this fellow, who is also a new student, actually moved into a villa!”

“The most important thing is that Yun Zirou moved in with him! A man and a woman, alone in the house every day.

If nothing happened, it would be impossible!”

After this video was posted, it immediately incited lots of discussion.

“What! On what basis On what basis can he live in a villa like this”

“Were both freshmen.

We havent even started the enrollment ceremony yet, and he already has such special privileges”

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“Living in a luxurious villa with a beauty accompanying him, is he here to enjoy”

“My Goddess, why are you living with someone else I cant accept it!”

Following that, a large group of people tagged the group leader, who was the number one on the freshmen roll, Liu Xiao.

“Bro, someone is challenging your authority!”

“Bro, we have to teach this fellow a lesson.

Hes being so pretentious!”

“Teach that bastard a good lesson.

Im going to die of jealousy!”

“We have to stop him before something happens between the two of them!”

At that moment, Liu Xiao messaged the group.

“Fuck! I just found out that someone else ranked first on the freshmen roll!”

“Bro, whos that guy”

“A guy named Lu Yu…”

At this moment, the person who had just posted the video quickly commented, “The person who lives in the villa with Yun Zirou is called Lu Yu!”

This sentence immediately blew up in the group chat!

In particular, Liu Xiao was so angry that he wanted to smash his phone!

He had pursued Yun Zirou for a very long time, but he had never received a response!

Yun Zirou and his position as number one on the freshmen roll had been snatched away by the same person, Lu Yu.

Most importantly, he even lived in a high-end villa equipped with a luxury car!

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for him not to lose his temper!

“Fuck! I want to kill this guy!”

Liu Xiao angrily posted this comment, which immediately caused countless followers to resonate with him.

“Boss, well go with you!”

“This guy is too infuriating.

What right does he have to live in a villa and drive a luxury car”

“I want to go too.

We must teach this guy a lesson and let him know who the boss is!”

In an instant, a group of people moved out and quickly gathered near the villa.

The leader, Liu Xiao, was a 1.8 m tall guy with explosive muscles all over his body.

Even his face was full of muscles, and he looked extremely vicious.

“Come with me.

We have to cripple that guy!”

Liu Xiao took the lead and rushed toward Lu Yus villa.

However, they faced an obstacle when they reached the main entrance.

It appears that two bodyguards were standing at the entrance.

The strength of these two bodyguards was definitely not something that freshmen like them could afford to provoke.

After all, this was Clanorth University.

“Hey, we want to go in.

Open the door!” Liu Xiao ordered with a displeased expression.

The bodyguard glanced at him and said disdainfully, “I advise you to hurry back.

This is not a place where you should be.”

Liu Xiao took a step forward in an imposing manner.

“Are you going to open it or not”

The bodyguard narrowed his eyes.

Without saying a word more, he punched Liu Xiaos abdomen with lightning speed!

With just a casual punch, Liu Xiao was sent rolling on the ground with cold sweat on his head.

“Fuck, I cant believe they actually did it.”

The underlings of Liu Xiao quickly came over and helped him up.

“Bro, its fine if we cant go in.

I dont believe that guy will stay at home forever! Lets wait for him!”

An underling beside him said, “If I could live with Yun Zirou, I would stay at home for the rest of my life…”

The others were silent for a while.

Ultimately, they walked to the opposite side of the road and found a spot to sit down.

Inside the villa, Lu Yu and Yun Zirou had just finished touring the entire villa.

Both of them were in a good mood.

The interior of the villa was simple yet elegant.

It was very suitable for the younger generations to live in.

Yun Zirou chose a room on the first floor and placed her luggage inside.

Lu Yu did not have much personal luggage, but the villa had ready-made ones.

At this moment, the receptionist smiled and said, “Lu Yu, the school has also prepared a private training ground for you.

If you want to train, you can go over.”

As he said this, he took out another set of keys.

Lu Yu took it and said, “No problem.

Thank you for your hard work.”

Seeing Lu Yus calm reaction, the receptionist was a little surprised.

According to the information he got, Lu Yu was just a child from an ordinary family, and his parents had both died.

But here he was, not having any special reaction to these luxurious mansions and cars.

The receptionist didnt get in the way anymore.

He left the villa and let Lu Yu explore the rest of his university life.

“How about going to the training ground” Lu Yu asked.

This was what he cared about the most.

He didnt care about the villa or the luxury car.

The improvement of his strength was what he cared about the most.

After all, as long as he had the strength, these things would come naturally.

Yun Zirou said reluctantly, “I havent seen the backyard yet.”

“But Ill go with you since you want to go.” Yun Zirou revealed a cute smile.

She didnt have the arrogance of a wealthy young lady.

The two of them went to the garage and sat in the limousine, and Lu Yu drove the car out of the villa.

Liu Xiao and the others gathered at the villas entrance and saw Lu Yu coming out.

They all got anxious and rushed toward the limousine!

Lu Yu saw a few people rushing over in the rearview mirror.

Some of the faces he saw were at the school gate.

It seemed that these people were all new students.

If that was the case, then Lu Yu knew why they were chasing after him.

They must be dissatisfied with Lu Yus privileges, so they came here to seek demands.

From the anger on the leaders face, it was obvious they werent friendly.

Lu Yu could not be bothered by these people.

He immediately stepped on the accelerator, and the car rushed out.

Liu Xiao and the others ran a few more steps before stopping.

The group of people choked on the exhaust gas and coughed.

Everyone looked at the back of the luxury car and sighed.

“We are all top scorers, but why is the gap between us so huge”

“I remember that luxury car is worth hundreds of millions.

We wouldnt be able to break through the defense of the luxury car alone.”

“Who is Lu Yu Does anyone know him Why does he have such special treatment”

Liu Xiao looked at the shadow of the luxury car coldly and clenched his fists.

“Fuck! Sooner or later, I will snatch Yun Zirou back! A beauty like her can only be matched with someone like me!”


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