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Chapter 53 Completed Subjection

Lu Yu had accumulated one dragon power in his body.

Now, he could release his Dragon Fist skill!

However, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon in front of him was almost at the end of its tether.

Releasing his Dragon Fist now was a little overkill.

Lu Yu raised his left fist and, without saying a word, threw a punch at his feet!

Just as Yun Zirou was puzzled, Lu Yus right arm released a clean, transparent water ball!

The water ball exploded and washed over Lu Yus body, washing away the remaining poison on his body.

At the same time, it cleaned up the pool of blood around him.

Seeing this, Yun Zirou was a little surprised.

“I didnt expect you to have a water element attack!”

It was normal for Yun Zirou to be surprised.

Most people were usually focused on controlling one element.

It was extremely rare for someone like Lu Yu to control two elements, one of which was water and the other fire.

Lu Yu just smiled faintly, “One more element means one more possibility!”

“Next, lets hunt this beast down!”

Lu Yu brandished his claws and charged toward the Amethyst Toxic Dragon!

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At this moment, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon was still in an illusory state, but it was different from the last time.

This time, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon was trembling all over.

The last time, it stood completely still.

It seemed that the wound that Lu Yu had just inflicted had affected the control effect.

However, this was no longer a problem.

Lu Yu could already kill the Amethyst Toxic Dragon in its current state!

In an instant, Lu Yu dashed to the front of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon.

Following that, he activated his Grappling skill.

In an instant, Lu Yu saw through all the flaws in the Amethyst Toxic Dragons body.

The next moment, Lu Yu swung his claws with all his might, slashing toward the Amethyst Toxic Dragons neck!

This claw attack directly tore through the hide on the Amethyst Toxic Dragons neck! Several huge gashes were made in its flesh directly this time.

Most importantly, Lu Yu had accurately sliced open its carotid artery, causing fresh blood to gush like a fountain.

The intense pain caused the Amethyst Toxic Dragon to break free from its control and let out an anguished cry.

Fresh blood continued to gush out, showing no signs of stopping.

Lu Yu hurriedly checked the Amethyst Toxic Dragons health and discovered that it was continuously decreasing, dropping to around 200 health.

As long as he continued to attack, he would be able to kill this dragon!

Lu Yu charged forward once more and quickly swung his pair of dragon claws!

Suddenly, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon spread its wings and let out an ear-piercing cry!

Lu Yu had no choice but to stop sprinting and quickly cover his ears.

At that moment, Lu Yu saw that a thin layer of purple crystal had started to reappear on the surface of the Amethyst Toxic Dragons body!

The crystal that appeared on its neck directly sealed the wound.

The wound that was initially bleeding profusely was sealed tightly.

Lu Yu was a little surprised.

This beast had stored the amethyst crystal in its body so it could put on its defense again at the last moment!

It seemed that this was the last trump card of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon.

This greatly increased the difficulty of killing it.

Lu Yu opened the Amethyst Toxic Dragons attribute panel.

Its defense was continuously rising, from a single digit to 300 points!

Lu Yu got tired just looking at the returned 300 points of defense.

He now needed to break through its armor again.

At that moment, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon had already lost its will to fight.

After adorning back its armor, it hurriedly turned around and wanted to escape.

This was its last life-saving measure.

It no longer dared to fight for fear of losing.

Just as it turned around to escape, Lu Yu rushed forward again and used Armor Penetration!

This time, Lu Yus claws slashed at the Amethyst Toxic Dragons crystal armor, but there was no effect at all!

Lu Yu was a little surprised.

Did his Armor Penetration skill lose its effect

He quickly activated a second Armor Penetration skill!

The second Armor Penetration skill was activated and struck the Amethyst Toxic Dragons back again!

However, the result was still useless.

Other than some sparks, the skill had no effect at all!

Lu Yu looked at the interface and found that the Amethyst Toxic Dragons armor value was still 300 points.

It had not decreased at all!

He felt helpless.

He didnt expect this last crystal armor of the dragon could ignore his Armor Penetration skill…

At that moment, although the Amethyst Toxic Dragon was still escaping, its movements were abnormally slow.

The continuous battle just now, coupled with its heavy injuries, caused its slow movement.

It no longer had any extra stamina to run, let alone flap its wings and take off.

Suddenly, Yun Zirou noticed the abnormality in his actions and asked loudly, “Are you unable to break its defense”

Lu Yu quickly replied, “Thats right.

My current attack could only deal 10-20 damage to it if I cant break its armor, dealing damage slower than its recovery speed.”

Yun Zirou frowned slightly.

They couldnt let the Boss escape at this juncture, or it would be a huge loss!

“Let me help you with a boost.

It will increase your attack power, and you should be able to complete the kill!”

Hearing that, Lu Yu jumped down from the Amethyst Toxic Dragon.

“Is that so Hurry up and strengthen me.

All I want is to finish this fight!”

Yun Zirou waved her hands and started to cast spells.

Soon, an energy ball flashed into Lu Yus body.

Instantly, Lu Yu felt an unprecedented sense of power in his body.

All the muscles in his body had expanded and become abnormally hard.

Yun Zirou hurriedly explained, “The strengthening skill I just used is Hardening.

It can amplify your strength and increase your attack power.”

“From the looks of it, your attack power should receive a 10% increase.”

Lu Yus attack power was now 330, so a 10% increase would be equivalent to 33 points.

The Amethyst Toxic Dragons current defense was 300.

In other words, Lu Yus current attack could deal over 60 damage to it.

After deducting the health it regains, Amethyst Toxic Dragon, each attack deals around 50 damage due to its natural regen.

The Amethyst Toxic Dragons current health was less than 300.

All he needed was to attack another four or five times, which would be enough to end this battle!

After some calculations, Lu Yu became motivated and again charged toward the Amethyst Toxic Dragon!

After a short sprint, Lu Yu leapt onto the Amethyst Toxic Dragons back!

Then, Lu Yu swung his claws crazily and started to attack the Amethyst Toxic Dragons body!

The Amethyst Toxic Dragon felt the pain and quickly fell to the ground.

It crazily shook its body, trying to fling Lu Yu away from its body.

Lu Yu jumped down and slashed once more at the back of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon three or four times!

Blood was flowing everywhere the crystal armor did not cover.

After the Amethyst Toxic Dragon struggled for a while, its movements gradually slowed.

In the end, it slowly stopped moving.

Lu Yu went forward to check, and when he found that it had lost its life force, he could not help but sigh with relief.

“Phew, I finally got rid of this beast…”

Yun Zirou quickly ran over.

When she saw the Amethyst Toxic Dragons corpse, she could not help but cheer.

“Great, the battle is finally over! We won!”

At this moment, Lu Yu turned his head to look at Yun Zirou.

His gaze couldnt be shifted away anymore.

His boost effect wasnt over yet, with his energy still surging.

Adding that to the Hardening effect caused his entire body to stiffen.

Looking back at Yun Zirou, he saw her wearing this extremely seductive, slightly see-through onesie.

For a moment, the atmosphere became awkward…


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