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Chapter 50 Four Powerful Skills

The Amethyst Toxic Dragon swung its tail at Lu Yus chest when it broke free from Lu Yus control.

The immense brute force hit Lu Yus body, sending him flying backwards.

He crashed heavily into the ground, creating a deep crater.

Seeing this, Yun Zirou panicked and hurriedly ran in Lu Yus direction.

She quickly arrived in front of Lu Yu and squatted down beside him.

“Lu Yu, how do you feel I have a recovery potion here.”

She said that as she began to fiddle with the storage ring on her finger.

Lu Yu coughed lightly and said, “My defense is 220, and this guys attack power is 330.

This hundred-plus damage hurts, but I will recover very quickly.”

Lu Yu took out two intermediate recovery potions from his ring.

One potion could recover 50 health.

After taking two potions, he had recovered almost all of his health stats.

He had obtained these potions from the loot crates he had bet on the last time.

They were finally useful.

The storage ring on Yun Zirous finger flickered, and two advanced recovery potions appeared in her hand.

“I dont have many advanced recovery potions with me, but Ill give you two.

You contributed the most in this battle, so these potions suit you best.”

Lu Yu received the advanced recovery potion that Yun Zirou had given him.

An intermediate recovery potion could recover 50 health, while an advanced recovery potion could recover 100 health.

Moreover, there was a limit to how many potions one could take.

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Within an hour, a person could only drink three bottles of a specific grade of potion.

As Lu Yu had just consumed two bottles of intermediate recovery potions, he could only drink one more bottle at most within an hour.

However, he had yet to consume a single bottle of advanced recovery potion.

In other words, with these two bottles of advanced recovery potions, Lu Yu would have two more chances to take the Amethyst Toxic Dragons attack head-on.

Lu Yu slowly stood up and looked at the Amethyst Toxic Dragon not far away.

This beast had just gotten free of their control.

Although it immediately launched a counterattack, it did not rush over to continue attacking.

From the looks of it, it was afraid.

Moreover, all of its armor had been broken.

That was why it was acting cautiously.

The Amethyst Toxic Dragon stared at Lu Yu, but it was slowly retreating.

Lu Yu was a little surprised, “This beast seems to be afraid”

Yun Zi Rou also looked at the Amethyst Toxic Dragon and said, “It seems so.

I guess it is afraid of being controlled again.”

Lu Yu sighed again, “I didnt expect your control skills to be this strong.

You can even control such a giant Boss.”

“You flatter me.”

Rereleasing his claws, Lu Yu charged toward the Amethyst Toxic Dragon!

When the Amethyst Toxic Dragon saw Lu Yu charging toward itself, the dragon turned its head and prepared to escape.

Lu Yu was a little speechless.

Although this beast was enormous, its speed was not slow at all.

If it really wanted to escape, there was nothing he could do.

The moment the Amethyst Toxic Dragon turned around, it jumped up and slammed its head into the ground!

The next moment, its head broke through the ground, and it started drilling into the ground!

Lu Yu was a little surprised that this beast had a burrow skill!

Even when Lu Yu knew that it was going to escape, he could not chase after it.

Helpless, Lu Yu used his Eye of Truth to read the Amethyst Toxic Dragon stats, hoping to understand its burrow skill.

[ Amethyst Toxic Dragon ]

[ Attack: 330 ]

[ Speed: 320 ]

[ Health… ]

[ … ]

Lu Yu kept looking and found the skill panel at the bottom.

He noticed that this beast had a total of four skills.

[ Scale Armor: By rubbing against a hard object, that object will attach itself to the surface of its body and be used to recover defense.

Different materials have different recovery rates.

Amethyst material recovery rate: 100% ]

[ Burrow: Burrow into the ground and move quickly.

Lasts for 30 seconds.

Cannot be attacked while underground ]

Lu Yu heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the burrow skill.

There were only 30 seconds left in its skill, so it shouldnt run too far.

Although they could escape now, Lu Yu decided to pursue victory!

His life-saving skills were still not used.

It would be too cowardly to escape now.

[ Toxic 1: Poison Spray.

The poison pools in its mouth and can be sprayed out at high pressure to bind the enemy ]

[ Toxic 2: Poison Sting.

The sharp tail stings contain venom.

If the enemy is stabbed, the enemy will be poisoned ]

[ Poison Effect: Quickly paralyzes the nerves and causes the enemy to lose their combat ability ]

[ Bite: The Amethyst Toxic Dragon uses its jaws to tear the enemy apart.

Attacks ignore armor.

Enemys health below 30% will be killed immediately ]

After Lu Yu finished reading the four skills, he learned that each of them was very powerful!

It was no wonder that Butler Lin and Xiao Qing were defeated.

The most powerful skill it possessed was the Bite.

This skill was definitely the one with the highest damage output.

In the upcoming battle, Lu Yu had to be careful not to be touched by the Amethyst Toxic Dragons wide jaw.

Lu Yu then walked in the direction where the Amethyst Toxic Dragon had escaped.

Yun Zirou carefully followed behind Lu Yu.

She couldnt help but ask, “Should we continue chasing after it Why dont we go back and ask for reinforcements”

Lu Yu shook his head.

“The Amethyst Toxic Dragons defense has already been broken.

Im confident that I can kill it.”

Previously, Lu Yu had used his skills but hadnt used his dragon skills.

The reason was that he did not want to display his full strength.

But now, it seems like he had to use his dragon skills.

He had to obtain the reward of this secret realm!

But unfortunately, he did not have dragon power available.

So he couldnt use the terrifying Dragon Fist.

So, he could only use Dragon Scales, Flaming Claws, and Dragon Muscles.

He wouldnt need to waste his energy breaking through its armor if he had dragon power.

He could just use Dragon Fist.

It would be useless no matter how thick that beasts defense was!

After walking a distance toward where the Amethyst Toxic Dragon had left, the two realized that they were already in the ruins section.

There was no sign of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon.

Lu Yu looked at the ruins in front of him and said helplessly, “Now it seems that we cant locate where it is…”

Yun Zirou also felt a little regretful.

If the Amethyst Toxic Dragon escaped and adorned its armor again, it wouldnt be so easy to deal with next time.

This high-level creature had intelligence.

Next time, Yun Zirou probably wouldnt be able to control it with her Eye of Illusion.

“Lets wait for a while first.

Well probably have to retreat if that beast doesnt show up.”

Yun Zirou said urgently, “We can first enter the teleportation portal and save my two teammates!”

Lu Yu immediately rejected her suggestion.

“If the Amethyst Toxic Dragon returns with us, itll recover faster in its territory.

Itll be difficult for us to fight it then!”

Hearing Lu Yus words, Yun Zirou felt it made sense, so she didnt say anything more.

At that moment, a crack suddenly appeared in an empty space in front of Lu Yu.

Immediately after, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon broke out of the ground and charged out!


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