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Chapter 48 Crushing Defeat, Terror Of Amethyst Toxic Dragon

In the Toxic Dragon Lair, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon flapped its wings and flew up with Xiao Qing.

Butler Lin rushed over and punched, hitting nothing but air.

Although his defense was very high, his attack power was not to be underestimated.

The only thing that he was lacking was speed.

If his punch had hit the Amethyst Toxic Dragons claws, it would at least have suffered a slight fracture.

But now, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon had flown up, bringing Xiao Qing along.

Butler Lin hurriedly shouted, “Quickly jump down.

You will be in a bad position if you are up there!”

Xiao Qing, who had been through hundreds of battles, naturally knew this.

Hence, after she broke a crystal on the neck of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon, she jumped down.

Xiao Qings body landed lightly on the ground.

The two of them raised their heads to look at the giant dragon.

“Ive already broken through a few of its vital points.

It shouldnt be too difficult to kill it.” Xiao Qing said confidently.

Butler Lin nodded as well.

“However, we still have to be careful.

This Amethyst Toxic Dragon is huge.

In terms of strength and health, it is superior to us.”

“Therefore, we still have to be careful.”

Xiao Qing nodded and did not say anything else.

The two of them looked up and were surprised to find that the Amethyst Toxic Dragon continued flying up without any signs of stopping!

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The Amethyst Toxic Dragons back was about to hit the top of the cave, yet it still had no intention of stopping!

The next moment, with a loud bang, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon crashed into the top of the cave.

Then, the two of them were surprised to find the Amethyst Toxic Dragon rubbing its body against the top of the cave.

After that, it began to descend again slowly.

Xiao Qing was surprised to find that the crystal scales she had just broken were fixed, all covered with amethyst crystals again!

In other words, she had wasted effort trying to break through its armor!

“Damn it.

Its back to full defense again!” Xiao Qing cursed angrily.

Butler Lin said helplessly, “Theres no other way.

Lets fight him again!”

The two of them readied themselves for battle.

However, this time the Amethyst Toxic Dragon suddenly retracted its wings and charged toward the two of them at a high speed!

Its speed was so fast that they could not react in time!

Seeing this, Butler Lin did not have time to think.

He immediately crossed his arms in front of him!

After the Amethyst Toxic Dragon landed, it lashed out its tail and stabbed toward Butler Lin.

The end of the Amethyst Toxic Dragons tail was covered with long and thin venomous stingers.

Once it was stabbed into something, a large amount of venom would be injected from it.

When Butler Lin saw the densely packed venomous stingers, he instantly realized he had made the wrong decision.

He shouldnt defend against it!

However, he no longer had the time to dodge at that moment.

The only choice he had was to receive the other partys attack.


The venomous stinger pierced Butler Lins chest and sent him flying more than ten meters away.

After Butler Lin fell to the ground, he could not stand up and lost his ability to fight.

As the venom spread, he gradually felt weak, and his entire body went limp.

He could not help but sigh.

He was probably going to die here…

On the other hand, Xiao Qing, who had just dodged the attack of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon, looked at Butler Lin, who had fallen to the ground.

After losing a teammate, her chances of winning were close to zero.

It would be extremely difficult for her to take on this giant dragon alone.

A thought emerged in her mind, which was to first escape and find reinforcements.

If she was lucky, she might even be able to save Butler Lin.

With this thought in mind, she rushed towards the teleportation point.

The Amethyst Toxic Dragon quickly crawled toward Xiao Qing.

Although Xiao Qings speed was extremely fast, it was still inferior to this giant creature.

In the blink of an eye, the behemoth behind them caught up.

It opened its bloody mouth and bit at Xiao Qing.


The Amethyst Toxic Dragon bit Xiao Qing and instantly tore her into pieces!

After biting Xiao Qing, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon turned around in satisfaction and prepared to leave.

At that moment, not far away, Xiao Qing sat on the ground after removing her invisibility.

She panted heavily.

Her face was deathly pale as she rested.

She would have died if she had not used her Twin Shadows to create a clone.

Watching her other self being torn into a bloody mess made Xiao Qing feel a great fear in her heart.

At that moment, she felt the terror of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon.

She was definitely not its opponent, and she had to escape from here!

After confirming her thoughts, Xiao Qing stood up and quietly walked toward the array formation.

She was surprised that the Amethyst Toxic Dragon did not go anywhere.

Instead, it stood guard beside Butler Lin and did not move.

However, the Amethyst Toxic Dragons location was not far from the array formation.

If she was discovered…

Xiao Qing did not think too much.

She could leave this place if she reached the array formation!

Thus, she rushed toward the array without caring about anything else!

She wanted to escape from this place that made her feel frightened!

Just as she was about to reach the array, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon suddenly raised its head and sensed Xiao Qing!

At that moment, Xiao Qing did not care about anything else.

She was only two or three steps away from leaving this place!

However, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon opened its mouth, and a pool of green venom gushed out.

The next moment, this green venom shot toward Xiao Qing like a high-pressure water gun!

Xiao Qing was just one step away from leaving this place and returning to the upper level of the dungeon.

Sadly, her entire body was covered by the venom, and she froze in place after getting hit by the dragons attack, completely losing the ability to move.

She struggled and squirmed in the sticky venom, but it was no use.

Gradually, she lost her vitality.

On the other side of the teleportation array, Lu Yu and Yun Zirou were sitting cross-legged on the ground, waiting for the two to return.

Lu Yu frowned slightly.

That dangerous aura had stayed in the teleportation array in the south.

It was obvious that they had fought at that teleportation point.

However, the two had not returned for a long time, which worried Lu Yu and Yun Zirou.

“Why dont we go in and take a look Maybe they have reached the battles climax, and we can help them.” Yun Zirou suggested.

Lu Yu thought for a moment and nodded, “In that case, lets go down and take a look.

We did wait for so long after all.”

As he said that, he stood up and walked toward the formation array.

Suddenly, the south formation lit up, and the teleportation door gradually opened.

When Yun Zirou saw this, she immediately became excited.

“Thats great! Xiao Qing and the Butler have taken down the Boss! We can split the rewards now!” Yun Zirou smiled excitedly.

But instead of the two, a huge dragons head poked out from the teleportation door.

Yun Zirou, excited just moments before, instantly froze on the spot.

She started to panic, and her face was pale.

Lu Yu quickly made his battle preparations.

“This dragon can activate the array formation! Be careful.

Butler Lin and Xiao Qing have already lost.

The rest is up to us!”

Yun Zirou heard this and felt even more despair.

If even Butler Lin and Xiao Qing couldnt do it, how could they be a match for this dragon


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