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Chapter 47 Challenge The Boss

Butler Lins persuasion made Lu Yu give up the idea of entering the dungeon.

Lu Yu was not afraid of danger as he had many life-saving skills.

If he could not defeat the Boss, he could just run away.

But now, he was not fighting alone.

He wouldnt have much freedom with teammates by his side.

“Alright then.

You two enter the dungeon.

We will wait for you here.”

Butler Lin and Xiao Qing nodded simultaneously and walked into the teleportation array.

At that moment, Lu Yu could suddenly sense the presence of danger from the formation.

The four formations represented the East, West, South, and North.

There were four arrays representing four directions to the Toxic Dragon Lair.

Now, the formation in the south has revealed a dangerous aura.

Lu Yu was just about to warn them when he realized that the dangerous aura had changed, emanating from the formation in the west.

However, very soon, the dangerous aura came from the north side, then the east side…

Lu Yu quickly understood that the Boss in the dungeon might have sensed them through the teleportation formation.

Hence, he frantically wandered around the four teleportation points, trying to catch them as soon as they landed on a specific teleportation array.

From this, it could be seen that the dungeon Boss movement speed was extremely fast!

“Both of you, you must be careful after entering.

The movement speed of this dungeon Boss is extremely fast! After teleporting over, dont stay in the same place for too long!”

After listening to Lu Yus advice, both of them nodded their heads.

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The fact that Lu Yu had led them all the way here already proved that he had a very strong perception ability.

Therefore, the two of them did not doubt Lu Yus words.

“Dont worry.

If we cant defeat the Boss, we will return as soon as possible.” Butler Lin reassured.

Xiao Qing swung the short sword in her hand twice and said firmly, “We are going in to kill this Boss.

There is no need to run!”

“Alright, you guys go on in.

If anything happens, we will support you as soon as possible.”

However, when Butler Lin heard this, he shook his head with a grave expression.

“No, if anything happens to us, you guys should run away quickly.

If both of us are defeated, then both of you are definitely no match for it!”

Xiao Qing looked at Yun Zirou and said, “If anything happens, you must run back.

You dont have to come and save us!”

Hearing this, Yun Zirou felt a slight discomfort in her heart.

She didnt know what to say to that.

However, Lu Yu had already made up his mind that he had to go in and challenge the Boss.

Otherwise, wouldnt he have come in vain

Butler Lin and Xiao Qing walked to the south side of the array formation, and the two stood in the array formation.

Immediately after that, the array formation began to operate.

Energy gushed, and light shot out from the array formation.

Above the formation, a teleportation door slowly opened.

The two of them could see the situation inside the Toxic Dragon Lair through the teleportation door.

The two of them stepped through the teleportation door and entered the inner part of the dungeon.

Then, the teleportation door closed.

Lu Yu and Yun Zirou came to the center of the four formations and began to wait.

On the other hand, the place where the two of them entered was a huge and spacious cave-like lair in the inner part of the dungeon.

The cave was filled with purple crystals, and the crystals were emitting a weak light.

It barely illuminates the surroundings.

As soon as Butler Lin entered, he was fully armed, prepared, and wearing his rock armor.

As for Xiao Qing, she was also ready to fight at any moment.

Not long after the two of them entered, they heard an earth-shattering roar!

That ear-piercing dragons roar made the two of them cover their ears.

The two looked not far away and saw a huge figure flying toward them.

It was a huge dragon with a giant body.

It was flapping its wings and had dazzling amethyst crystals all over its body as it charged toward the two of them.

Butler Lins expression immediately changed.

“This… This is actually the Amethyst Toxic Dragon! Xiao Qing, get ready.

We need to go all out!”

Xiao Qings expression turned serious.

She had heard of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon before.

It had terrifying strength and a violent nature.

Moreover, its strength rating was around level 30!

Even though Butler Lin and Xiao Qing were both level 20 and above, it would still be tough.

After all, an Awakener and a Boss with a giant physique were not the same.

Even though Butler Lin was level 28 and was only two levels lower than the Amethyst Toxic Dragon, the difference was like heaven and earth when it came to actual combat.

Butler Lins entire body was covered in thick rock armor, and his pair of heavy rock fists made him look mighty and domineering.

Xiao Qing, at his side, pulled out a pair of short swords and also took a battle stance.

The Amethyst Toxic Dragon quickly attacked, and a pair of terrifying giant claws slashed at the two of them!

The two did not hesitate and quickly dodged the giant dragons claw attack!

There was a large crater where the giant claw gauged out the earth.

The two of them felt a chill in their hearts just looking at it.

The Amethyst Toxic Dragon landed on the ground and turned around to look at the two of them.

Its dark purple eyes stared straight at the two of them, and its eyes were filled with anger.

It was obvious that the dragon was furious at the two intruders.

Therefore, it flapped its wings with all its might.

Immediately, countless crystals shot out and crashed toward the two of them!

When the Amethyst Toxic Dragon stood and flapped its wings, its height was three stories tall.

The two of them would not be able to withstand the impact of these hard crystals.

However, the flying crystals shooting at them were densely packed, and the two of them had nowhere to hide.

“Xiao Qing, stand behind me!”

Butler Lin waved his hand, and a stone wall rose from the ground in front of them, protecting them.

Then, Butler Lin used both hands to block in front of him, creating a second layer of protection.

The crystals smashed toward him, and a series of muffled bangs could be heard.

A few cracks appeared on the rock wall in front of Butler Lin.

The next moment, with a loud bang, the wall collapsed, and the crystals smashed toward him.

The sharp crystals crashed onto Butler Lins arms, causing cracks to appear in the rock armor on his arms.

The violent impact also made him stumble and retreat.

Xiao Qing, hiding behind him, saw an opportunity and instantly rushed out.

Her phantom-like speed allowed her to dodge the remaining crystals in an instant.

Very quickly, she charged to the feet of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon!

In the next moment, she brandished her two swords with all her might and activated her Armor Penetration skill, slashing down at the giant claw of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon!

With a crisp sound, the amethyst crystal covering the giant claw of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon shattered, revealing the flesh underneath.

The Amethyst Toxic Dragon felt the pain and raised its right foot, trying to stomp down on Xiao Qing.

Xiao Qing did not panic at all.

She climbed up the giant claw of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon and directly jumped onto the back of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon!

The back was the weak point of all the giant dragons.

It was a position that was difficult for them to guard against.

After climbing onto the back of the giant dragon, Xiao Qing quickly activated her Armor Penetration skill a second time and attacked the scales on the back of the huge dragon.

The crystal scales shattered one after another, revealing the hide and muscles underneath.

The Amethyst Toxic Dragon was in pain.

It frantically flailed its body, but it could not attack Xiao Qing.

At that moment, Butler Lin had also finished defending against the incoming crystal.

He clenched his fists and charged toward the Amethyst Toxic Dragon.

When the Amethyst Toxic Dragon saw Butler Lin charging over, it instantly realized that it was in a disadvantageous position.

Thus, it hurriedly flapped its wings and flew up!

Xiao Qing, also in the air, felt they were in a pinch at that moment!


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