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Chapter 46 Deep-Level Dungeon, Toxic Dragon Lair

The previous wave of ferocious beasts sneak attack and being attacked by all kinds of poisonous creatures made the four of them start to re-examine this secret realm.

“Judging from that wave of battle just now, if it comes again, we wont be able to withstand it.” Butler Lin said, with some uneasiness.

That was only the first wave of attack when they entered the secret realm.

If they went deeper, they would definitely encounter more enemies.

The three of them looked at Lu Yu at the same time.

From his performance just now, Lu Yus battle experience was not inferior to theirs.

Moreover, he was calmer and did not panic at all.

He looked like a veteran who had been through hundreds of battles.

Yun Zirou asked, “Lu Yu, how do you think we should proceed from here”

Lu Yu lowered his head and pondered for a moment.

There were about 10 to 20 poisonous beasts that had just attacked.

If they continued to advance further, the number of ferocious beasts attacking them would definitely increase.

Most importantly, they had to be extra cautious when fighting with these beasts to prevent themselves from getting injured and poisoned.

They could not afford to drag it out if that was the case.

It was very easy for accidents to happen if they moved forward slowly.

In the end, Lu Yu gave his suggestion.

“There is no turning back in the secret realm this time.

We have to keep moving forward until we get the reward.”

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“The most important thing is that we can not drag it out.

We dont have any poison-resistant equipment, and we have very few antidotes.”

“So, my suggestion is to clear the level as quickly as possible and not engage in battle!”

“That way, we can avoid any accidents to the greatest extent.”

Lu Yus suggestion made the three of them nod their heads slightly.

They felt that they should do this as well.

But soon, Butler Lin raised his doubts.

“From the situation just now, these beasts were very well hidden.

We dont know which areas have enemies and which areas dont.”

“If thats the case, its impossible to advance quickly.

Well have to fight them sooner or later.”

Yun Zirou nodded in agreement, “If the enemys position is obvious, then we can scout and advance simultaneously.

But we cant do that with the enemies just now.”

Xiao Qing also nodded in agreement and frowned at the same time.

This meant they had to advance while fighting and pay attention to the risk of being poisoned.

However, Lu Yu shook his head and said, “I can lead you to avoid the enemies and advance quickly.”

The three of them looked at each other and heaved a sigh of relief.

“It seems that you have some means to identify the enemies,” said Butler Lin.

Lu Yu nodded slightly and said, “In that case, I will lead the team and advance quickly!”

The three of them agreed and continued to move forward.

Butler Lin, initially in the lead, took over Lu Yus position.

Lu Yu stood at the head of the team and led the three people behind him forward.

As they moved forward, Lu Yu used his Eye of Truth to detect the enemies around them.

As long as he sensed that there was a large area of enemies in that area, he would directly go around it.

They might encounter some scattered enemies on the way, but those enemies were easily killed.

Yun Zirou and the other two discovered that, they encountered few enemies along the way under Lu Yus lead.

It seemed that Lu Yu did not lie to them.

Thus, the three of them followed behind Lu Yu even more firmly.

Gradually, they were almost at the center of the mystical realm.

The more they got closer to the center, the fewer the ferocious beasts appeared around them.

Generally speaking, the center or end of the dungeon would be occupied by a Boss.

The other ferocious beasts would not dare approach a Boss territory.

When they realized that the number of ferocious beasts around them was decreasing, they understood that they were almost at the heart of the dungeon.

They passed through the ruins, and suddenly, the area in front of them became wide open.

A large piece of empty land suddenly appeared in front of everyones eyes.

In the center of the empty land, there were four circular formations.

Mysterious patterns were carved on the formations, and the surrounding energy constantly surged.

Lu Yu stopped and whispered, “Be careful.

This might be where the Boss is.”

Yun Zirou looked excited.

“In other words, this is the secret realms reward location.

Since thats the case, lets hurry out and get rid of that monster!”

She couldnt hold it in any longer and wanted to go out and look for the Boss.

Lu Yu stopped and reminded her, “Its better to be careful…”

Lu Yu felt that it was a little strange.

His Eye of Truth didnt sense any powerful enemies around him.

Could it be that there was no Boss here

Although it was a little ridiculous, Lu Yu still believed in his Eye of Truth.

“I think there might not be a Boss here.”

Lu Yus words made the three of them curious.

“Thats impossible.

How could there be no Boss in such a dangerous secret realm” Yun Zirou was a little disappointed.

If there wasnt a powerful Boss, it basically meant that the rewards of this secret realm wouldnt be much.

Lu Yu took the lead and walked out.

“Lets go and take a look first.”

With someone taking the lead, the three of them quickly followed.

They slowly approached and arrived at the center of the array.

Then, all four of them received a notification at the same time.

[ Hidden, Fear Level Dungeon Discovered: Toxic Dragon Lair! ]

This notification left the four of them stunned.

These four arrays were teleportation arrays!

“Theres actually an even deeper dungeon! It looks like these poisonous creatures are guarding this Toxic Dragon Lair!” Lu Yu exclaimed.

Then, he noticed the words “Fear level”.

“Fear level… seems to be an even higher level dungeon than I experienced.”

Lu Yu had researched the level division of dungeons.

A Fear level dungeon was of a much higher level than the Dangerous level dungeons.

As for the Dangerous level dungeon, Lu Yu challenged two Bosses at one go in it, and he almost lost his life.

The difficulty of the Fear level was far greater than the Dangerous level.

The Bosses that could occupy the dungeon were probably something else.

The other three frowned when they saw this level.

“This has already exceeded my level…” Yun Zirou said with some regret.

Although she was in a rush to improve her strength, she also knew what level she was at.

A Fear level dungeon was far from what she could deal with.

Yun Zirou looked at Butler Lin and Xiao Qing and said, “This time, you two can go ahead.

If you get the reward, you two can get a bigger portion of it too.”

Butler Lin quickly nodded and said, “Alright, Miss… In that case, Xiao Qing and I will enter the dungeon.

The two of you can stay here and wait.”

Lu Yu was a little reluctant.

It was not easy for him to encounter an opportunity, so how could he give it up so easily If he did not participate now, he probably would not get any benefits when the dungeon ended.

“I want to enter the dungeon too.

I wont miss such an opportunity.”

Butler Lin quickly reassured him, “Youre only level 19, so youre not suitable to enter a Fear level dungeon.

If you enter, it will only delay us from completing the dungeon.”

“When the dungeon is completed, well give you some rewards.

You dont need to force yourself…”


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