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Chapter 45 Enter The Secret Realm, Toxic Ruins

When the three of them discovered that Lu Yu was also an admitted student at Clanorth University, they were all surprised.

They knew that, with Lu Yus condition, he must have put in a lot of effort to be admitted to Clanorth University.

Moreover, Lu Yus talent was definitely not ordinary.

The three of them were curious about what kind of talent Lu Yu had, but since Lu Yu did not want to tell them, they did not intend to ask further.

The four of them put on their equipment and began to make preparations in advance.

Butler Lin was the first to stand up and said, “Ill take the lead.

Then, Lu Yu will follow behind me, and Miss will be in third place.”

“Lastly, Xiao Qing will be in last place.

How about that”

They all felt Butler Lins allocation was reasonable and nodded in agreement.

Under this allocation, there was no doubt that Yun Zirou was in the safest position.

On the one hand, she was the daughter of the Yun family, so Butler Lin naturally had to allocate her like this.

On the other hand, the position of a mage should be in a safe position in a team, so they will be able to deal more damage.

“Since we are all ready, lets enter the secret realm!”

As Lu Yu said, he stepped forward to the secret realm entrance and looked at the panel that was displayed.

After he confirmed that their team was about to enter the secret realm, a ray of light flashed from the cave, and the four of them disappeared.

Soon, their figures appeared in another place.

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After the four of them were teleported to this place, they quickly scanned their surroundings to get a hold of the situation around them.

There were thick waves of fog around them.

In the thick fog, they could vaguely see that their surroundings were piles of ruins.

Yun Zirou frowned slightly and pinched her nose with her hand.

“The smell of this thick fog is very strange…”

Lu Yu and the other two also sensed something was wrong with the thick fog.

They started to feel uncomfortable while breathing.

At that moment, they saw the notification panel floating in the air.

[ You have entered the secret realm, Toxic Ruins.

Please proceed with caution… ]

“Toxic Ruins.

It seems that this secret realm is related to poison or some sort.

This fog might contain poisonous gas!”

Butler Lin said, with a solemn expression.

They did not bring any anti-poison equipment this time.

At most, they had a few emergency antidotes.

But if there were poison fog everywhere, just these antidotes wouldnt be enough.

Yun Zirou and Xiao Qing looked troubled.

They didnt know what to do next.

At this moment, Lu Yu used his Eye of Truth to look at the details of the surrounding poisonous fog.

[ Fog of Corrosion: After inhaling it, resistance to poison will decrease.

Damage from poison attacks will increase.


After reading the notification, Lu Yu was relieved.

It was just a fog with a debuff effect.

It was not too bad, and they could still continue their journey.

Of course, this negative effect was also very troublesome.

After all, the monsters inside were definitely all using poison elemental attacks.

“Dont worry.

This poisonous fog is called the “Fog of Corrosion”.

After inhalation, it will only give a debuff effect, reducing our resistance to poison attacks.”

“It shouldnt affect our movements.

As long as we dont get injured during battles, it will be fine.”

Lu Yus explanation made the other three heave a sigh of relief.

Butler Lin couldnt help but sigh, “I didnt expect a young man like you to be so knowledgeable.

I didnt even recognize what this poisonous fog was.”

Yun Zirou looked at Lu Yu curiously.

Lu Yu just shrugged, “I just happened to read a book about the Toxic Ruins; thats why I know about it…”

Lu Yu found an excuse and continued to move forward.

Butler Lin took the lead and took caution to the movements ahead.

Xiao Qing was at the back of the team, keenly sensing the danger around them.

After moving forward for a while, Butler Lin suddenly stopped.

“Theres something up ahead.

It looks like a lizard is attacking!”

Lu Yu looked over and saw a half-man-sized lizard running madly towards them!

[ Toxic Lizard ]

[ Attack: 100 ]

[ Speed: 150 ]

[ Health: 150 ]

[ Mana: 100 ]

[ Defense: 120 ]

[ Skill: Venom Spray ]

Although its attributes were average, the skill it had was fatal.

The poison effect would probably be unpleasant if one were hit by its venom.

Butler Lin did not hesitate.

He quickly raised his arms, and a stone wall rose from the ground!

The toxic lizard opened its mouth and spat out a large amount of poison, but the wall blocked it.

Then, Lu Yu noticed a king cobra beside him.

It stood upright and attacked!

When Yun Zirou saw such a terrifying venomous snake squirming over, her face turned pale with fear.

She took two deep breaths and calmed down.

She picked up her staff and prepared to face the enemy!

In the next moment, Lu Yus arms transformed into dragon claws.

His pair of sharp claws looked daunting!

Following that, Lu Yu charged toward the king cobra!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

With two swift and fierce strikes, Lu Yu easily sliced the king cobra into pieces the moment it appeared!

On the other hand, Butler Lin had also covered his arms and chest with rock armor.

He waved his fists and started fighting with the toxic lizard.

At the back, Xiao Qing was fighting with a venomous scorpion.

The scorpion was as big as an ostrich, and its black armor was tough.

Xiao Qing stabbed the venomous scorpion with her sword, and sparks flew when her sword connected against its armor!

Lu Yu was prepared to help Xiao Qing kill the venomous scorpion first.

But before he could, another king cobra jumped out of the ruins next to them!

Then, another toxic lizard sprung out.

The surrounding venomous creatures began to appear slowly.

“Oh no, were surrounded!”

Butler Lin alone took on four to five toxic lizards.

The lizards climbed onto his body and tried to break through his defense.

On Lu Yus side, seven to eight king cobras were gathered in front of him.

He activated his Split Claw skill and instantly chopped several king cobras into pieces!

After killing the poisonous creatures beside him, Lu Yu looked around and realized their team was split apart.

Yun Zirou was surrounded by poisonous creatures as well.

There were poisonous toads all around her, jumping toward her.

Meanwhile, she tried her best to activate the spell she had learned and created fireballs one after another!

Lu Yu quickly went over to help.

After a few attacks from him, more than half of the poisonous toads were killed.

In a short time, Lu Yu and Yun Zirou worked together to kill the surrounding poisonous creatures.

At the back, Xiao Qing broke the venomous scorpions armour and killed it.

Butler Lin, standing at the front, also tried his best to kill the toxic lizard crawling on his body.

After repelling this wave of poisonous creatures, the four of them regrouped.

“Damn it.

These creatures arent easy to deal with.

Ill be finished if Im not careful and get poisoned!”

Butler Lin wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Yun Zirou looked at Lu Yu and lowered her head.

“Thank you for helping me out just now…”

The sudden wave of attacks just now almost made her unable to react in time.

If it were just the three of them, she would have already been poisoned…


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